Born in Spain’s first training center in the world Road Safety

Traffic accidents are a global problem. Die each year from this reason more than 1.25 million people, especially in countries where there is no prevention policy. The lack of resources, technical road safety or the knowledge to implement measures to reduce accidents They put on alert the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) which began to develop a education and training program aimed at the United Nations and now it has come true.

Thus, the ONU, through UNITAR, the agency for Training and Research, just signed with RACE, within the United Nations in Geneva, the creation of an International Center for Leadership and Authorities (CIFAL) specialized in Road Safety. Spain thus becomes the Training Center on Road Safety worldwide. Through this initiative, RACE made available to developing countries their knowledge and experience for the training of technicians, in order that these implement their experience in Spain to solve and stop the problem of accidents in their respective countries. The signing ceremony was attended by the UN Under-Secretary General, Nikhil Seth, and the president of RACE, Carmelo Sanz and Spain's ambassador to the UN, Cristóbal González Aller. "With the creation of this training center UN, said the president of RACE, the work done in recent years in road prevention in Spain (remember that in the last decade have reduced traffic accidents is recognized in our country 60%). Ahead in order to help other countries to recudir traffic accidents ".

In this Training Center UN, Managed by the RACE, an extensive program of road safety will be held in order to obtain a degree of Expert in Management and Management of Road Safety through conducting a postgraduate course, in collaboration with the University of Alcala de Henares. In this way professionals can expand their knowledge in different areas of prevention and intervention.

The courses are scheduled to begin in April 2018 and each will last approximately 4 weeks (300 hours of training). RACE expects each year to celebrate four years, equivalent to form about 100 people.

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