A ‘cover plates’ which avoids fines online sales Sweeps

A 'cover plates' which avoids fines online sales Sweeps

The objective is clear: illegally evade radar speed. Anything less willing to move to legal speed, the last system that has happened to them is surprisingly simple. It is a opaque canvas, as a shutter, down to hide enrollment when a control is placed beside the steering wheel is operated. It is very similar to the iconic turntable that James Bond agent used in one of his films.

The device is placed on both plates and, by remote control system, it's possible tuition hide behind the black tarp in less than two seconds, fast enough to evade radar.

But not only it serves to avoid speed cameras. Those who possess it also used for other purposes such as circular bus lanes impunity or avoid parking fines.

By 80 euros You can get one of these instruments online shopping sites like eBay. Britain's morning The Mirror says the product has achieved in recent months several hundred sales. But his success goes beyond trade: videos on Youtube where their operation is shown accumulate many thousands of reproductions.

The expert lawyer Nick Freeman motorsport takes several lawsuits against 'suspected of using this type of device' drivers. Estimates that, on the roads of UK already use 'thousands of drivers'.

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