Honda Civic Type R 2007-2010: a sporting second-hand love

Honda Civic Type R resaleHonda Civic Type R resaleHonda Civic Type R resaleHonda Civic Type R resale

He Honda Civic Type R in his first three generations, It has become a cult sports car It is enjoying a remarkable fame and reputation. It is a car with soul, that many seek in the second hand market and has already saved as a prized collector's item.

He Honda Civic Type R third generation It was marketed between 2007 and 2010. Like its predecessors, this car proved once again one distinctly sporty mood; was almost as a racing car, but approved for rolling road. For example, the 2-liter atmospheric four-cylinder was highly tuned and He is developing no less than 201 hp, surpassing the mythical barrier of 100 hp to the liter. Yes, the maximum power was achieved nearly 8,000 rpm, 7,830 rpm specifically, like a fine-tuned racing engine is involved.

To take full advantage as high mechanical performance, Honda Civic Type R third generation riding a gearbox six-speed with some very short relationships that kept easily the four-cylinder engine at the top of cuentavueltas. The shifter was located on the dashboard and management was as fast as necessary, with very short distances.

Honda Civic Type R resaleAt Honda Civic Type R He adopted a set-up without compromising in suspensions, while motor mounted to optimize a mechanical locking differential. The brakes also were at the height of the circumstances and the same is true of the command with cuentavueltas presiding over the instrument panel.

He Honda Civic Type R (2007-2010) was the closest thing to drive a race car and it is no wonder that it is a car highly sought after by fans. A machine uncompromising butt to enjoy sporty driving. Yes, the Japanese model concentration and skill required, since the front was somewhat nervous self-locking action, while the rear insinuated easily changes in support.

Unfortunately the offer on the secondary market is not too wide. More units can be found in other countries like Germany or France. Cars can be found in the secondhand market from € 8,000, while units of production in recent years with few kilometers on the scoreboard for which we can ask about € 15,000.