Official! Jaguar E-Pace: this is the new compact SUV

Jaguar continues to advance its SUV range, this time presenting a new compact model that will compete with the BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA. And we tell you all the details.

Jaguar E-Pace: all photos of the new compact SUV

Jaguar E-Pace: all photos of the new compact SUV

Jaguar E-Pace: all photos of the new compact SUV

Jaguar E-Pace: all photos of the new compact SUV

He joined Jaguar SUV the world hand F-Pace a year ago. Now, in less than twelve months, this model is not only the best-selling car brand, but even gives rise to join two new proposals to offer SUV: Electrical I-Pace, and E-Pace that today has officially unveiled a step lower in size.

The new Jaguar E-Pace It is well placed opening the new Jaguar SUV range and measured 4.4 meters, barely four centimeters more than the Range Rover Evoque current. The F-Pace moment remains as flagship with its 4.7 meters long, but not too long. In the notebook next job Jaguar J-Pace there is a large, in the vicinity of five meters, and 2019. Whereas before, and for after the summer of 2018, We have already mentioned I-Pace: a SUV coupé of 4.68 meters it will offer an electric only propulsion-about 350 km from autonomy- and will be manufactured by Magna Steyr in Austria.

But let's first new hand: the Jaguar E-Pace. The new compact SUV It will take the aluminum platform opened XE saloon and uses this material by 75 percent, allowing it to lower weight also assume exclusive. Also make use mechanically to Ingenium Diesel engines and gasoline group (the first Jaguar to only count them in its range) always 2.0 liter: For now not expected V6.

Jaguar E-PaceJaguar E-Pace: engines

In Diesel, Jaguar E-Pace will have powers 150, 180 and 240 hp, while gasoline he bet on the 249 engines and 300 hp, always with 9-speed automatic transmission, While up to 180 hp diesel with manual transmission can be chosen and will be offered with front- or all-wheel drive with a starting price of 37,400 euros. Then there could be a version SVR clearly sporting dyes, albeit with four-cylinder engines.

This new Jaguar E-Pace plays with short overhangs, a an air coupe, less pronounced than in his older brother (I-Pace electric), although not resort to chrome frame on the doors to prevent dye that classic superior products. In addition, the usual narrow headlights recent Jaguar are changed for a few more similar to the F-Type sports -the rear lenses if they bet the effect sharpened as worked by the group- forms.

Jaguar E-Pace: Driving under control

Dynamically, the Jaguar E-Pace allows you to tailor your response on the highway. It is possible to make adjustments accelerator, address, change, and when it is available, system Adaptive Suspension Dynamics, which monitors vehicle movements every 2 milliseconds. All E-Pace offer a system JaguarDrive Control, It is offering the driver four driving modes: Normal, Dynamic, Eco and Rain / Ice / Snow. In addition basic versions of advanced front- or all-wheel drive systems are offered.

The Jaguar E-Pace wheel drive manage the torque axes between whom real time. He Standard Driveline send torque to the rear wheels if you lose grip of the front, while the more sophisticated Active Driveline AWD (active torque distribution) Would work with virtually 100% torque to the rear wheels and from data collected by various sensors modify the torque on each wheel, allowing a more neutral behavior based understeer increasing counter torque on the outer wheel and oversteer sending more torque to the front wheels. Two separate clutches on each rear axle could reduce or increase torque to each one to receive all available. This same function serves to maximize the dynamism -supported by a system selective braking curve- when it is about, or take maximum traction on slippery surfaces.

Jaguar E-Pace: PhotosAnd inside, the new Jaguar E-Pace is so refined and exclusive as the most ambitious Jaguar. The internal lines are inspired sportiness explosive F-Type, while functionally promises numerous holes slide to add an upcoming capacity 30 liters, including two separate spaces for locating smartphone and tablet. his announces 577 liters luggage compartment capacity and incorporates motorized opening keyless foot movement.

As for staffing, connectivity and entertainment on board they have not been either ignored in the new Jaguar E-Pace. The SUV comes as standard with the system Infotainment Touch Pro with 10-inch touchscreen and in option, a digital instrumentation with 12.3 screen". Outside is new projection system of information on the windshield (Head Up Display), Which it comes to reproducing data such as engine RPMs and mobile phone integration, which allows the E-Pace routes or suggest music to liven up the trip. It will also provide the Innovative Active Key System: A bracelet waterproof to open the car unlocked.

Warning systems in vehicles blind, peripheral chambers that determine oncoming traffic, parking attendants or emergency braking are also among the active safety of a Jaguar E-Pace who wants very high. Perhaps we place between questions moment weight: despite using aluminum, any version of E-Pace low 1,700 kg.

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