Audi Q8, luxury SUV at the Detroit Motor Show 2017

Audi is betting big for luxury with the new Audi Q8, an SUV coupe and luxury aspect of considerable dimensions. In Detroit the prototype disclosed.

Audi Q8 2017, first pictures

Audi Q8 2017, first pictures

Audi Q8 2017, first pictures

Audi Q8 2017, first pictures

Audi will present a preview of its future Audi Q8 during the month of January 2017 in Detroit lounge. It is a concept that will be far from definitive features of the car. It's about a Luxury SUV large and a emotional aesthetics, thanks to a very low ceiling and a design language with sporting reminiscences.

He Audi Q8 be the largest SUV range, located in an upper segment to everything offered Audi right now. Technically, the Audi Q8 MLB Evo platform shared with the current Audi Q7 and other models of the brand longitudinal engine Audi, along with other the Volkswagen group Bentley Bentayga like. Therefore, it is expected that the Audi Q8 Expect a high level of sophistication, ride quality and comfort in attending endless driving both comfort and safety and efficiency.

Used since the MLB Evo architecture, we anticipate that will feature items such as integral steering, pneumatic and electromechanical stabilizer suspension, although it may surprise us with some other innovation as the electric turbo Audi released by SQ7, because we must not forget that this is an authentic Flagship in the SUV range. Taking advantage of the secondary power supply 48 volts, you could make use of light hybridization solutions of some mechanical or energy recovery devices in the suspension. In official images unveiled Audi you can see the logo e-tron on the front apron, which reveals the presence of group plug-in hybrid propellant.

Audi Q8 Detroit 2017Responsible for design Audi they say that reinterprets some aesthetic details of the Audi Sport Quattro 80s In fact, between the hood and grille are three small air intakes reminiscent of the Audi Sport Quattro He displayed on the hood. The rear wheel arches are very bulky, and the C-pillar also reminds the Audi Sport Quattro. Other design details that define Audi Q8 concept They are the octagonal single-frame grille, larger than any other so far characterized by being very sculpted three-dimensional shape, the style of the latest creations Audi. Prominent steps of front and rear wheel are typically versions quattro and bring balance to the design focusing on the wheels.

He concept car Audi Q8 to be presented at the Detroit Motor Show have an internal configuration of four comfortable seats with generous levels of habitability even in height, despite the style "coupé" reflected in the exterior design.

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