Fiat Toro 2016, the first official image of the new pick-up

The Fiat Toro promises the strength and durability of a pure 4x4 and comfort of a modern SUV. Fiat unveils an ambitious pick-up to be released in 2016.Fiat Toro 2016, the first official image of the new pick-up

Just as the all-terrain have mostly finished by abandoning the previous philosophy of tough guys, the pick-up it seems also gradually will evolve from tools of battle, almost semi-professional use, practical 4x4 vehicles more comfortable and refined. There are even manufacturers who dare today and to name this new concept: SUP (Sport Utility Pick-up). Now we know that one of their first representatives could be the new Fiat Toro, whose frontal image has just unveiled the official Italian brand with a first "teaser".

So far, there is little information about this new Fiat Toro. We can ensure that will reach the Latin American market in early 2016, but it is yet to be confirmed later appearance in Europe. HE will manufacture in the town of Pernambuco in Brazil, in the same factory which get the Jeep Renegade and, according to assure various means in South America, it will be located a step above the current pick-up Fiat Strada, with near the SUV concept in comfort and refinement, but in turn below bulkier Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger. Details that would place this New Fiat Toro in the environment, or maybe even slightly below, the 5 meters of length.

Fleeing therefore an economic concept like Strada, the new Fiat Toro promises to be a stylish vehicle every road, handy for those seeking space requirements, with much Loading capacity and a good comfort and equipment for use on a daily basis. Its front shows and a very sporty and aggressive image, dominated by a powerful LED optics. It certainly seems take many features of the Fiat Concept FCC4, presented just one year ago the brand in Brazil, taking advantage of the celebration of the Hall of Sao Paolo.

He Fiat Toro have a double cab body, with four doors and a good interior capacity for 5 passengers. According to published Latin American media, it will be offered in 4x2 and 4x4, and could ride gasoline or turbodiesel engines, although their markets start marketing a scheduled bi-fuel version 1.8L and about 140 hp. Everything indicates, moreover, that will be a tough rival for the new Renault Duster Oroch (the pick-up version of our Dacia Duster), The French brand begins this month to sell in markets like Brazil or Argentina. You not surprised, therefore, that very soon we know more alternatives to this new segment "SUP" and that seems to be no doubt taking shape and clear growth.