Prices 220d 4Matic Mercedes C Class, AMG 450 and 350e

Mercedes C Class 2015, new enginesMercedes C Class 2015, new enginesMercedes C Class 2015, new enginesMercedes C Class 2015, new engines

The Mercedes C Class in Spain presents interesting mechanical developments with commercialization of the following versions: the Diesel C 220d 170 hp with traction 4matic, he C gasoline 450 AMG 4Matic and the hybrid variant C plug 350e.

First, the version Diesel C 220d 170 hp, available to date in two-wheel drive version (rear), extends its versatility to be chosen with latest evolution of the four-wheel drive 4Matic. this new C variant 220d 4Matic It can be combined with saloon and estate bodies (relative).

Fans of sports component light vehicles welcome the new Class C 450 AMG Mercedes 4Matic. Both as a sedan and family, this new engine incorporates a 3.0 V6 turbo 367 hp It combined with the AWD 4Matic. By power level, this new version is placed one step below C63 AMG 476 hp and C 63 AMG S 510 hp.

Commercial offer Mercedes C Class complete with interesting hybrid version plug 350e. In its technical innards, we find a petrol engine 211 hp and an electric motor of 82 hp. The total power of the hybrid system is 279 hp, while in terms of consumption and CO2 emissions expenditure declared 2.1 l / 100 km and 48 g / km, respectively. In the range of German vehicle, there is also another non-plug-in hybrid variant called C 300h. In this case, the combustion engine is a Diesel 211 hp and also the total power of the hybrid system is 231 hp, with an average fuel consumption of 3.6 l / 100 km and 94 g / km CO2.

Prices Mercedes Class C versions

- 220 C d 170 4Matic CV: 46,550 € (saloon) / 47 975 € (Estate)

- C 450 4Matic AMG 367 hp: 68,400 € (saloon) / 69850 € (Estate)

- Plug 350e in C: 52,230 € (saloon) / 53550 € (Estate)