SUVs in the future you’ll love: i-Pace Jaguar, Mercedes EQ …

Many design and ... electric. We present three new SUV that will be coming to the market and those who enjoy in the near future: I-Pace Jaguar, Mercedes and VW EQ I.D.

Future electric SUV to enjoy

Future electric SUV to enjoy

Future electric SUV to enjoy

Future electric SUV to enjoy

He SUV He has already taken off. Y Power is really taking off and and not by economy will remain expensive as a good Diesel in its segment. In the future landscape are emerging SUV three new and interesting products: i-Pace Jaguar, Mercedes and Volkswagen EQ I.D. Manufacturers are clear: they need electricity as much as society itself. Take time reinventing the wheel, some hesitantly, others lamenting the immaturity of the market, but after Jaguar has shown its i-Pace, less prone to these engines already understood: the electric car is just around the corner.

Carmakers had long been trying to guess the future to invent. Tesla managed to implement the first logically adapted to their small manufacturer perspective. Now Jaguar, with its spectacular SUV i-Pace has broken a myth, proving that you can make an electric car that not only have odd looking, but can even be pretty. There are technical reasons that electric cars are not necessarily resultones, especially aerodynamic. Some manufacturers have managed to prove their power by developing platforms and conventional bodies able to include them all the needs of an electric version, as in the case of the VW e-Golf or recently Hyundai Ioniq. Nevertheless, VW, so proud to have managed to make its electrical seem a simple Golf, give the turnaround from 2019, launching its I.D based on an electric concept. while giving the baton to his Golf (VIII Golf be launched in 2018).

We want to be SUV

If the public wants bodywork SUV, tall, dominant presence and what made manufacturers think they would buy an electric with bodywork "of which no longer lead"? Most manufacturers have gotten their electric counterparts are better than combustion (No engine noise or covering impute vibrations), but forced to a higher good price and that's not necessarily earn money with them. Since the market itself is willing to acquire Campero SUV look, why you have tried to sell cars "reasonable"Why launch small cars as price segments are associated with size? some manufacturers in own head as VW, others in others, They have realized that the power has to be an SUV, Compact up and aesthetics that may be itself but sweeping size. Volvo XC40 look at the future, the Audi e-tron, the announced 2020 BMW X3 ... and here we bring Jaguar, Mercedes and VW.

Jaguar i-Pace future electric SUVGood as they already are, independently, electric SUV will land at the right time. The scandal of diesel has increased awareness of pollution and engine technology, municipalities leave them outside their measures against trafficking and in 2020 manufacturers will begin to pay taxes on the excess CO2 from cars they sell. It may aid the electric car governments do not reach them, but they help to carpet the road while charging infrastructure is installed. Incentives for highway use, free, parking, HOV lanes or access to the center will not last forever, but they sure something will.

Jaguar i-Pace: You can book; delivery in 2018

He Jaguar driving position i-Pace, avant-garde, will not shake the foundations of any driver. A embedded digital instrumentation, a round steering wheel, center console cantilevered is more conventional than a Porsche 918 Spyder, fabric coatings on the dashboard and you see a Peugeot 3008 ... conceptual i-Pace as you see it seems as feasible as inspiring. The question is: why would a Jaguar if a year ago was shown a conceptual Land Rover Evoque- e? 70 kWh battery and two motors, 85 kW and 145 kW front behind it would have been an ideal electric SUV. Maybe this shock to Jaguar help balance revenues between JLR brands. Autonomy scheduled for Jaguar i-Pace, according to the European combined cycle (NEDC), it will be 500 km.

Future electric SUVMercedes EQ: "electrodiseño" 2019

The Mercedes does not want to EQ "to break"But engage with the Mercedes driver always ... and those who can grasp. When you reach the street in 2019 will be an electric car, but still it will not show its large component of autonomous car, which certainly inherited from his brothers. Front passenger, a nearly horizontal characteristic supercars dashboard for the driver, a position asymmetric driving, facing a giant 24-inch instrumentation, recalling a tablet ... everything makes clear that the electrical EQ wants to be your time and ten years beyond. The autonomy will come up 500kmwith higher capacity batteries, lithium ion and 70 kWh.

VW I.D. : From 2019

Electric mobility is the core of VW. They do not want to make niche cars (and they have shown the e-Golf), but have taken a new direction, with the lesson learned. This is not to make an electric version of each car. It is to revolutionize the electric car. It has to be to meet the recently announced plan to be a global leader in electric mobility and sell a million electric cars from 2025. VW will become the I.D first of one hundred percent electric cars of its new range of vehicles and presents a brand rank of autonomy at new I.D. ranging from 400 and 600 km.

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