Mercedes C Class 2015, now with new engines

Mercedes C Class 2015, now with new engines

Mercedes-Benz did not guard down and wants one of his recent releases in the last year, new generation the C-Class, continue to receive good reviews. To do this and also offer a wider and more attractive range, the sedan German brand welcomes new engines.

At Mercedes C Class 2015, is the incorporation of the new engine offering entry into gasoline, 160 version C. With such an arrangement inline four-cylinder, a displacement of 1,595 cm3 and a maximum power of 129 hp, East new C 160 It becomes an interesting alternative. Coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox, an average consumption of declaring 5,2 l / 100 km (5.4 l / 100 km for family body Estate) and an emission level of 120 g / km CO2 (125 g / km Estate).

Another striking novelty in the 2015 Class C It is the arrival of four-cylinder engine more powerful, in this case embodied by the new version C 300 propellant 2.0 245 hp. The German firm announces an acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds (6.1 seconds body Estate) and an average consumption of 6.3 l / 100 km (6.4 l / 100 km in the Estate).

For its part, the petrol version Class C 200 184 hp, until now in version two driving wheels (rear) may be combined with the effective system permanent all-wheel 4Matic.

All these mechanical changes 2015 Class C serve to reinforce the presence of this premium sedan, the variety of alternatives is one of its main advantages. Engines which we've already discussed, you have to add also desirable Diesel BlueTec C 180d of 116 hp, C 200d 136 hp, C 220d 170 hp and C 250d of 204 hp and petrol C 180 156 hp 211 hp 250 C, 400 C (V6) 333 hp, 450 C AMG (V6) CV 367, C 63 AMG (V8) and 476 CV C 63 AMG S (V8) 510 hp. By the way, if you're a techie and you like to drive a strong ecological component, the C-Class also offers its hybrid C 300h Hybrid 231 hp version and 3.6 l / 100 km.