Suzuki cars presented at the Tokyo Motor Show

There is still a month to start the Tokyo Motor Show and brands like Suzuki begin to unravel what news presented at your local appointment.

Brand new Suzuki at Tokyo Motor Show

Brand new Suzuki at Tokyo Motor Show

Brand new Suzuki at Tokyo Motor Show

Brand new Suzuki at Tokyo Motor Show

He Tokyo Motor Show It will capture our eyes in the last days of October. On the 27th of that month opens Japanese appointment, which marks China will put everything on the grill to unveil their latest developments in cars and technology. Suzuki It will be one of them.

His stand will be fraught with prototypes. Check out the photo gallery to see for yourself. First, will the Suzuki Xbee (Opening photo), which is pronounced as "Crossbi" a concept of small SUV square shapes and retro style. There are already comparing it to the FJ Cruiser, but distinctly smaller format.

Tokyo will be present at three formats or different color combinations: A Suzuki Xbee where yellow predominates; one Xbee Outdoor Adventure in beige, more elegant look; and XBee Street Adventure black. Three views for this prototype that could pass for a production car.

Suzuki e-Survivor Concept

Suzuki e-Survivor Concept and others

Perhaps the most striking prototype Suzuki present at the Tokyo Motor Show is the Concept e-Survivor you see in the picture above. his Campero open design and spirit While it could pass for a Jeep bet rather than the Japanese, especially for your particular grill with lit touches. Their open wheel and its particular bumpers They give this strange and futuristic touch at the same time.

Compact format, the e-Survivor Concept Suzuki has a mechanical hundred percent electric: Features individual motors in each of the four wheels, making it a four-wheel drive car. Its interior is open and space for only two seats. We are very curious to see how the doors open, because currently we do not have many details.

In addition to the aforementioned Suzuki Xbee and e-Survivor, brand based in Hamamatsu Japanese capital it takes two different versions of its small minivan Spacia in prototype form (one blue and one with a much more prominent grille) and a small delivery truck called Tiger Ichi Concept.

Suzuki Spacia

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