The SUV Skoda Kodiaq Coupe Closer to Europe?

These days it is still in the air if the future Skoda Coupe Kodiaq end or not being a European car. For the Chinese market is already confirmed ahead of 2017. We give more details.

Skoda Kodiaq Coupé: come to Europe? first photos

Skoda Kodiaq Coupé: come to Europe? first photos

Skoda Kodiaq Coupé: come to Europe? first photos

Skoda Kodiaq Coupé: come to Europe? first photos

2018 looks like it will also be an important part in the future of Skoda year. He Kodiaq on the beachhead of its launch, has given the starting signal for a revolution in the range that will go far beyond what we know today at a frenetic pace this year and even overtake the next.

If you imagine that the Skoda Kodiaq family will stay in five-door body and 4.69 m we know today, with five or seven seats, you can not be more wrong. Yes, because they are already announced for this family erected on the multivalent MQB platform Volkswagen group not only future Kodiaq Sportsline Skoda and Skoda Scout Kodiaq, respectively the most dynamic version and the campera that will make the offer, but also a surprising version to get an idea, have some resemblance to the stylish BMW X6.

Yes, we talk about the Skoda Kodiaq Coupe, a variant of Skoda Kodiaq somewhat less in length and thus is set halfway between the Skoda Yeti, which will be on sale in November (Again, yes, the MQB platform "hidden" under a body that, surely, will have many points of contact with other SUV of the house) and the origin of the whole saga, this SUV 4 , 69 m.

Skoda Kodiaq Coupé, production start

Weeks ago confirmábamos intended to bring the Skoda Kodiaq Coupé to the production line. And indeed it will, as it has been given the green light to their assembly ... for the Chinese market, where it will arrive this 2018. So far, the known.

Skoda Coupe KodiaqSo was the desire of the leadership of Skoda by not only stay in that market, for big and thirsty cars as proposed by this purely emotional version surnamed Coupe (although five-door and seen whether eventually call it that) linked to Kodiaq.

What we are today in a position to say is queel desire of the brand honchos could become a reality, so that Skoda Kodiaq the end Coupé also sold in Europe.

The decision could be taken sooner rather than later because, at this time, the manufacturing project for our market and neighbors is at the stage of business case, ie assessment of costs or impact on business brand would have such production in Europe. Because indeed a condition sine qua non for the Skoda Kodiaq Coupé goes on sale in the European Union is to occur here: there is no possibility that any of the units manufactured in China, those produced in Antingzhen, in the district of Jiading (Shanghai) Automotive SAIC Volkswagen, Skoda Octavia where are also a number of Volkswagen (Goal, Santana, Touran, Passat ...) had just held by European customers.

So, eyes turn to the Czech Republic. At the end of the day, rather than because there is no take or the final decision (surely in Wolfsburg have much to say) because it occurs to our markets this passion SUV it looks like it would be there, either in Mladá Boleslav or in Kvasiny, although this factory today can not cope to meet the needs of demanding Kodiaq Skoda dealerships.

One or the other plant, unless the unusual decision to make is Tomase one Skoda outside the republic original model (now the European range, the Skoda Citigo only manufactured outside it, in neighboring Slovakia, in Bratislava factory) could be the home of the new SUV coupé Czech.