Tesla Model 3: prices, pictures and all data

The Tesla Model 3 every time is closer. We know the final list of their equipment prices and new details inside.

Tesla Model 3, prices and equipment of the new electric car

Tesla Model 3, prices and equipment of the new electric car

Tesla Model 3, prices and equipment of the new electric car

Tesla Model 3, prices and equipment of the new electric car

He Tesla Model 3 is the access model to the range Tesla, a electric car It is pretending to be an affordable alternative to known Tesla Model S Y Tesla Model X. He Tesla Model 3 It is the smallest of the range, It measures 4.69 meters in length, 1.85 m wide and 1.44 m high, with a wheelbase of 2.87 m. It is also the most ambitious project Tesla, as wants produce large-scale to accelerate the transition of the automotive world towards a more sustainable mobility.

The starting price of Tesla Model 3 is $ 35,000 without taking into account and incentives for new orders, a delivery date estimated from mid-2018 have already been made the first 30 deliveries, from moment to employees is given Tesla, and will be expanded gradually the pace of production to meet high demand, more than 500,000 units since the term bookings opened.

Series, the Tesla Model 3 It has a battery capable of providing a autonomy of 354 km. If recharging in superchargers what Tesla installed by different parts of the world, they are achieved 209 km of autonomy for every 30 minutes. In domestic outlets 32 amps, the recharge rate is 48 km per hour. With this battery, its top speed is 209 km / h, while accelerating from 0 to 97 km / h It is performed in 5.6 seconds.

Tesla Model 3For additional $ 9,000 can be incorporated higher capacity battery what It provides 499 km of autonomy. In this case, the rate of recharge Tesla superchargers It is 274 km every 30 minutes, or 59 km per hour in the case of using a conventional plug. With the large capacity battery also improve performance: 225 km / h tip speed and a step from 0 to 97 km / h in 5.1 seconds. Yes, also the total weight increases Tesla Model 3 passing of 1,610 kg with conventional battery, to 1,730 kg with higher capacity battery.

The list of equipment of the Tesla Model 3 It includes elements as a central touchscreen 15 inch dual climate, Internet radio, cloth seats and two USB ports on the front center console. Either in terms of comfort lack browser, Wi-Fi and LTE connections, opening doors and keyless start, climate control remote by an application to the phone, voice commands, Bluetooth with audio streaming, 60/40 split rear seat, reversing camera or photochromatic mirror interior.

Regarding security, Tesla Model 3 It is equipped with Full LED headlights, 8 cameras, frontal radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors and automatic emergency braking, as well as certain Active safety features which can be expanded optionally. For an additional $ 5,000 is accessed 'Autopilot' improved allowing the Tesla Model 3 certain automated driving functions, and automatically adapt to traffic speed (Active Cruise Control), Stay in your lane, automatic lane change and automatic parking. Adding another $ 3,000, accessed at a higher level automated driving (Full Self-Driving Capability) that in the future be able to perform movements without the driver having to take any action.

Tesla Model 3Another optional package Tesla Model 3 is the Premium Upgrade Package ($ 5,000), which improves interior higher quality materials, wood trim with open pore, two USB jacks for the rear seats, electrical adjustments for front and steering column, best sound equipment and seats panoramic ceiling.

Among its detacadas technical characteristics, Tesla Model 3 features variable radius direction, a Cx 0.23 and one hybrid structure of steel and aluminum, with less aluminum than Tesla Model S to cut costs. Finally, the outline of the front suspension is superposed double triangles, whereas for the rear is used to a configuration multilink type.

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