So will the new Skoda Fabia and Volkswagen Polo 2017

From the platform will debut in March Seat Ibiza, the VW group will develop at least 6 different utilities. The new Skoda Fabia and VW Polo will be protagonists.

Skoda Fabia and VW Polo: this will be the new utility

Skoda Fabia and VW Polo: this will be the new utility

Skoda Fabia and VW Polo: this will be the new utility

Skoda Fabia and VW Polo: this will be the new utility

Be fruitful and multiply. That seems to be the watchword given by Volkswagen Group towards the development of all new small cars. Just a few days ago I overtook the exclusive first images (Computer generated) and news how it will be from March the new Seat Ibiza selling. Well, from the same platform which premieres the Spanish utility, the German group will release up Another 6 cars three different brands, among which will be found, for example, an unprecedented and small SUV called the Seat Arona that we've already talked about. But, like the Ibiza, the New Skoda Fabia and Volkswagen Polo They certainly will grab much of the main stage.

This will be the VW Polo 2017

Therefore, these two new utilities be launched after the Seat Ibiza and also from this A0 derivation of new MQB platform Volkswagen Group. The first to land on the market will be the brand new VW Polo 2017, which should see the light early autumn New next year. The information we have so far announced and at a increase in size of no less than 20 centimeters, what lengthen your length up to 4.17 meters. This figure represented a few years ago the compact car segment.

He New Volkswagen Polo 2017, Like all new cars coming out and the MQB platform, it also bet a greater lightness. This time, it is estimated that the German utility reduced by about 70 kg weight... with the aim of maintaining their versions of Access below 1,000 kg. It would not be bad considering its larger dimensions. Above him, also it has Volkswagen projected launch different leads SUV you can see from the pictures that we offer.

VW Polo SUV 2017Mechanically, the Volkswagen Polo 2017 range should start with new 3-cylinder engines: Ie a 1.0 TSI 70 hp or 100 hp, which obviously share with other models of the group. Above in gasoline is expected new engine 1.5 TSI Evo, with variants that would reach 130 and 150 hp entry step to a future Polo GTI 2.0 Turbo engine with 200 hp power. Another big news is the emergence of a plug-in hybrid version, with 3-cylinder gasoline and other electrical mechanical. What is no doubt that, apparently seen in recent weeks, the Diesel supply lost almost all its prominence, although it will start counting on new mechanics 1.5 TDI. Resources seems to be used in new technology, since all the rumors and point to the new Volkswagen Polo could count on option with adaptive suspension and digital instrumentation.

So will the Skoda Fabia

For his part, somewhat later and will come Skoda Fabia. He completely new utility Czech could initiate and marketing in early 2018, accompanied by a new derivative SUV (Like the Seat Ibiza and Arona) And trade policy and a range something simpler than the Polo.

The objective of Skoda Fabia for his new is clear: save on manufacturing costs to offer a quality product at a very competitive price in the market, more clearly than the VW Polo and Seat Ibiza even. Our first information, therefore, are already talking about fewer customization options, less engines to choose their group brothers (the plug-in hybrid, for example, it seems difficult now to arrive), and just a couple of lines of equipment well adapted, yes, the usual customer requests.

Skoda Fabia 2018Obviously, like his brothers, the Skoda Fabia also grow to be located in the vicinity of 4.10 meters in length, which should result in probably the most practical utility market: an award which has always boasted. The Simply Clever intelligent solutions They continue to surprise, while the 1.0 TSI petrol engines must conform virtually all its mechanical range.

Months after the arrival of the new Skoda Fabia, and by the end of 2018 or even early 2019, It is expected the launch of its bypass SUV. This image should look like in the new Skoda Yeti also, but to a smaller size. Seeing the success that seems to have the Skoda Kodiaq, the SUV certainly will grab a priority position in the Skoda range. This new small SUV, which so far has not leaked the name, It will initially only in front-wheel drive and an estimated target price and the brand below 15,000 euros. Soon we will know more news.

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