So it will be the second generation of the Nissan Juke

This fall and we will know definitely the new Nissan Juke. Again a very risky and sporty design, we advance some details of its second generation.

Nissan Juke: this could be your second generation

Nissan Juke: this could be your second generation

Nissan Juke: this could be your second generation

Nissan Juke: this could be your second generation

Write this date on your calendar 2017 engine: the autumn season. It will be in September, during the Frankfurt Motor Show, or late October, during Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan when we officially unveils the first reports of its expected second generation Juke. Or, perhaps, more than likely use the two events: the first showing and the final production model, while in the second we unveil his variant e-Power, with a new hybrid prototype. While waiting, we can already get ahead in new details of how will this completely New Small SUV.

Yes, because if when he was born Nissan Juke was practically alone in the SUV segment urban, and all the spotlights pointing at him, and when it arrives in late 2017 or early 2018 its second generation will face a real battalion. The already established and leading sales, Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008 or Opel Mokka X, New Seat Arona, Stonic Kia, Opel Crossland X ... and many new rivals under development and will be added. Therefore, its evolution will depend on their success this time.

What is no doubt that the new Nissan Juke will remain, more than likely, the most original and risky SUV from his class. Many of its features are announced as they come from concept Gripz (Which you can view your photos and even witnessed live with his designer), also presented at the previous edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015. And apparently seen, and although obviously the final development is more conservative, putting the scene is evident.

The new Nissan Juke will therefore have a picture of the most suggestive. incorporate new LED headlamps shaped arrow, a front grille marked V-shaped and much nerve along the body, taking also details already presented new Nissan Micra. In fact, precisely, the new Micra also risky Juke will take this new platform. It is a new modular architecture alliance Renault / Nissan, premiered at the utility and called CMF-B. Lighter and more durable chassis, this base will also employing next new generation Renault Clio.

Nissan Juke 2017With a remarkable development that seeks to influence it in lightness and also soundproofing, the new Nissan Juke will also adopt many components and technology of its big brother Qashqai, as their renewed multimedia systems, full multifunction display mark on 5 inch color for instrumentation or security systems and driving assistance Intelligent Ride Control (Reduces body vertical oscillation) and Trace Intelligent Control (Help to register the Juke tracing more accurately). In both cases, the system acts on brakes and engine. And, of course, also feature automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection, peripheral cameras, among other innovations.

Nissan Juke 2017: engines

Mechanically, the new Nissan Juke will feature the latest generation of engines Nissan, and efficient occasional novelty. Among the former, will highlight the arrival, as in the Micra, a 0.9 Turbo petrol engine 90 hp power, along with Diesel 1.5 dCi They are known in the Alliance, but premiering new powers. In gasoline, it is also expected arrival 1.2 TCE 115 hp and it is more than likely one 1.6 TEC up to 220 CV, the same riding the Renault Clio RS Trophy.

However, the big news of the Nissan Juke could reach a new special hybrid version, assembly is known with e-Power name. In the new Micra it has already announced the probable new hybrid solution entering the range, and the Juke certainly also contemplate. In the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show we will see a prototype in advance, but we can confirm that this variant would have surely with the electric drive current Nissan Leaf (Ie, offer almost 110 hp) And a small gasoline engine 1.2 TCE, which more than likely act only as a generator. Its electric range would therefore be high. Already they are missing for only a few months to continue learning new details of this highly anticipated SUV.

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