All new 2017 car, brand to brand

Assist the market during the remainder of the year and throughout 2017, a veritable avalanche of news: Qashqai, Ibiza, Polo, Insignia, Duster ... All are renewed selling.

All cars and SUVs that come to the end of year 2017

All cars and SUVs that come to the end of year 2017

All cars and SUVs that come to the end of year 2017

All cars and SUVs that come to the end of year 2017


Veloce Alfa Giulia. December 2016. This version, with a specific sports personality, will be between the range and conventional Giulia Quadrifoglio version. You could have an extra battery to provide some extra horse power by a gasoline engine support, to achieve an output of 350 hp.

Alfa Romeo StelvioAlfa Stelvio. May 2017. The first Italian brand SUV will be based on the platform of Giulia and it will share with engines and technology, including versions back and complete propulsion. Alfa Stelvio will be called and will be presented next November in the Hall of Los Angeles, but Europe will not arrive until the spring of 2017.


Audi A5 Sportback. November 2016. The A5 range will be complemented by Sportback 5-door version. completely new model, and also based on the MLB platform staged first the A4. The new A5 Sportback silhouette is longer, but also lower. It has gained space and reduced weight.

Audi Q5. November 2016. Also from advanced modular MLB platform, Audi will shape the second generation of the Q5. The new platform is a longer wheelbase and the body will grow to 4.67 meters (4.63 today). Also it lowers its weight to less than 70 kilos not.

Audi RS3 Sedan. November 2016. RS sports acronym reach the sedan version of the A3, so far present only in the variant 5-door Sportback. The iconic 2.5 engine 5-cylinder Audi RS3 will be the soul of Sedan and perhaps see a latest development regarding RS3 Sportback last 367 CV and touch the barrier of 400 hp.


BMW 5 Series December 2016. On HPLC (Cluster Architecture) modular platform, released by the great Series 7 will develop future Series 5, in which high-strength steels be combined with more aluminum and carbon fiber. In this sense, a monohull is expected lighter than the current 80 kilos.

BMW X2. 2017. The new BMW X2 will follow the trail of aesthetic coupe of some SUV brand. Front X1, X2 provide new more sportiness and exclusivity. At the moment what we have seen in the Paris Motor Show as a prototype.


Citroen C3. November 2016. The next generation Citroen C3 will go on sale in November with a brand new, modern and casual look. With 3.99 meters long and 300 liters of luggage space, it will be eminently urban approach and not be short of high doses of customization.

Citroen C3DACIA

Dacia Sandero. November 2016. the best-selling Dacia for his impending restyling is prepared, when it is still digesting the current range the appearance of robotized Easy-R for dCi and TCe versions of 90 hp. In addition to a body different in design, remarkable changes are also expected in the presentation of its interior. Even some improvements in ergonomics.

Dacia Logan. November 2016. small changes but refresh the image towards the second part of its commercial life. New bumpers, grille and daytime running lights. The latter use LED technology. Inside, Dacia announces changes in chintz, some aspects of ergonomics and more space to store small items.

Dacia Duster. summer 2017. The new Dacia Duster will be entirely different on the outside and inside, but continue betting on a product philosophy closer to an all-terrain pure than an SUV. Oh, and at affordable prices, of course.


Honda Civic. March 2017. The tenth generation of the Honda Civic 5-door will feature the turbo petrol engines, a 1.0 three-cylinder 129 hp along with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder and 182 hp. They Diesel i-DTEC 1.6 120 CV will be added. The whole car is new, and grows 13 centimeters.


Restyling Fiat 500L. 2017. The recent update incorporated into the ranges 500 and 500C applies to this most practical and versatile variant of Fiat, with changes aesthetically and equipment upgrades. Trekking and also for Living models.

Fiat sedan LPG. 2017. How could it be otherwise in the Fiat range, the new type will also incorporate its offer variants with Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is set to hit the Fiat sedan body type engine 120 hp 1.4 LPG 2017.

Test the Best SUVFORD

Ford Kuga restyling. October 2016. Facelift that will affect aesthetics, the level of equipment and engines. It incorporates the new 1.5 TDCi Diesel 120 hp engine, which replaces the 2.0 TDCi identical power with promises lower emissions and fuel consumption without reducing performance. Improvement inside with the adoption of three Sync multimedia system.

Ford Ka +. October 2016. The Ka concept gives a little twist to become bigger, also changing its name to Ford KA +. It remains a utilitarian, but now improves its livability. It is encouraged by the gasoline engine Ti-VCT 1.2 liter, 70 and 85 horses. Marketing is immediate.

Ford GT. November 2016. The expected Ford GT began marketing in Spain in November, although you can already set up on the website of the brand. This return to the supercars of the blue oval is supported by the victory in the last 24 hours of Le Mans.

Ford Kuga Vignale. December 2016. The restyling of the Kuga is expected in October. Shortly thereafter, in late December this year, receives the elegant Vignale finish, rather than a termination can be considered a different model by high differentiation will have with normal Kuga.

Ford Edge Vignale. January 2017. Ford festive attire to Edge, bringing the family Vignale increase in number and variety. Will the interior equipped with all the luxury and technology that Ford has today and that we have seen in the Mondeo.

Ford FiestaFord Fiesta. mid 2017. After forty years in the market without changing its name, the beloved Ford Fiesta will be presented with an efficient range of engines, without forgetting sports finishes ST. In principle it is scheduled to launch in five-door body, still unknown if it will have three.


Hyundai i30. January 2017. The Hyundai i30 will arrive first five-door body to grow into a family with the family version and also possible variants coupe or shooting brake later. The engine range will initially consist of three petrol variants and as many Diesel.

Hyundai Genesis CRDi 200 hp. April 2017. The luxury sedan Hyundai landed in the European market with three engine options, all gasoline: A 3-liter V6 and 257 hp; V8 5.0 of 425 hp and a V6, in this case 3.8 liters and 315 hp (the latter is the only one so far we have in Spain). In April debut a 200 hp diesel mechanics.

Hyundai Ioniq plug-in hybrid. June 2017. The formula chosen by Hyundai sedan with Ioniq of 4.47 meters has started from a single platform for the development of three versions. We already had hybrid and electric, the third variant plug-in appears on the scene.

Hyundai i30 CW. July 2017. Beautiful esthetics and better capacity for family body. If you are looking for a compact vehicle that moves nimbly through the city but which at the same time have a very useful boot and can travel comfortably, here you will have a very good choice.

Hyundai SUV segment B. September 2017. The mark does not leave in the background the SUV segment since late summer has prepared the staging of a new B-segment model, it will fight with the likes of Mazda CX-3, the Toyota HR -V or Fiat 500X.

Hyundai i30 2.0 N. November 2017. sports variant signed by the N division, which will rival in the market with the VW Golf Clubsport. There is still no official data i30 N, but its 2-liter engine could be around 260 hp.

Hyundai Genesis sedan segment D. December 2017. To close the year, Hyundai will surprise us with the arrival of a new Genesis sedan, a step model that will be below the current Genesis sedan.


Kia Rio. End March 2017. New Generation, a small Kia Rio now more youthful and sporty design. Increases Size: grows to 4.06 meters (1.5 cm more than the current model). It is also slightly wider and slightly lower.

Kia RioKia Picanto. End of March 2017. New generation Picanto utilitarian, small model of the Korean brand that promises improved finishes and engines. It is planned to equip the new three-cylinder 1.0-liter T-GDI also reaches the new Rio.

Optima plug-in hybrid. Second quarter 2017. The plug-in hybrid variant Optimal saloon hit the market since March. The new plug-in Optima equip the gasoline engine 2 liter 156 hp and 68 hp electric. The maximum system power will be 205 hp. Kia speaks of an average consumption of 1.6 l / 100 km.

Kia Niro plugin. Second half 2017. As is the case with Ioniq model Hyundai, Kia crossover, which is already on sale the hybrid variant will midyear with plug-in hybrid version. So far, the Korean brand has not ruled on arrival or no electric Niro.

Kia Deportivo. final 2017. It would be the first vehicle with purely sporting nature of the Korean brand. Continue, announces Kia, the GT Line concept presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Bigger than Best. Power levels that will move between 200 and 300 hp.


Infiniti QX30. September 2016. Version SUV Q30, which differs from it by incorporating protections in the lower part of the bodywork and the wheel, a distance to improved for driving on unpaved roads floor and a roof rack and alloy specific. It is marketed under the 2.2d 170 hp engine, automatic transmission and AWD (All Wheel Drive). It has a trunk with a capacity of 430 liters and its price starts at 39,990 euros.

Infinit Q60. December 2016. Infiniti Q60 the Coupé, based on the Q50, promises to be a true sports car. With some measures 4.68 meters long and striking aesthetics, equip high-performance engine V6 biturbo 3.0-liter. It will be available with rear-wheel drive and the exclusive propulsion system 'VR' family.


Jaguar XE and XF GTDI. December 2016. Finally the engine range "little ones" gasoline these two models contemplate the way to the Ingenium family. Modular engines, such as the Diesel 2.0d, which are renamed GTDI have 1,999 cm3, are lighter than before, pays 25 percent and consume 10 percent less. Another mechanical innovations of the brand is a new transmission with dual clutch technology and 8-speed change called by the Transcend brand.


Land Rover DiscoveryLand Rover Discovery. Early 2017. The older brother of Discovery Sport will be the second variant of the Sport range, but probably not the last. Sport take the name also implies a more ambitious, more in the style authentic conception of Discovery, thus more luxurious or more Range Rover saga. Keep seven seats of his younger brother, with the particularity that the new Land Rover Discovery "to dry" It incorporates an automatic folding seats through the Smartphone.

Range Rover Sport 2.0D / 240. December 2016. From the Ingenium family, with 2.0 liters and used already in the Evoque or Discovery Sport with powers of 150 and 180 hp, the brand is launching an unedited version of this turbodiesel with 240 hp that will also engine smaller than the series has ever mounted.

Range Rover Evoque 2.0 GTDi. December 2016. Land on the brand new petrol engines 4-cylinder belonging to the Ingenium family, replacing the current I4 engine that also begin using Jaguar in its XE and XF, loaded with technological innovations and two levels of power, 200 240 hp, but it is initially expected to Evoke use the most powerful of the two versions, announcing a consumption of 7.8 l / 100 km.


Lexus IS 300h. January 2017. This is an update for the Lexus sports sedan, which takes some aesthetic elements seen in the RC coupe to refresh its image. It has a more aggressive grille and air ducts to the wheel arches, which improve the aerodynamics as well as some subtle changes inside and a larger center screen.

Lexus LC 500. May 2017. This luxury coupe marks a new era in Lexus not only by design but also by the new development platform debuts. It will be the way forward for the Japanese firm in their future models. It will have 477 hp V8 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission, while the LC 500h hybrid version, V6, 354 hp yield.


Mazda MX-5 RF. February 2017. Version motorized retractable roof MX-5. If the roof over the heads of their occupants looks like a coupe, without him -podrá-fly descapotarse in his style is full targa, because the side sections are you pricked to reinforce the sense of protection. The trunk will be 130 liters as is the roadster; and the engines will be two version with a canvas roof: the 131 hp 1.5 and 160 hp 2.0.


Mercedes E All TerrainMercedes E Clae All Terrain. March 2017. The signing of the star wants to compete with the Audi A6 All Road with a developed from the E-Class Estate and Mercedes has dubbed the All Terrain version. Among other things it will have a variable height air suspension and protection paths for low.

Mercedes-AMG GT R. April 2017. Unveiled at Goodwood last hall, the R GT is a sports end developed from the GT. V8 engine develops no less than 585 hp, 74 hp more than the version S. The weight has also been reduced by 90 kg a new exhaust system and carbon roof, among others.


Mitsubishi GT-PHEV. First quarter 2017. Next generation means and plug-in hybrid approach SUV with 120 km of electric range thermal joining three electric drive motor propellants. One to assist the combustion engine and the other two to set up the all-wheel drive.

Mitsubishi Outlander. January 2017. Update key aesthetic improvements and equipment, especially in active safety concerns. The hybrid version will also include a new program -EV Priority Mode- that maximizes the use of the electric motor while driving to improve fuel consumption and initial throttle response.

Mitsubishi ASX. January 2017. ASX renovated, a vehicle that has just transcended even beyond the change details on the front, with a more aggressive and a very modern grill headlights, although presumably the introduction of new elements of connectivity.


Nissan Micra. First half 2017. The fourth-generation Nissan Micra becomes the center of the branding efforts for next year. Overcomes the barrier of 4 meters, which places him equal opportunity to fight urban. Hence an improvement in interior roominess and increased the capacity of its trunk, two of his weaknesses so far wait. It also share technical basis with Clio.

Nissan MicraNissan Qashqai. final 2017. By the end of next year should reach 2017 update Nissan Qashqai in key aesthetic, with a front grille dominated by the large central V, the Micra and American style models. I was expected with a system of semi-autonomous driving already on sale in Japan and the emergence of a plug-in hybrid version a year later, in 2018, will also reach Renult vehicles.


Opel Zafira. October 2016. completely renovated to the point of losing his surname Tourer offering a stunning interior with a load capacity of 710 liters in five-seat configuration. Space and ergonomics are its strengths, with a second row of single seats that fold at will by adding options modularity. Its engine line passes through a 1.4 petrol 120 and 140 hp and a priori most popular Disel 1.6 120 and 2.0 136 hp in addition to the 170, the top end.

Opel Ampera-e. 2017. Little or nothing to do with the new Ampera-e with that revolutionary electric Ampera extended-range 2011. In this case marks the start of a product offensive until 2020. We face a compact 100% electric five-seater promises not just beat most rivals for autonomy, estimated at more than 300 km, but also marked by being a more affordable car next price Renault Zoe at the BMW i3.


Peugeot 3008. October 2016. There platform change, now EMP2, and therefore weight parabienes -100 least- kilos, -more habitability knee space and 520 liters of maletero- or electronic architecture. The new Peugeot 3008 BlueHDi equip motors 100, 120, 150 and 180 hp, 130 hp PureTech 1.2 and 1.6 THP 165 hp. This generation has not reached him all-wheel drive, but will offer an improved Grip Control with 5 operating modes.

Peugeot 3008Peugeot 5008 March 2017. Peugeot surrounds this new generation MPV 5008 in an SUV, but what it hides is not only an authentic way all but one of the most versatile and spacious market. It will measure 11 cm more in total 4.64 m. The seats in the third row are not only retractable, but also can be removed to extend the boot volume from 702 liters -in seater configuration 5 to 780 liters.

Restyling Peugeot 308. March 2017. And seated on the new basis of the mark (more modern platform, the i-Cockpit and the current range of engines), little travel left to the Peugeot 308 to catch: it will be an update of external image and interior, tinkering with chassis and improved equipment.

Peugeot 508. Final 2017. also articulated on the EMP2 architecture, 508 climbs on the bandwagon of autonomous driving as the main technical claim. striking design, second-generation i-Cockpit and the best selection of house movers will be responsible for turning the 508 into a high-flying saloon.


Porsche 911 GT3. January 2017. Esthetically aggressive, with more powerful air intakes in the front bumper and a huge aero work with a new-fangled front spoiler, a rear spoiler that improves support for high speed and a new lower aerodynamic extractor.


Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic. November 2016. With a "short" version of 4.40 meters and five seats and another 24 more cm, predictably always with seven seats for markets such as Spanish, the Renault Scénic and Grand Scénic will have the dCi 110 engines, 130 and 160 hp, in addition to the TCe 115 and 130 hp.

Renault ScénicRenault Zoe. December 2016. The extended-range version (Range Extender speak Renault) this power will come before year end. This is not a version that is available a petrol engine "reserve" but use more capable batteries, latest generation, and optimized electrical system. So, it would harmonize 400km compared to 240 today, with the intention of reaching 300 km in actual use.

Renault Koleos. March 2017. You will have a length of close to 4.70 meters, thus being considerably larger its predecessor. This growth may allow up to seven seats, as with the X-Trail Nissan with this model shares the platform C / D Alliance.


Seat Leon. First Quarter 2017. Slight cosmetic changes in its front and rear and mechanical developments will be incorporating a new Seat León which have more news soon.

Seat Ibiza. February 2017. MQB platform also for the fifth generation of this bestseller. Its dimensions will not differ much from the current model, although it will have more interior roominess both in the front seats and the rear, and a larger trunk. It will be lighter and non-hybrid versions are discarded.

Seat Alhambra. June 2017. Facelift for the brand minivan. At the end of the year will have a jacket version and will be referred to as X-PERIENCE Alhambra, that the thread of León X-Perience could modify suspensions and incorporate plastic shields and some specific details on the carrier.

Seat Arona. 2017. Seat released in 2017 a new SUV called Arona. It will not be a "mini" Ateca strictly speaking, but the technical and mechanical platform which will leave will be the same that will use the new Seat Ibiza, ie the MQB modular platform.


Skoda Superb SportLine. final 2016. The Czech brand launches a new trim level for Superb saloon, which adds select accessories to give a personal touch both outside and inside. This version certainly will steal sales as exclusive models like the BMW M or Audi S-Line.

Skoda KodiaqSkoda Kodiaq. First quarter 2017. It will come soon one of the most anticipated models of the year: Skoda Kodiaq. Initially come with versions 1.4 TSI (125 and 150), 2,0 TSI (180 hp) and two 2.0 TDI (150 and 190 hp), to which the most powerful version of the 2.0 TDI will join the 240 hp, and with two turbos instead of just one.


Smart fortwo and electrical forfour. January 2017. Smart is determined to bet strongly on the electric car. New electric versions of its fortwo and forfour models hit the market earlier this year. excellent range and a time of very tight recharge promises.


Suzuki Ignis. January 2017. Suzuki takes this name to make this time a small SUV made on the platform of Baleno.

Suzuki Swift. spring 2017. New generation. It retains a striking design, materials improvement, lightens a handful of kilos, and will introduce two new engines turbogasolina the house: the 1.0 three-cylinder 1.4 turbo for GTi pocket.


Toyota GT86. October 2016. Debuts optical type LED and more aggressive bumpers and new upholstery and sports steering wheel. Mechanically, no change, except springs, dampers and new set-ups seeking greater agility and drivability on the edge.

Toyota C-HR. December 2016. Attractive crossover new Toyota C-HR, with its length 4.35 meters, is encompassed within the compact segment. It is based on the platform tnga has released the latest Prius, and will be offered with the same mechanical hybrid 122 hp. According markets will also be a 1.2 turbo petrol engine 115 hp.


Volvo V90 Cross Country. March 2017. Campera aesthetic, and support orders. Its price, from 56,000 euros. It is 60 higher than the current V90 millimeters.

Volvo XC60. 2017. The Volvo XC60 is a large opening in 2017. platform and will release a range of varied engines, provided with propellers 4 cylinder, both petrol and diesel, and a displacement of 2.0 liters.


VW Golf 2017VW Golf. November 2016. For the final leg of its commercial life the Golf VII will experience a slight redesign, with special emphasis on modernizing its equipment connectivity and multimedia, new fully digital control box and various items released in the Tiguan. It will make its appearance the new 1.5 TSI engine and efficient in versions of 130 and 150 hp. The GTE hybrid goes from 204 to 218 hp.

VW Tiguan XL. February 2017. The long wheelbase version and 7 seater will face the new large SUV Skoda also Kodiaq, similar approach, with the same wheelbase and mechanical similar (if not identical). Predictably, the Tiguan will have a higher price.

VW Polo. March 2017. The sixth generation VW Polo grow to approximately 4.17 meters closer than ever to Golf. It will use the MQB platform, so expect to improve in dynamism, efficiency and ride comfort, with a weight saving of 70 kg to be around.

VW Touareg. final 2017. It will grow 20 cm to reach 5.01 meters, reinvent connectivity (two large monitors) and bring an efficient plug-in hybrid engine (a turbo of 252 hp more power a 100 kW motor), with which you can travel up to 50 km in electric mode.

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