New Dacia Duster 2017: cheaper and more versions

The new generation of the Dacia Duster will debut in 2017 with a more modern design and practical and functional values ​​that have always characterized.New Dacia Duster 2017: cheaper and more versions

He Dacia Duster Summer 2017 It will be entirely different outside and inside. But will continue betting on a product philosophy closer to a pure off-road than a SUV (That's already Renault products: Captur, Kadjar and Koleos).

Outside, the Dacia Duster design 2017 remember the current works if not toques- and technical structure will benefit from a new platform. This will bring greater interior space and better road handling, with less body roll and better cornering response. As with the current model, there will be versions of front- or 4x4. He starting price should not exceed 11,000 / 12,000 euros.

The following year, in late Spring 2018, the Dacia Duster length of about 20 centimeters grow up to 4.5 meters. The goal is to create what might be called "Grand Duster" with two additional places in two retractable seats in the trunk. The engines will depart in Diesel, of the 115 hp and in gasoline of the 130.

online assessment of your used carDacia brand "Queen" of the crisis

Dacia is still the flagship brand of the crisis. Between 2008 and 2015 the brand has more than four its Sales in Spain: 9,900 to 45,200 units, respectively. Spectacular.

As it has been the development in sales of one of the flagship models: Dacia Duster. In its first year on sale, 2010, and wowed 5,824 Spaniards. Since they are already more than 50,000. And around the world have been sold 1,664,000 the Duster. Not forget that this is a very important model for Renault and Dacia, the two brands under which it is sold. A car that is manufactured in Brazil, Colombia, Romania, Russia and India. A chameleon that adapts to different local markets; whereas, from a year ago, There are even pick-up version: the Renault Duster Oroch.

To keep the success of Duster, Dacia have thought a lot. You can not fail because it is one of the key models of the consortium Renault-Dacia. So before the summer 2017 comes the new model, this July will market a special series to encourage sales of current and replace "Urban Explorer" now for sale.