Volvo XC90 Master Edition, Diesel SUV with extensive equipment

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Volvo Cars Spain has launched XC90 SUV Marketing Master Edition in our country. This is a limited edition of 269 units and has equipment that adds xenon headlights, leather upholstery and interior space for seven occupants. It is associated with Diesel 200 hp engine coupled to the automatic transmission and six-speed part of a price of 49,985 euros.Volvo XC90 Master Edition, Diesel SUV with extensive equipment

volvo Spain will sell in the limited series'Master Edition'Your SUV XC90. The firm stressed that only sell in our country 269 ​​units.

This special edition is sold with the engine diesel D5 from 200 hp, coupled to the automatic transmission Geartronic six-speed (sequential) with AWD AWD.

He Volvo XC90 Master Edition account number with seven seats, leather upholstery, rain sensor, alloy wheels Sutila of 18 inches, roll stability control, fog LED technology and tinted glass, among others.

It is now selling at a base price of 49.895 euros.

Jeep Wrangler X, the SUV wins in personality and equipment

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Jeep has launched a new special edition 'X' for Wrangler SUV, a vehicle that keeps the essence of a 4x4 and winning well in design and equipment.Jeep Wrangler XJeep Wrangler X

He Jeep Wrangler X is the new special edition American SUV Start with the essence of these vehicles 4x4, but applying dyes design and equipment that can be expected today in a car in this segment.

This exclusive version is available both two-door body as four-door ( 'Unlimited'), winning its outer most modern and distinctive touches like front grille with seven slots in the body color (choose between Bright White, Black Solid, Red and Yellow Low Firecracker) And gloss black accents and hood with dual air intake, 18-inch wheels also painted black and the fuel tank cap signed by 'Mopar'. As an option, you can choose the three removable hardtop pieces 'Freedom Top', allowing you to enjoy the Wrangler X in convertible mode.

The interior meets the expectations of the special series Jeep with upholstered in black leather with gray stitching seats slate clear and details, ceramic white on the front passenger handgrip and under the vents.

The equipment includes the system infotainment 'uconnect'With browser, a 6.5 inch touchscreen and a hard disk of 40 GB Heated seats, among other elements.

Mechanically, respects your 2.8 CRD turbo diesel engine 200 hp, coupled to an automatic five-speed gearbox. Authentic 4x4 capabilities are more than clear with its AWD system 'Command Trac NV241' with function 'Shift on the fly' (Allows passing from 4x2 to 4x4 and back up from the driver's position) and the reduction of 2.72: 1.

Prices starting from Jeep Wrangler X are of 46,278 euros for two-door and 48,861 euros for the four-door ( 'Unlimited').

Mercedes E 200 CDI and E 200 CGI BlueEfficiency

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Mercedes-Benz will incorporate from September in Class E 200 CDI new engines and 200 CGI endowed both BlueEfficiency technology solutions. Are dealt with four-cylinder engines and direct injection of the German mark announces a more restrained levels of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.BlueEFFICIENCY technology for the Mercedes E 200 CDI and E 200 CGI.In September, new petrol and diesel engines for the E-Classand common rail direct injection into the Mercedes E 200 CDI.Quality and comfort, always insured in Class E.Mercedes-Benz continues to make changes to its range of vehicles. In this case, it is the turn to one of its newest additions, the class E. The luxury sedan will incorporate from September two new four-cylinder engines: he Diesel E 200 CDI and the E 200 CGI petrol.These two engines E 200 CDI Y E 200 CGI feature system direct injection fuel, as well as incorporating some of the technological measures BlueEfficiency (Technical solutions whose main objective is to minimize fuel consumption and emissions). propeller Diesel It has a displacement of 2,143 cm3, power 136 hp and an engine torque of 360 Nm. Coupled in Class E, Mercedes announced an average consumption of diesel between 5.2 and 5.5 l / 100 km, with a pollutant emissions 137-145 g / km of CO2. The Mercedes E 200 CDI also features the latest generation common rail system. In terms of performance, the German mark announces a top speed of 210 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.2 seconds.The new engine offering access to gasoline Class E is the E 200 CGI. Like the diesel, it will also be available from September. This engine has a displacement of 1796 cm3, power 184 hp and a motor 270 Nm. Combined with a manual six-speed gearbox, Mercedes announced an average consumption of 7.2 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions 169 g / km. Regarding the performance declared by the manufacturer, the E 200 CGI can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.5 seconds with a top speed of 232 km / h.Technological solutions Mercedes-Benz BlueEfficiency include several measures that apply to each model according to the characteristics of each. Some of these solutions are the use of regenerative braking system, change the aerodynamics of the car, start / stop function stop-start engine, tires with low rolling resistance and use of lightweight materials in the body. All with a common goal: to be as efficient as possible.

BMW 118d Coupé M Sport Edition, from 24,800 euros

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The previous generation coupe version of BMWSeries 1 comes with a new special edition,for its price, it becomes more versionaccessible to all you can offer a vehicleof the German brand with the name 'Powered byM '.BMW 118d Coupé M Sport Edition, from 24,800 eurosThe new special edition BMW compact sports coupe -in its previous generation, not at present, is called M Sport Edition. In two-door coupe body, the BMW 118d M Sport Edition comes with a number of cosmetic changes and a extra equipment with a price actually content, in addition to the already known efficiency demonstrating the 118d version of the German compact.

Outside, highlights the aerodynamic package M, what includes M alloy wheels 17 inches diameter and chrome finish exhaust. Inside we find the M steering wheel and the shift lever in leather, sports front seats and interior trim aluminum.Another new BMW 118d M Sport Edition, in the section extra equipment this special edition is the sport suspension, which increases even more dynamic driving sensations.Driven by Diesel engine four cylinder 2.0, develops this sport edition 143 hp power and 30.6 mkg of torque between 1,750 and 2,500 rpm. Accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9 seconds and reaches a maximum speed 210 km / h. Their consumption approved in mixed cycle are 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

The BMW 118d M Sport Edition is offered by 24,800 euros, a price really content if we consider that without this discount or promotions, the previous price was 28,150 euros. BMW also offers the possibility of finance to 35 months by installments of 225 euros, with an entrance fee of 6,850 euros and 12,597 euros end.What do you think of this news? Debate on forums with other motorsport enthusiasts.

Toyota GT86 2015, greater driving enjoyment

Toyota sports coupe, the GT86, is facing slightly updated this summer. Suspension and steering tweaks, new colors and a better finish in the cockpit are the changes for one of the most special cars in the market today.2015 Toyota GT862015 Toyota GT862015 Toyota GT86

On the occasion of Beijing Motor Show 2014, Toyota He has presented the changes that have been subjected to GT86, his 200 hp sport coupe. The changes are minimal, however from Toyota insist that the fact that the vehicle is sold, 'there's no reason that development should stop. It is a vehicle evolving '.

With that premise, Toyota presents three major changes in the renovated GT86. First, those affecting the driving dynamics. The Japanese firm wants to maintain the philosophy that transmits the driver GT86, sensations that so many good impressions left us in the time that has passed through the hands of testers Highway intact.

The changes focus on front suspensions, now plus firm, and the back cushions, well tuned. Toyota promises better feel in the direction, now more 'communicative', a greater stability Y less teeters body. All to squeeze even more the GT86 circuit.

The second type of changes are found in the very bodywork. Black roof antenna for the radio has been replaced by a shark fin most aesthetic and 'streamlined'. In addition, from this update, the Toyota GT86 will new exterior colors: New White 'pearl' and new silver finish.

Third and last, the developments in the inside They are also minimal. They have changed finishes simulating carbon fiber, Now with a best look it brings more quality to the dashboard. You will reach the European market next summer, at a price that is still unknown. Still, it will not vary much from current prices, which start today of 30,900 euros.

Peugeot 2008 Puretech 110 hp, with the new automatic transmission

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The Peugeot 2008 debuts the combination of Puretech 1.2 petrol engine 110 hp with six-speed automatic transmission EAT6 with torque converter.Peugeot 2008 Puretech 110 hp, with the new automatic transmission

Banner PeugeotThe Peugeot 2008 turbo three-cylinder gasoline engine 1.2 PureTech at its power level 110 hp option wins automatic gearbox six-speed EAT6, one technology that makes use of what is known as torque converter.

This engine has been awarded the 'International Engine of the Year 2015' and is also available in its turbocharged option with a power of 130 hp. Along with the diesel BlueHDi, completes the range of engines available in three-cylinder Peugeot models.

East 2008 Peugeot 100 1.2 Puretech EAT6 achieves fuel consumption in the combined cycle 4.8 l / 100 km, while CO2 emissions are 110 g / km. As in all Puretech system has' Star&Stop 'series.

This version of urban SUV It associated exclusively to 'Allure' finish, the highest of those we find in the range. Has a hands-free kit with 'Bluetooth' technology, browser, the parking aid system 'Park Assist'Lights with LED technology and type'i-Cockpit'Digital touch-screen functions in the infotainment system.

This engine Peugeot 2008 family PureTech It joins atmospheric versions, also with three cylinders- 1.0 1.2 68 hp and 82 hp.

The first car in the brand new three-cylinder turbo propellers was the Peugeot 308, later to go to other cars coming from the French range.

Another project at hand the firm is developing a different hybrid model, the Peugeot 2008 Hybrid-air, which accompany the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4, which hit the market a few years ago. Although in this case we speak of a revolutionary hybrid drive, which it was announced in 2013 during the Geneva Motor Show and we could try in 2014. Noted for removing the battery and the electric motor; another concept driving more efficient promised we'd know more during 2016.

MEV will sell a Hummer with an electric motor in Spain

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MEV Hummer sold in Spain with electric motor brand which owns the rights since the cessation of production by GM in 2010.

MEV (My Electric Vehicle), a company specializing in Luxury electric mobility, It has launched a Hummer with electric propulsion system. Chinese brand acquired the rights in 2010 when General Motors decided to stop producing the bulky SUV, inspired by that used by the United States Army.

The company responsible for the distribution in Spain will TME Green Luxury and it will be offered with both a convertible body tandem (in two levels of equipment), and a body but also rafter space for four occupants.

The access model is the MEV Hummer HX, which it has a electric motor fed 72 volts (derived from 9 volt batteries 8 each) and provides an estimated maximum range of 100 kilometers. Among the equipment, devices are active and passive safety acceptable to travel on our roads and its design shows wheels 15 inches in diameter. There are also optional features including details carbon fiber, in the case of MEV Hummer HX-T, They grow as a possibility to equip and customize them.

On the other hand, we find the MEV Hummer HX-T Limo, which it is basically the same car above, but with an interior configured with four seats, which, obviously, increases in empty weight and occupant load. Autonomy is reduced to 80 kilometers with a full load.

MEV also has in its range of electric cars with models MEV ZIP Y MEV Daytona, the first one as a small city car and the second with a retro aesthetic.

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Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat 2015, the fastest sedan in the world

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The new Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat 2015 is much more than a sedan with sporting outfit, it's a real beast with its supercharged engine supercharged 6.2 V8 makes 716 hp and will pay catapulted him to almost 330 km / h. Are we witnessing the fastest sedan in the world? We must wait and check confronting face to face frete to rival the likes of the BMW M5 and Mercedes E 63 AMG S.2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

He Chrysler group US returns to use one of their cars renowned in this case, Dodge Charger to grab the limelight again. the impressive Charger SRT Hellcat 2015 It has the honor of being the four-door sedan most powerful production of the moment, thanks to its 6.2 V8 Hemi engine Hellcat supercharged compressor 717 hp and maximum torque of 89.73 mkg.

2015 Dodge Charger SRT HellcatConnected to a automatic gearbox 8 speed, an engine specially optimized for these features and also ensures lightning-fast transitions between March and march He announces a time of just 160 milliseconds and only available with two-wheel drive version -the traseras-, Dodge announces a brutal performance for Charger SRT Hellcat 2015, with a maximum speed of 328.3 km / h and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds (3.6 seconds from 0 to 96 km / h). If all these numbers you know little, there's more, since according to Dodge, this wolf dressed in sheep's clothing is able to accelerate from 0 to 160 km / h to brake from 160 to 0 km / h, all in only 13 seconds. With all these data, Dodge dares to ensure that production will the fastest sedan in the world.

Fierceness of V8 engine (The same also boost the Challenger SRT Hellcat 2015) in this radical version of the Charger it will be accompanied by an external suit with many sporting goods. A specific design front grille, a bonnet with air vents to help oxygenate the engine, a spoiler on the trunk lid, LED lights, two exhaust outlets integrated into the rear air diffuser and alloy wheels mounted 20-inch high performance tires Pirelli P Zero are the warpaint you saw this athlete asphalt.

2015 Dodge Charger SRT HellcatHe sportiness outside the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat 2015 also it plasma inside the predominance of chrome inserts and quality materials such as leather and Alcantara tissue (present, for example, seats with heating and ventilation). The logotype SRT (Acronym Street Racing Technology, the sports department of Chrysler Group in the US) is clearly visible on the seatbacks and the central area of ​​the steering wheel. Right in the middle of the dashboard stands 8.4 inch screen multimedia information system, Uconnect navigation and entertainment. For those who, in addition to vibrate with the sound of the engine can enjoy your favorite music, Dodge offers a system of high-fidelity audio specialist Harman Kardon endowed with 18 speakers.

The production new Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat will start during the first quarter of 2015. And we count the days, hours, minutes and seconds to see this wild horse fighting one on one against other vehicles high-performance sedan type, such as the European BMW M5 560 hp and Mercedes Class E 63 AMG S 585 hp.

Jeep Renegade Night Eagle, sale prices in Europe

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The Jeep Renegade Night Eagle comes as a special limited edition is already on sale in Europe and has a starting price of 24,800 euros.Jeep Renegade Night EagleJeep Renegade Night EagleJeep Renegade Night EagleJeep Renegade Night Eagle

The Jeep Renegade Night Eagle reaches Europe as a Special Edition SUV compact, linked to a comprehensive standard equipment and available in wattages of 120 and 140 hp.

This limited edition Jeep is related to the level of finish 'Longitude', Counting also with fog lights, distinctive logo' Night Eagle 'and alloy wheels painted in black and 17 inches. The latter are mounted on specific tires M + S (Mud + Snow), specially designed for mud and snow terrain or other terrain with poor grip.

In the cabin, it features leather steering wheel, power lumbar adjustment on the driver's seat, Uconnet multimedia system Touchscreen 5 ", control cruising speed and rear parking sensor.

The engines available Jeep Renegade Night Eagle They are of Diesel 1.6 MultiJet 120 hp and also propellant Diesel 2.0 MultiJet II in their levels 120 and 140 hp. Only the second (2.0 Multijet II) is associated with the traction 4x4 Active Drive and in any case the engines are mated to a manual six-speed gearbox.

Jeep Renegade prices Night Eagle

Jeep Renegade 4x2 1.6 MultiJet Night Eagle (120 hp) - 24,800 euros

Jeep Renegade 2.0 MultiJet II Night Eagle 4x4 (120 hp) - 27,850 euros

Jeep Renegade 2.0 MultiJet II Night Eagle 4x4 (140 hp) - 28,850 euros

* Prices are without promotional discounts without PIVE Plan (only the first one is eligible for this last plan).

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Polaris Slingshot, fun on three wheels

Who said we can only have fun on four or two wheels? Polaris bet on all three wheels with their new Slingshot, a motorcycle two-seater three-wheeled steering wheel, 176 horsepower and low weight. Its price in North America: about 15,000 euros to change.Polaris SlingshotPolaris SlingshotPolaris SlingshotPolaris Slingshot

He Polaris Slingshot is a tricycles, two at the front and a single rear, which falls under the category of motorcycle (Forcing to wear helmets) but, to make matters worse, It has steering wheel. This particular not by its hybridization mechanically shaped two-seater motorcycle It is driven by a General Motors Engine origin, from 2.4 liters Ecotec, 176 hp and 22.9 mkg.

For more fun, the power and torque is transmitted to the single rear wheel, through a five-speed manual transmission. Rear drive this character, in his way, plus his low weight (771 kg), He will delight the driver.

Polaris Slingshot

The bodywork Polaris Slingshot is made in polymer, to ensure that reduced weight in 3.79 meters measuring long, and with a ROPS as a safety measure. Aesthetically, It reminds us the KTM X-Bow, but except its characteristic rear axle. This sends a tire rim 20 inches, while the front is 18 inches.

In section equipment and safety, lighting technology offered LED, 4.3 inch, connections Bluetooth and USB, six speakers, seat belts three points, ABS, power steering Y screen rear view as a mirror.

His price? 19,999 dollars in the US market for Polaris Slingshot 'basic', a 14,800 euros change while SL version It is offered for $ 19,999 (about 17,800 euros). Polaris ensures that, increase production, reduce their price over time.

The Peugeot 3008 wears ‘casual’ with Napapijri

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Peugeot has chosen to dress your model 'crossover' 3008 with a more urban and modern style. This car, which hit the market in 2009, borrows the style of the clothing brand Napapijri. This special version presented at the Paris Motor Show has a base price of 29,200 euros.Peugeot 3008 NapapijriPeugeot 3008 NapapijriPeugeot 3008 NapapijriPeugeot 3008 Napapijri

The association between Italian textile brand NapapijriSpanish -in 'Ártico'- and Polar Circle Peugeot, He is born this new version of the model 3008, which is based on their highest level -called Allure- finish. This is characterized, especially, for use inside the upholstery finished manufactured TEP, alcantara and leather. It also has Napapijri logos engraved on seats, steering wheel, tires and bodywork.

The Peugeot 3008 wears 'casual' with NapapijriAs for equipment, comes standard browser WIP Nav, sensor rear parking assistance, front detector obstacles, the system Head Up -Visualization digital data at the bottom of the moon delantera- and Adventure Pack.

It is available in four colors: 'Black Perla Nera', 'White Nacré', 'Rich Oak' and 'Vapor Gray'.

He Peugeot 3008 Napapijri It can be acquired with three engines Diesel, a 1.6 HDi FAP 112 hp, other 1.6 e-HDi FAP 112 hp which also incorporates system Stop&Start- and the last propellant 2.0 HDi FAP. The model with the first one has a starting price of 29,200 euros.

Alpine announces its new sports car production, the A120

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It's official: Alpine has confirmed that on February 16, unveiled to the world its new production sports. It should be called A120 and having a central motor of 300 hp.The future Alpine A120 was unveiled in FebruaryThe future Alpine A120 was unveiled in FebruaryThe future Alpine A120 was unveiled in FebruaryThe future Alpine A120 was unveiled in February

The dates for submission of new super sports car with the Alpine will challenge from this 2016 the new Porsche 718 Spyder and Alfa Romeo 4C. The brand has just confirmed that chose the next February 16 for Show on society its new brand A120, a sport that barely change its image Alpine Concept Celebration seen and presented during the last 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Alpine A120: engine

With an attractive coupe body and a two-seat passenger compartment, the future Alpine A120 It will be finally the long-awaited successor to the legendary A110. But for now, the French firm does not want to reveal too much technical information to enhance its official release, all information points start to be a sport of the highest voltage. Mechanically bet a gasoline engine 4 cylinder 1.8 TCE, derived from the current 1.6 turbo riding the Renault Clio RS with up to 220 hp in the Trophy version. Albeit with front-rear layout here anticipated start two variants of power: 250 and 300 hp, the latter with specific turbo and cylinder head.

Presumably associated with a revised EDC automatic transmission double clutch, the new mechanical assembly Alpine A120 also to future new version it could then serve as a basis Renault Megane RS and even a new Nissan Pulsar Nismo, all born within the Renault / Nissan alliance. Best of all is that this new supercar promises Alpine final weight of only 1,100 kg thanks to intensive use of materials such as aluminum. Certainly it promises a great performance and maximum driving pleasure.

Although, again, the official date of submission will be in February, Alpine plans to delay a few months its market launch. Y, presumably not until 2017 when we see on the roads. As reported by their top executives, sports not set foot asphalt to be "absolutely perfect"Unhurriedly to launch a model" unfinished ". At the moment, Alpine confirmed through its official Twitter account that "we wanted to announce our return, but some will say that we never went." And soon we will know if such high expectations are confirmed. We bet yes.

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Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Stelvio: comes the new SUV Alfa

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Alfa Romeo did not materialize Kamal SUV, but the new Stelvio now wants to make a mark in the SUV segment. Already it presented in Quadrifoglio version with 510 hp. It promises!Alfa Romeo Stelvio, photos of the new SUVAlfa Romeo Stelvio, photos of the new SUVAlfa Romeo Stelvio, photos of the new SUVAlfa Romeo Stelvio, photos of the new SUV

The second step with asphalt highest altitude in the Alps It has been the name He has inspired Alfa Romeo to baptize their first SUV: Stelvio. 2758 meters altitude, 24 kilometers, 75 curves (48 which are fork), 7.6 percent of average gradient. One of the most beautiful and demanding scenarios located on the eastern slopes of the Alps converted legendary path for the fan motor. Do not be the slightest doubt that the Alfa Romeo Stelvio will be an SUV race.

Is in the Hall of Los Angeles where Alfa Romeo has decided in society for the first time the Stelvio. And to prove that this new Alfa will leave its mark, the Italian brand has developed a version for the occasion Quadrifoglio with this SUV would become the most radical creation and sports in its category. Fear not, there are also motors for you and me, Diesel and gasoline future versions to complete a wide range for almost everyone. Because of among those already confirmed motors, Alfa Romeo Stelvio You can also take a 2.0 Turbo the new generation of Alfa engines 280 hp.

Alfa Romeo StelvioHe Alfa Romeo Stelvio measures 4.68 meters from length and 1.65 meters high. It is, therefore, a missile aimed at the best midsize SUV market, read Audi Q5, BMW X3 and X4, Porsche Macan, Mercedes GLC and / or Jaguar F-Pace. With the exception of the latter, all with a similar body length. He Alfa Romeo Engineering Center Modena (Italy) has been commissioned exclusively for its development, which production It will be held at the renovated Cassino plant, with the latest creation of the brand: The Giulia, with whom he will share numerous mechanical elements, including, the engine that makes it currently the most powerful medium SUV segment.

He motor of the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Stelvio inherits the very Giulia Quadrifoglio, and is a propellant 2.9 liter twin turbo V6 with 510 hp and cylinder deactivation system. Although Alfa Romeo does not provide performance data Stelvio Quadrifoglio beyond a top speed of 284 km / h, with such cavalry did not It will be hard to beat, for example, the 4.8 seconds it takes the Porsche Macan Turbo 400 hp to accelerate 0 to 100 km / h. One of the main objectives when developing the Alfa Romeo Stelvio has been getting a low weight 1,845 kilos weighs the Mercedes-AMG 4Matic GLC 43, its "rival" lighter among his fellow man adversaries, a low center of gravity Y optimal mass distribution, for which, the mechanical parts of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio are located in the most centered possible position ... We'll see if achieves ratio 50/50% mass distribution achieved by Giulia between the front and rear axle. Like him, Alfa Romeo Stelvio uses fiber carbon vital elements such as the drive shaft; and aluminum engine, suspension, doors, wheel arches, bonnets or tailgate.

Alfa Chassis Domain Control: the brain of the beast

If the potential radicality, character and tact 2.9 V6 biturbo engine we can attest after having tried in the Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio, change that manages much power and torque we are also convinced that it is at the same height, not in vain, it is the same ZF torque converter 8 speeds also from the saloon. Alpha Romeo It promises only 150 milliseconds to change gears in Race mode, the sportiest of those can be selected via the DNA Pro, command that integrates the different driving profiles -Dynamic, Natural and Advanced Efficiency are the rest. This transmission also has a device lock that eliminates converter slip to get the most direct response possible engine.

Alfa Romeo StelvioTechnical solutions of Alfa Romeo Stelvio, highlights, of course, AWD Q4, in the case of the version Quadrifoglio drizzled with the device torque Vectoring employing two clutches in the rear differential to control the independent distribution per wheel in order to maximize agility and traction without electronics prove intrusive. Under normal conditions, the active clutch that distributes the force between the front and rear axle propulsion prioritizes 100 percent, can potentially transmit the front axle 60 percent of the outside of the engine.

Following the chassis, Alfa Stelvio resorts for a double wishbone front suspension and multilink rear axle type that in the integrated version Quadrifoglio electronic adjustable dampers variable. And having made his debut in the Giulia, the brake system also is provided by an electromechanical system, whose aluminum calipers here also oppressing carbocerámicos discs.

At Inside the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, You can find a design, atmosphere and typical of the new era Alfa qualities, who already lives in the new Giulia, where quality and attention to detail have gained a level and where the main character is, of course, the driver. Now you need to see, touch and drive. The story this time, if it continues.

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Audi A3 A3 1.4 TFSI and 1.6 TDI ultra ultra, maximum savings

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The engine range of the Audi A3 in Spain presents interesting developments with the arrival of new versions A3 A3 1.4 TFSI and 1.6 TDI ultra ultra. Both petrol and Diesel, the German company expands its range of efficient versions of meager levels of consumption and emissions.Audi A3 A3 1.4 TFSI and 1.6 TDI ultra ultraAudi A3 A3 1.4 TFSI and 1.6 TDI ultra ultraAudi A3 A3 1.4 TFSI and 1.6 TDI ultra ultraAudi A3 A3 1.4 TFSI and 1.6 TDI ultra ultra

The New Audi A3 A3 1.4 TFSI and 1.6 TDI ultra ultra are the great new features of the range shortly Audi A3 in Spain. First, the Audi A3 1.4 TFSI ultra mounted engine gasoline supercharged 1.4 liters displacement, 150 hp power and system selective disconnection of cylinders Cylinder on Demand (COD). Mounted version three-door body, Audi announced for A3 1.4 TFSI ultra an average consumption of 4.7 l / 100 km and a level of emissions 109 g / km C02.

He Audi A3 1.4 TFSI ultra It can be combined with two types of gearboxes: one six-speed manual and the Automatic dual-clutch S Tronic seven speed. In addition to the aforementioned three-door body it is also available in the other three body versions range Audi A3: he Sportback five-door, he A3 Sedan and the A3 Cabrio. This new engine is available from 23,890 € Attracted to the issue.

On the other hand, the availability of the engine Diesel 1.6 TDI 110 hp It expands to sedan version four-door Audi A3. From summer It will be available this new variant, for which the German company announced an average expenditure of 3.3 l / 100 km and a average level of 88 g CO2 / km. Remember that this engine 1.6 TDI 110 hp and you could choose the bodies of three doors and Sportback five-door Audi A3.

DS May 2015: prices, photos and data

The new DS 5, and supports orders in Spain. You can choose five mechanical versions and their prices range between 29,850 and 45,500 euros.DS May 2015: prices, photos and dataDS May 2015: prices, photos and dataDS May 2015: prices, photos and dataDS May 2015: prices, photos and data

The DS group brand PSA begins its official journey in Spain, In this case, the acceptance of orders New DS 5.

In the range DS, he New DS 5 stands as the great bulwark, the car is at the top of its commercial offer. In its renewed identity, DS 5 looks at the frontal the new grille with emblem 'DS Wings', surrounded by a hexagonal chrome frame that extends to the headlights. In addition, the DS 5 It is riddled with technology, in this case, with renewed system 'DS LED Vision', formed by Xenon steerable headlights type LED modules, LED flashing paraders and additional fog lighting curve (with function 'cornering').

Cosmetic changes in the New DS in May 2015 They are complemented by the availability of a new color for the outside-the so-called blue Encre- and alloy wheels 18 inches in design Adelaide. Inside, the seats are also new, which are now having a specific type of skin called Leather Club duotone (In dark gray and blue) Leather Club Criollo, both in type 'bracelet' clothing.

Technology update

At inside, he New DS 5 It presents a new technology, starring a new touch screen 7 inches from which virtually most of functionality of navigation systems, climate control and entertainment handled. With the presence of this new screen, many of the buttons above are eliminated Citroen DS 5.

DS Inside May 2015Other highlights technological level systems comfort and of safety DS in May 2015 They are the system blind spot monitoring, the access device and start handsfree type (keyless), rear view camera and front parking aid.

Five mechanical versions

Range engines for the new DS in May 2015 and it meets the requirements contaminants marking European standard euro 6. In addition to a significant reduction in pollutant particles among them, the NOx (nitrogen oxide)-, an improvement is also seen in terms of efficiency, with levels of consumption and CO2 emissions tighter. In the case of the supply of gasoline, a renewed drive is offered 1.6 THP 165 hp, with system S&S stop and start engine and associated EAT6 new automatic six-speed torque converter. For this release, an average consumption of advertised 5,9 l / 100 km and emissions of 135 g / km of CO2, representing a reduction of 17 percent the previous 1.6 THP 155 hp Euro 5 AUT6.

In Diesel, the BlueHDi technology takes the stage with the staging of three engines: the 1.6 BlueHDi 120 hp, 2.0 BlueHDi 150 hp and 180 hp 2.0 BlueHDi. In all three cases, is standard system S&S stop and start engine.

Finally, for true lovers of technology, the range DS May 2015 It culminates with version Hybrid 4x4 200 hp total power, a version that provides various driving modes and traction according to the selected mode. For this release, an average consumption of declaring 3.5 l / 100 km.

Prices DS in May 2015


DR 5 THP 165 S&S EAT6 165 hp DESIGN: 31,550 euros

DR 5 THP 165 S&S EAT6 DESIRE 165 hp: 32,450 euros

DR 5 THP 165 S&S EAT6 165 hp STYLE: 34,450 euros


DS 5 BlueHDi 120 S&S 6V 120 hp DESIGN: 29,850 euros

DS 5 BlueHDi 120 S&S 6V DESIRE 120 hp: 30,750 euros

DS 5 BlueHDi 120 S&S 6V 120 hp STYLE: 32,750 euros

DS 5 BlueHDi 150 S&S 6V 150 CV DESIGN: 31,450 euros

DS 5 BlueHDi 150 S&S 6V DESIRE 150 hp: 32,350 euros

DS 5 BlueHDi 150 S&S 6V 150 hp STYLE: 34,350 euros

DS 5 BlueHDi 150 S&S 6V 150 CV SPORT: 37,150 euros

DS 5 BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6 180 hp DESIGN: 33,550 euros

DS 5 BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6 DESIRE 180 hp: 34,450 euros

DS 5 BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6 180 hp STYLE: 36,450 euros

DS 5 BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6 180 CV SPORT: 39,250 euros


DR 5 Hybrid 4x4 200 hp DESIGN: 39,800 euros

DR 5 Hybrid 4x4 200 hp DESIRE: 40,700 euros

DR 5 Hybrid 4x4 200 hp STYLE: 42,700 euros

DR 5 Hybrid 4x4 200 CV SPORT: 45,500 euros