The new Citroen C3 already has price in Europe: from 12,950 euros

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The third generation of Citroën C3 already has official price in Europe. The range of new utility of the French brand will start at 12,950 euros.Citroen C3 2017: in October come to our countryCitroen C3 2017: in October come to our countryCitroen C3 2017: in October come to our countryCitroen C3 2017: in October come to our country

New Citroën C3, recently introduced, has already announced its price for him French market. In neighboring range of new utilitarian brand will start in 12,950 euros. The new Citroen C3 reach our country in the month of November.

The range of the third-generation utilitarian Citroen C3, taking the design lines of the C4 Cactus, will feature the 1.0 petrol engines and 1.2 Puretech. The first engine is a tricilíndrico aspirated 68 CV. The second, equally three cylinders, is split into a version atmospheric of 82 CV and a turbo 110 hp. This latter variant will be a version with automatic torque converter 6 speed.

The new Citroen C3 He also hit the market in two Diesel versions HDI, 75 and 100 hp. The two Citroën C3 HDi and the 110 hp 1.2 mounted respective Puretech dispositives Stop-Start. Already in 2017, there will be another bi-fuel variant powered by LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) / Petrol, 82 hp.

Citroen C3 2017

The new Citroen C3 will reach the Spanish market with three levels equipment and a full complement in security Y technology. Remarkable, especially its new Connected camera CAM Citroen, available at the second level and able to afford Record landscapes, take pictures and share content in networking Social in real time. It will also be very useful in case of incident, as recording It is automatically activated and lets you save one minute thirty seconds recording (30 seconds before / after 1 minute). This system can be useful for the driver when it produces a accident and constitute a proof.

The new C3 measures 3.99 meters long, 1.47 m high and 1.75 m wide and the wheelbase has grown to 2.54 meters. EN 5 cm longer than the current, wider 53 mm, 5 mm lower and 8 cm wider battle. what we could not drive, but sit inside, and gain habitability It is noticeable, especially in the rear seats.

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Renault Espace, all its secrets. Video

Although pioneer of the MPV, Renault Espace leaves in its fifth generation, the aesthetics of this segment to become more SUV. Inside, however it remains true to its original idea with versatility and roominess foolproof. You have their best arguments.Renault Espace, all its secretsRenault Espace, all its secretsRenault Espace, all its secretsRenault Espace, all its secrets

The fifth-generation Espace banishes the association of ideas with minivans, at least in its exterior aesthetics. More ground clearance, not full, and a rough, typical of SUV, the outer appearance are features of the former precursor minivan. Radical change in appearance the Espace experienced by arriving accompanied by the latest technological developments in the diamond mark.

Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player

These are all improvements over the previous generation, dating back to 2002. Lighter, It reduces 250 kg, thanks to the new architecture CMF, incorporating aluminum doors and hood, it improves aerodynamics and achieves a reduction in consumption of 20 percent thanks to new and efficient 1.6 diesel and gasoline.

But if the changes Espace segment is only in outward appearance, because soul retains its versatile and adaptable vehicle he was born with the first generation model of Renault. Star, One Touch, which allows the two rear rows folded seats at the touch of a button, hand both the trunk and through the R-Link in the browser screen. Available in versions 5 and 7 seats, offers an impeccable habitability, thanks to growth in length, only "catch" is the height, lowered, taller passengers may have a problem.

Although Renault supports and orders, will not be until spring when we see the first units on the street. It will depart from 30,950 euros, the Life dCi 130 hp version.

Citroen Divine DS, advance the DS4

Citroën has prepared us a big surprise for the Paris Motor Show. It is the Divine DS or what is the same, a prototype that anticipates the lines of substitute DS4. Strength, character and uniqueness is not lacking, that's clear.Citroen Divine DS a DS4 is a gemCitroen Divine DS a DS4 is a gemCitroen Divine DS a DS4 is a gemCitroen Divine DS a DS4 is a gem

We are facing a compact 4.21 meters (6 centimeters less than the current DS4), which stands out above all by a large width -1.98 meters wide (+17 cm) - and very reduced height-1.35 meters (17 cm) - that enhances the dynamic and musculature of the assembly and which gives the driver a driving position flush with the asphalt.

In design, the front will follow the precepts set by the DS6 and the DS 5LS, with a more muscular and edgy air. This section highlights the powerful alloy wheels 20 inches -with a floating radios that are not attached to the center and wheel- roof configuration, with an aesthetic reminiscent of the scales of a reptile and playing with contrasts to give light to the interior and shine outward.

Luxury everywhere

Inside the cabin, it has been careful to the smallest detail and luxury and exclusivity become protagonists. The center console with an inspirational design in the form of a spine, It is coated with White gold, specific controls, adorned with carved stones and as a digital clock on the contour is inserted black granite with shades of gold. At the same time and no less striking, we find a rectangular steering wheel that according Citroen 'anticipates driving sensations unpublished'.

Striking a huge multifunction display, located in the overhead console, freeing space on the dashboard and replaces the rear-view mirror, because it ensures the rear view. In addition, any extra physical screen is replaced by a virtual display on the windshield queproyecta essential data for driving

The upholstery Seat also joins the party and exclusivity are, we quote verbatim, 'aniline leather exceptional quality, carefully selected and specifically tanned by Seton tannery with possibility of white gold inserts'. In addition, it is working with luxury brands like Swarovski -cristales- or Lesage -bordados-. There is nothing.

But that is not all. The configuration and customization possibilities are very large. In fact, the dashboard and door panels can be replaced in 15 minutes and you can opt three rooms or different customizations: 'male' Paris Chic 'or' Fatale punk 'expressing respectively simplicity, refinement or rebeldia.

Mechanically, the Divine DS equips a 1.6 THP turbo gasoline direct injection 270 hp and a maximum torque of 33.9 mkg between 1,900 and 5,500 rpm. Euro6 compliant and emits only 145 g / km of CO2.

The Divine DS debuts in Chantilly Concours d'Elegance on Sunday September 7, 2014 and will see in the Paris Motor Show.

Renault Clio Grand Tour 2013, stylish wagon version

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Renault has advanced the main details of family Grand Tour or the new Clio Estate version. It will hit the market next March and will be offered with four engines between 75 and 90 CV. The volume of space in the trunk can vary between 443 and 1380 liters, depending on the use of the rear seats.Renault Clio Grand TourRenault Clio Grand TourRenault Clio Grand Tour

Gradually, the range of the new Renault Clio is being completed. In addition to the five-door versions and exciting new sport variant RS with new engine 1.6 Turbo 200 hp, now it is the turn to more versatile Clio and especially suitable for families, Clio Grand Tour (or Estate, depending on market).

Renault Clio Grand TourHe Renault Clio Grand Tour It will reach European showrooms next March. In the technical section, it highlights the incorporation of the new family of Energy engines, including the three-cylinder 0.9 Turbo petrol TCe 90 hp and 1.5 dCi Diesel 90 hp are included. Mechanical supply is completed by the 1.2 atmospheric petrol and 75 hp 1.5 dCi Diesel 75 hp. Of these, the most efficient according to official data released by the signing of the diamond is the Energy 1.5 dCi 90 hp, of which an average consumption of only declaring 3,2 l / 100 km and a level of 82 g CO2 / km. The type of gearbox is five-speed manual, but later also be possible to combine some of the mechanical with automatic dual-clutch six-speed EDC.

As usual in this type of versions familiar body, the new Clio Grand Tour will feature a versatile interior which seeks maximum comfort and space for occupants. The French brand has advanced some interesting facts, such as cargo space in the trunk. The volume available in the same with the rear seats of the unfolded 443 liters, space can increase up to 1380 liters if said row of seats is folded. Also, when this row is folded, Renault says the Clio Grand Tour It offers a maximum load length up 2,48 m.

Failing to realize the specifics of equipment Renault Clio Grand Tour depending on the market where it is sold, we can anticipate some elements and safety devices, comfort, multimedia and entertainment quite interesting. Among them, the intelligent keyless entry for all versions, the device slope start assist Hill Start, LED lights, bluetooth hands-free system for mobile phones and, in some versions, R-Link multimedia system with navigation and seven-inch touch screen.

Discover all the news from Geneva Motor Show 2013Renault Clio Grand Tour 2013, stylish wagon version

Nissan Murano Hybrid, new hybrid crossover to China

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Nissan bets on hybrids facing the Hall of Shanghai. Accompanying the Lannia sedan, the Japanese have presented in Chinese Hybrid Murano appointment.Nissan Murano HybridNissan Murano HybridNissan Murano HybridNissan Murano Hybrid

The experience of the manufacturer Nissan in the field of hybrids It is especially known for its luxury brand, Infiniti. Now is the Nissan itself that bet again to equip their vehicles one of these efficient mechanical: the new Murano Hybrid, world premiere at the Shanghai Motor Show 2015 Nissan Lannia company.

Based on the third generation of the 'crossover' Japan, which went on sale late last year 2014, this new hybrid version combines 2.5 petrol engine supercharged four-cylinder with 250 hp and 33.5 mkg, with a small electric motor that provides 15 extra kW (20 hp). It is the same one heat engine hybrid house, the Infiniti QX60 Hybrid.

Nissan Murano Hybrid

The mechanical hybrid is connected to a lithium ion battery through a continuously variable transmission CVT and a system Intelligent dual clutchThe first clutch is located between the gasoline engine and electric, and the second between the latter and transmission. Although he did not give performance figures, Nissan highlights performance its mechanical hybrid, 'equivalent to a V6 3.5L', and at the same time, with efficiency similar to an engine of only 2.0 liters.

It is expected that the new Nissan Murano Hybrid reach dealers of the brand in China this summer. Although not confirmed the arrival to other markets, it is expected that the new 'crossover' hybrid Japanese land, at least in the United States.

DS 4S: compact, premium and exotic

DS presented at the Beijing Motor Show its new compact, which will be sold only in China. This is the new DS 4S, which has little to do with 'our' DS 4.DS 4S, only for the Chinese marketDS 4S, only for the Chinese marketDS 4S, only for the Chinese marketDS 4S, only for the Chinese market

Until the Beijing Motor Show this year, last Monday the 25 opened, DS sold in the Chinese market its saloons DS 5 DS 5 LS, and SUV DS 6. China is becoming increasingly important in the objectives of the French premium brand, to the point of representing currently a 20 percent of its global sales and have a factory in the Asian giant (specifically in the city of Shenzhen).

It is precisely in these facilities, preconception in France, where it will manufacture the DS 4S, he new compact DS will sell exclusively for the Chinese market. Do not confuse this with the DS 4 we see on our roads, because aesthetically has little to do 'our' DS 4 measures 4.28 meters long, by Chinese DS 4.44 meters 4S (C4 measures 4.32 meters).


Aesthetically, only shares the grill 'DS Wings' on the front, typical of all DS cars and headlights, with ledes- technology are very similar. The rest, nothing to do. Look at the more 'normal' and similar rear doors that has the Citroen C4 that particular doors has the DS 4 European.

With a exclusive red 'Dark Fire' presented on the new DS 4S in Beijing, we also realize the unique design of the rear lights. Speaking as of inside, this unit also sends red on the dashboard and door panels, full leather, and seats, with exclusive upholstery called 'Bracelet'. As to connectivity, DS announces up to 24 different technological capabilities within your system 'DS Connect'.

Finally, in the mechanical section, the new DS 4S will be available in three variants of different gasoline: The tricilíndrico Puretech, who comes to China for the first time in this model, in its version of 130 hp; and two variants THP 160 and 200 hp, EAT6 associated with automatic next-generation system with 'Stop&Start '.


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Audi Q3 2015, with improved equipment and new special editions

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The newly renovated Audi Q3 passes its range receive three new special editions Attraction, Design Edition and Sport Edition, which means greater flexibility and options to choose from in the commercial offer of this compact SUV.Audi Q3 2015, more equipment and more choiceAudi Q3 2015, more equipment and more choiceAudi Q3 2015, more equipment and more choiceAudi Q3 2015, more equipment and more choice

With the start of the marketing Audi Q3 update (See test 'restyling' of the Audi Q3), the German company now reports the availability of three special editions: Attraction, Desing Edition and Sport Edition.

The Audi Q3 Attraction It can be combined with engines Diesel 2.0 TDI 150 hp 1.4 TFSI petrol and 150 hp. The basic model equipment is added the multifunction steering wheel, the Concert radio, the parking system APS, the system hands free bluetooth connection, climate control and cruise control cruise control.

respect to Audi Q3 Design Edition, which can be selected with all engines range it includes as the distinctive elements browser and various cosmetic additives, among which the new seat upholstery, brightness package paint contrast, driving dynamics system Audi drive select, he Interior LED lighting package, power lumbar support for the front seats and wheels 17 inches. This set of options, valued at 4,300 euros, has a case of overpricing Audi Q3 Design Edition only 1,000 euros on Attraction edition.

Third, in Q3 Audi Sport Edition side is emphasized more sports this vehicle with elements as newly designed seats, multifunction steering wheel newly designed full paint replaces contrast, and 17-inch wheels also have a sport designed to round out his character.

Car schedule and new Volkswagen SUV in 2017

Battalion news that Volkswagen has prepared for this 2017. Here is a detailed new cars and SUV from the German company calendar.The new VW cars and SUVs in 2017 in photosThe new VW cars and SUVs in 2017 in photosThe new VW cars and SUVs in 2017 in photosThe new VW cars and SUVs in 2017 in photos

really intense year advertising Volkswagen with the Release of many new cars and SUV. Since September 2015 and early 2016, the leading manufacturer that names the major international automotive group, has been splashed all purposes fraud diesel emissions -or Dieselgate-. To reinvigorate the reputation and remain the largest automobile company in the world (according to data from 2016, the Volkswagen Group led the world ranking of car sales ahead of the Toyota Group), what better way to start a aggressive offensive of new cars and SUV.

During the Volkswagen annual meeting its headquarters Wolfsburg (Germany), some of the leaders of the company detailed the roadmap to follow for all this 2017 with specific dates that indicated the start of production of new cars. As you you can see below, SUV They constitute one of the mainstays in the strategy from Volkswagen in this 2017.

VW AtlasThe new SUV from Volkswagen in 2017

This year 2017 He began to Volkswagen with the premiere of Atlas, a Luxury SUV and large (7 occupants inside), which could meet the Detroit Auto Show and initially will be sold in countries NAR region (North American Region, ie, Mexico, USA and Canada).

A few weeks later, the debut Tiguan Allspace or, in other words, the "Tiguan XL" with inner capacity 7 passengers. East SUV It has already begun production and will not come to our market until after the summer.

The next and expected model of this type Volkswagen which hit the market is the T-Roc, a model to be included in the segment Urban SUV or small and it will be built under construction methods A0 transversal modular platform MQB. In August 2017 we will know the main details and start production. At Frankfurt Auto Show mid September officially released, while his commercialization will start in November.

The last SUV from Volkswagen we meet in 2017 It will be the new generation of the Touareg. Fixed on your calendar month of November, at which point we will know every detail and also in that time begin production. Upon arrival to the European market should be produced later this year or already started 2018.

VW ArteonVolkswagen new cars in 2017

He Volkswagen Arteon It is one of the most important releases of the German company in 2017. We were able to try in March and his arrival in the Spanish dealers is scheduled for June. In the range of the German manufacturer will take the place of the above Passat CC and Phaeton, that is, a step will be above the current Passat.

The new generation of the Volkswagen Polo is one of the big bets of the German firm to 2017. In June we will know its guidelines, he will be officially presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show and will begin to be sold over the next autumn. By design and technology on board, This new Polo is getting closer Golf.

He Volkswagen Phideon GTE (hybrid plug) We meet in August and New VW Jetta, which will be released in December and initially only be sold in the countries of the region NAR, complete calendar of Volkswagen cars featured in this 2017.

Calendar Car and SUV new Volkswagen in 2017

- Volkswagen Atlas: Now available (only in some markets)

- Volkswagen up! PA: now available (only in some markets)

- Volkswagen Arteon: March (production) / June (marketing)

- Volkswagen Polo: June (production) / fall (marketing)

- Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace: After the summer (marketing)

- Volkswagen T-Roc: August (start of production) / November (marketing)

- Volkswagen Phideon PHEV: August (production)

- Volkswagen Virtus: november

- Volkswagen Touareg: November (start of production)

- Volkswagen Jetta: December

Peugeot 308 SW, familiar and very trunk

Just two months ago the new Peugeot 308 premiered at dealerships and now the brand announces the arrival of his family version SW, with a body that stretches from 4.25 meters to 4.58 meters and provides the model a trunk of 610 liters.Peugeot 308 SW 2014Peugeot 308 SW 2014Peugeot 308 SW 2014Peugeot 308 SW 2014

He Geneva Motor Show 2014 , from 4 to 16 March-host the presentation of familiar version of Peugeot 308, that this body wins the title SW. The model, which will reach European showrooms after its presentation in this celebrated Motor Show, has gained in size compared to the five-door Come in 4.25 to 4.58 meters long meters-. Its trunk gets so reach 610 liters, 140 liters more than the five-door version. In addition, this volume will be expanded significantly with the rear seats folded down, although no official data on the total capacity under these conditions.

Under the hood, Peugeot 308 SW mechanical mounts the new range will be also incorporated for saloon body, having two three-cylinder turbo engines gasoline 110 and 130 hp, and two engines diesel BlueHDI 1.6 and 2.0 120 and 150 hp, respectively and adapted to antipollution standards euro 6.

If we consider the offer on the market, we can find two clear rivals. On the one hand, Skoda Octavia Combi, It is offering the same load power trunk but wins in the French higher performance engine in the range of gasoline. On the other hand, we find the toughest rival Honda Civic Tourer. Japan, which goes on sale in February 2014- boasts a volume of trunk 624 liters, albeit with somewhat less powerful than the Peugeot 308 SW engines.

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Toyota C-HR Launch Edition: out of all units

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Already they sold 200 units of Toyota C-HR Launch Edition, a special edition of Japanese SUV to boost its launch in Spain.Toyota C-HR Launch Edition, the 200 units sold in one monthToyota C-HR Launch Edition, the 200 units sold in one monthToyota C-HR Launch Edition, the 200 units sold in one monthToyota C-HR Launch Edition, the 200 units sold in one month

Toyota has sold in one month the 200 units of the Toyota C-HR Launch Edition, which it has been marketed over the Internet -through a form and anticipating 500 euros and Plataea gastronomic center located in Madrid, where it remains exposed SUV Toyota C-HR. In this space, Toyota It has created an audiovisual show called C-HR experience by Toyota, where DJ are players with video mapping a show in which the photos about complex surfaces are projected.

In addition to this space enabled by Toyota, he crossover Toyota C-HR It can also be released through the official website of the brand, through a 'virtual tour', along with the hybrid range Toyota Auris, he Toyota Yaris hybrid, he Toyota RAV4 and the Toyota Verso.

He Toyota C-HR 'Launch Edition' It can be recognized by elements of specific equipment which give the Toyota's compact SUV an exclusive look. features alloy wheels 18 inches matte black, gray moldings in the lower region of the bodyside and upholstery blue stitching, along with distinctive 'Launch Edition' located in different parts of the car. Meanwhile, the body Toyota C-HR 'Launch Edition' is bicolor, gray and the black ceiling. Of its standard equipment include items such as 7 airbags, keyless entry and start, heated seats, hill start assistant-Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) -, dual zone climate control, adaptive cruise control -Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)-, darkened rear windows, headlights Full LED, light and rain sensors, advanced parking assist system -Simple Intelligent Park Assist (SIPA) - JBL premium audio system and multifunction steering wheel upholstered in leather adjustable in height and depth. The system Toyota Safety Sense, meanwhile, it includes various security systems such as Pre-Crash system pedestrian detector, warning of involuntary change lanes, Highbeam, detecting objects in the blind spot and traffic signals recognition.

As for the engine, Toyota C-HR 'Launch Edition' uses the Toyota Hybrid System with power 122 hp, thus achieving approved an average consumption of 3,9 l / 100 km. The most efficient version of the range Toyota C-HR, endowed with less equipment and different tire sizes, homologated 3.6 l / 100 km.

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2017 Volkswagen Beetle: new life for the Beetle

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The legendary Volkswagen Beetle is updated in the last generation, with slight aesthetic touches and especially with developments in its range of equipment.Volkswagen Beetle 2017, new lifeVolkswagen Beetle 2017, new lifeVolkswagen Beetle 2017, new lifeVolkswagen Beetle 2017, new life

The last Volkswagen Beetle, as we know it today, came to market in 2012. Now, four years later, known as 'Beetle' is updated in versions closed and Cabrio convertible. The changes are not large, only certain aesthetic touches bodywork and passenger compartment, developments in equipment and without any variation in the mechanical range.

Thus, the renewed Volkswagen Beetle presents new bumpers front and rear, darkened headlamps, new wheel designs (17 and 18 inches) and new vent on the hood in the sportier finish, known as the 'R-Line'. At inside, brighter panel instruments, new decorative elements and what is a classic in the Beetle, the new individualization options car. To all this is added new upholstery and aesthetic packages They totaling more colorful the passenger compartment.

Volkswagen Beetle 2017

As for equipment refers, the range of the updated 'Beetle' receives changes: 'Basic', 'Design' and 'R-line' will be the basic lines of the German car equipment. green 'Bottle Metallic' and white 'Silver Metallic': the VW Beetle 'Basic' and 'Design' two new body colors are included. The line includes various sportier bumpers, headrests and specific steering wheel, R-Line logos, ...

The Volkswagen Beetle has a pack optional sportier interior also called 'R-Line' and others three special finishes: 'Denim', with the body in a blue 'stonewashed Metallic' reminiscent color jeans and 17-inch wheels; 'Exclusive', most distinctive series, decorative moldings, aluminum details and leather 'Nappa' in the passenger compartment; Y 'ALLSTAR', an option we already knew, with a distinctive and comprehensive standard equipment (dual zone climate control, navigator, 17-inch wheels, ...).

Volkswagen Beetle 2017

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Toyota Verso 2016: renewed engines and equipment

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2016 Toyota Verso MPV is renewed with interesting developments in the security systems available and updating gasoline engines.Toyota Verso 2016: renewed engines and equipment

Toyota introduces interesting changes in its Verso MPV. In the range of Toyota Verso 2016, You can find interesting innovations ranging from the merely aesthetic to the safety equipment spending, of course, with an update in the mechanical section.

At mechanical chapter, he Toyota Verso 2016 receives renewed the arrival of two petrol engines: the 1.6 Valvematic 132 hp (Trade name Toyota Verso 130) and 1.8 Valvematic 147 hp (Commercial version Toyota Verso 140). The less potent variant can only be combined with a manual six-speed transmission, while the more powerful is associated with the automatic MultiDrive (M-DRV).

The Toyota Verso Verso 130 and 140 They are available in indoor version configuration five seats like seven seats. We must also remember that this minivan can also be purchased with two engines Diesel four cylinders: the Toyota Verso 115D (112 hp) and the Toyota Verso 150D (150 hp).

Toyota Verso 2016: Safety and Equipment

Chapter Safety Toyota Verso 2016 It is updated with the addition of several leading systems and devices and driving aids. Under the technological umbrella Toyota Safety Sense, at Toyota Verso 2016 the following safety systems include: - Chime -lane Lane Departure Departure Alert (LDA) - Pre-Crash Safety System -Pre-Collision System (PCS) and Intelligent Control -Automatic Road Lights High Beam (AHB) -.

He outdoor equipment Toyota Verso 2016 known for offering small novelties, among which, the new range of alloy wheels three new designs (two of 16 inches and a 17 inch), on the one hand, and on the other, the possibility of choosing a new color for the body -the Meteoro- Gray, which is added to the existing Blue Ocean, Classic White, Pearl White, Graphite Gray, Meteor Gray, Black and Silver Azabache.

He Inside the Toyota Verso 2016 also updated in this case, with a specific design for the steering wheel, the availability of new nappa leather upholstery and new decoration gear knob with chrome inserts. For fans of connectivity and eentertainment districts, You can enjoy a renewed multimedia system Toyota Touch 2 with 7-inch touch screen, which in turn can be associated with navigation systems Toyota Touch 2 & Go and Toyota Touch 2 Go Plus.

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Toyota RAV4 Adventure, an SUV for busy families

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The Toyota RAV4 Adventure features a special finish, aimed at thrill seekers often far from the asphalt. Here are all the details.Toyota RAV4 Adventure, with an image more camperaToyota RAV4 Adventure, with an image more camperaToyota RAV4 Adventure, with an image more camperaToyota RAV4 Adventure, with an image more campera

If you like the Toyota RAV4 but you were missing one more campera image, You should not lose sight of the latest news that this SUV has presented the Japanese brand in the Salon Chicago. Its about Toyota RAV4 Adventure, a gifted version of a level special finish aimed at those seeking greater contact with nature on weekends or look for a model that suits your sporting hobbies.

Toyota RAV4 Adventure: with protections and tires 18 ''

It is not going to compete at a raid, but the Toyota RAV4 Adventure is better prepared to move away from the asphalt thanks to a aesthetic package which they highlight the black alloy wheels 18 inches with a specific design and tires 235/55 and protections metallic color body for reinforcing the underbody, in the area of ​​the front or rear bumper and both sides. The black finish also it extends to the roof rails and the housings of the main headlights and fog.

The Toyota RAV4 Adventure also features a decorative band on the hood and wears a logo customization "Adventure" on the tailgate. It is available with front-wheel drive, a limited slip differential, or Four-wheel drive. In both versions is standard a special kit, with a more sophisticated radiator reinforcements in the cooling system and a specific motor oil and transmission. available Special function trailer, slope start assist control and descents.

Toyota RAV4 AdventureToyota RAV4 Adventure: Interior Customization

Toyota also implies something that increases the ground clearance of the body RAV4 Adventure, but without specifying how. Inside also incorporates specific garrisoned, Easy to clean a mouse designed for use in all weathers, decorated with the logo of this release, trims thresholds doors and an outlet of 120 volts in the cargo area.

The Toyota RAV4 Adventure should be for sale in September, although the markets that it will not detail, or say whether the greener version, the RAV4 Hybrid, will benefit from special finish Adventure.

Toyota Setsuna, wooden two-seater car and electrical

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Toyota Setsuna is a prototype made of wood to be presented at the 'Salone del Mobile' in Milan, the fair world's largest design.Toyota Setsuna, wooden two-seater car and electrical

He Toyota Setsuna it's a car made mainly of wood and driven by electrical technology. With this prototype, Toyota will participate for the first time in the 'Salone del Mobile' in Milan, also known as the Milan Design Week.

He Toyota Setsuna is a roadster what does it measure 3.03 meters of length, 1.48 meters wide and 0.97 meters high, with a wheelbase of 1.70 meters. It has capacity for two occupants and no roof. uses different types of wood for exterior panels, frame, floor and seats. Wood, if properly cared for, can last many generations, also it acquires a color and texture according to its specific use and environment, adopting a unique character.

The name of this Toyota, Setsuna, means 'time' in Japanese and symbolizes the special and fleeting moments that people live with their cars, making each vehicle is unique and irreplaceable.

According Toyota, the decision to make the Toyota Setsuna wood, a durable material but tends to evolve over time, reflecting the effort Toyota shaping the relationships between people and their cars. 'He Toyota Setsuna It symbolizes the gradual transformation experienced by vehicles over the years, as if to absorb the aspirations, memories and emotions of multiple generations of a family '. Every time a car passes from one generation to another, accumulates sentimental value.

Kenji Tsuji, the engineer who oversees the development of Toyota Setsuna, He explained: 'We evaluated several ways to express the concept and select different woods for specific applications such as Japanese cedar and Japanese exterior panels to the frame birch. We also pay special attention to measures and organization of the various components. For the assembly structure, we adopt a traditional technique Japanese woodworking named okuriari, what does not use nails or screws. The body line of setsuna draw a beautiful curve reminiscent of a boat. We would also like to imagine how the observer setsuna It will gradually develop a complex and unique character throughout the years. The vehicle It includes a clock 100 years measuring the time to go through generations, and seats that combine functional beauty with soft tone of wood. '

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Mercedes GLA: data and official photos of the new SUV

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The Mercedes GLA in 2017 renews its design and equipment. The new LED headlamps, a new engine and Yellow Night Special Edition version of this SUV are key points.2017 Mercedes GLA, the compact SUV is renewed2017 Mercedes GLA, the compact SUV is renewed2017 Mercedes GLA, the compact SUV is renewed2017 Mercedes GLA, the compact SUV is renewed

Mercedes-Benz has definitely know the official details of the new compact SUV Mercedes GLA, which has been presented in the Detroit Auto Show and will arrive in dealerships during the first months of 2017. The compact SUV from Mercedes Benz receives some design updates as well as some changes to improve its aerodynamics, reduced from 0.29 to 0.28 Cx. Among other elements, the pillar and the mirrors they are optimized for this purpose, so that fuel consumption can be lower, like wind noise at high speed. Other design details that have changed are the grill, the paragolpes and the alloy wheels.

New techniques and equipment incorporating the new Mercedes GLA incorporating highlights headlights made with technology led, an option that replaces the previous bi-xenon. The LED taillights, meanwhile, they have three intensities to suit the lighting conditions at the time, so that are brighter day and less at night, fading even more when the car is stopped (at a traffic light, for example) to not dazzle with the brake light or intermittent drivers who stand behind. Recreational comfort, he joined the list of extras a new electrical tailgate opening hands free, which is activated by passing the foot below the bumper.

New Mercedes GLAFor version Mercedes-AMG 4MATIC GLA 45, from 381 hp, Shorter relations are used for gears 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th of dual-clutch transmission AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports. This improves the dynamic at any speed, to which we must add an optimized response of change, especially when climbing gear. He Mercedes-AMG sport SUV GLA 45 4MATIC will feature a special version Yellow Night Edition, available in black, with specific design elements and yellow accents both outside body and inside the passenger compartment.

The current range of engines remains virtually unchanged, although it incorporates GLA 220 4MATIC new version of 184 hp, located halfway between the other options petrol Mercedes GLA 200, from 156 hp, Y Mercedes GLA 250 4MATIC, from 211 hp.

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