The best brands of cars market value

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Best Cars final results of the 2017 report, in which thousands of drivers have issued their opinion on the car makes good value for money. Which are?The best car brands by value in 2017The best car brands by value in 2017The best car brands by value in 2017The best car brands by value in 2017

In desgranamos today new findings and study results Best Cars 2017, the more complete and comprehensive report in Europe trying to analyze the overall image with consumers on automakers. And today we focus on perhaps the most important section for buyers:what brands better market value are? In this year, up 200,000 readers of the 17 publications of the publisher Motor Presse International associate, each of the 13 attributes that make up the analysis, the brands under their best judgment are identified with each of them. In Spain, this prestigious and important study is conducted through our MOTORWAY magazines, current car, highway, CLASSIC CAR ENGINE and and, of course through our web,

Best Cars 2017: the best brands of cars

In the attribute Study Value Best Cars 2017, premium brands disappear from the top, except for Audi, and monopolize the top positions generalist firms in the market. Best rated This edition has been Seat that although has not been the best-selling brand in Spain in 2016, has itself placed two of its models, the new Seat Ibiza and Leon as demanded by buyers. Further, He has launched its first SUV, Ateca Seat, which is having a very good commercial host even months waiting for purchase. The Coming soon Brand They will be a small SUV, Arona, and a larger 7-seater which we've already discussed. Good future prospects therefore for the Spanish brand.

Seat: InteriorCitroën accompanied by the hand Seat also good results, continuing the line already marked last year. He French manufacturer has always been known for some very competitive products in price, and consumers while also they value their quality: good news. Among its best-selling models figure all C4 family (Including Cactus or Picasso MPVs) and the new C3 has brought a breath of fresh air. And next year promises significant advances already announced two models that target the Star segment, the SUV: the smallest C3 Aircross and the largest C5 Aircross.

Closes the podium another classic This ranking of best value, as is Skoda. In this edition it loses positions (in fact, was the leader in 2016), but instead keeps the big score and head on the assessment made by the owners of the brand, which is very valuable. The arrival this year of the Great SUV Kodiaq, and the announcement of the upcoming compact Karoq, with base Ateca, It should be a boost ahead of new editions.

Other manufacturers are distributed throughout the rest of the table with greater or lesser success, also stressing of course Ford, the Korean Kia and Hyundai and Renault and Dacia. We leave the final ranking.

General classification: the top 15 brands by value

1. Seat: 26

2. Citroën: 25

3. Skoda: 23

4. Ford 19

5. Kia: 18

6. Hyundai: 17

7. Renault 16

8. Dacia: 15

9. Peugeot: 14

10. Opel: 13

11. Toyota 12

Mazda 12.- 11

13.- Honda: 9

14.- Fiat: 9

15.- Audi: 9

(*). tallied a positive mark on the total survey.

Skoda range KodiaqThe opinion of the users of the brand

We have said before: in this section, drivers think of their cars and this year again placed in Skoda first, followed by Ctiroën. For the third situation prefer Seat, swapping roles with Hyundai in this survey 2017. The distribution of the following positions is at odds with the rest of the generalist brands, the premium already imposed.

The opinion of novice drivers

Another chapter to study within the Best Cars 2017 report has to do with the view of drivers with less than 3 years old car. How do we value? Important progress here also Seat, which is made with victory -in 2015 occupied the seventh position-along with Citroën. Skoda and Kia are right behind.

The opinion of those who want to compare new car

New section a studio where Seat and Citroen brands today are primarily valued most prospective buyers. Behind them, the stakes into the football pools keep buying up Ford, Hyundai, Kia and Skoda, results very much in line generals in this section.

The opinion of young people under 29 years

Younger drivers also are clear: his preferred brands, Seat, Ford and Citroën They occupy the podium in this order voting. Peugeot is also a highly valued brand, ranking fourth.

What they think older than 30 years

The senior drivers agree with junior, and make winner as most valuable brand Seat, Skoda relegating, which expired in 2015, to third place.

Dacia SanderoWhat women think

Interesting responses from the women in this study Best Cars 2017, which grant Dacia an important second after Citroen, which is the most appreciated in value. Last year, the Romanian brand was eighth in the standings. Great leap forward.

men what they think

Identical results for the first positions than those obtained by global readers. In total responses of men, again Seat wins again followed by Citroën. We will see next year that results emerging from this report year: the new car will have much to say.

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Ford Focus extends warranty

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During the past year, the Focus has been under the watchful lens of the US NHTSA for -the Federal Transportation Safety in road- Agency: has undergone a review almost every month. Thus, Ford has decided to relaunch the image of this model, one of its selling, and extend your warranty.Ford Focus extends warrantyEngine, suspension, seats, windshield wipers, airbags, accelerator ... The American Focus (manufactured in the USA with different specifications of the European model) was literally shredded by the NHTSA, but -even sales ASi him among the world's best-selling vehicles.

In addition to overcoming the continuing calls to review, Ford has had to compete with a hard discount policy conducted by its US rivals (General Motors and Chrysler) and hold the lookout for Japanese brands.

So the Blue Oval has decided to extend the guarantee of the new Focus to be sold in 2003 will be sold with 5 years or 100,000 miles. According to Steve Lyons, president of the division, the new guarantee program will include roadside assistance or city and combined with the warranty plan shock 3 years or 36,000 miles that the brand has in force. Ford claims that this program hopes to increase sales of the Focus by 10 percent.

continues "zero funding"
It is not the only effort that will make Ford to attract customers. The American press ensures that the signature remain called "zero funding" in some models of cars and trucks. In particular, will benefit from this advantageous financing the Ford Crown Victoria, the Windstar, Taurus, Mustang and F150.

The Ford Crown Victoria is also under suspicion, because this model is one of the most used by US police and suffered several fires after crashes in recent years. The Windstar not saved from burning: in the last four years has starred in 23 calls to review.

Because the Mustang, Ford faced tough talk with a company specialized in providing crash test data, he doubted the safety of your gas tank web.

ITV mobile: What They Are and How They Work

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For some, an MOT is a headache for the type of vehicles using therefore ITV mobile stations are presented as a solution. We tell you all the details.ITV mobile: What They Are and How They Work

For most people, pass the ITV is almost routine, a revision to turn to every X years to ensure that our car is in good condition and is unsafe to use. But ITV for whom there is a real headache. ¿You knew the existence of mobile ITV? We give you all the details of a service that makes life easier for more people than we think.

It is very easy to ITV when we live in a city and we have dozens of them a few kilometers. Even living in a small town, we can use the visit to a larger population to pass the ITV and meet other obligations, such as the purchase or own paperwork bureaucracy.

Nevertheless, there to whom this shift represents a cost them time and money very hard to take or outright impossible to carry out. For example, around 50 or 60 kilometers back and many others back with a agricultural vehicle on secondary roads can make a really crazy, because, with few exceptions, can not exceed 40 km / h when the circular. The same case is found among mopeds two and three below 50 cubic centimeters or those wheels light quadricycles (Four wheels, the so-called "car without license") which like all previous cases have limited their speed to 40 km / h and can not travel on highways or expressways.


What does a mobile ITV?

For these situations, this system was invented. Companies engaged in this feature They are moving units for rural or home upon request with the sole purpose of facilitating technical review of these vehicles to their owners. In this way, they are often carried out routes by different municipalities for those working in the field or have a light quadricycle to fulfill their obligations without wasting time and money on a shift that may be endless and also not risk an accident, as its low traveling speed can mean a complication for drivers of utility use.

After doing a quick Internet search, we found that most of the companies offering this service have increased deployment in northern Spain, where roads are tortuous, the weather is usually adverse and populations are more scattered than in the rest of the country, with the highest concentration of houses, towns with more inhabitants and more delimitas, which facilitates the opening of stations ITV fixed .

What vehicles can use mobile ITV?

So far we've talked about mopeds, light quadricycles and agricultural vehicles as the main users of these vehicles, but actually, anyone can make use of this service, have the car you have.

The aforementioned owners agricultural vehicles, mopeds and light quadricycles are those who most use this service because a displacement of tens of kilometers to fixed ITV can endanger safety and a waste of time that is not compensated by money because they all have prohibited their circulation on motorways and are required to run on the hard shoulder and not exceed 40 km / h speed limit on secondary roads.

Nevertheless, there are other users who will take a good performance this type of service. In rural areas it is common to see owners motorcycles, cars and vans up to 3,500 kg take advantage of the visit of these stations to their home areas to avoid a few kilometers to the ITV station elsewhere. Nevertheless, not all companies with mobile ITV have sufficient structure to pass the technical inspection of cars and motorcycles, so those that offer this service are less widespread.


How can I pass the review in a mobile ITV?

Carry out technical inspection of our vehicle into a mobile ITV It is as simple as in the case of a fixed ITV. We just have to do an Internet search and specifying our region without difficulty find the annual calendar with the people who visit each company. Even, some autonomous communities have an official collection of all regions will be visited on their official websites.

After checking on the mobile ITV will be available in the area that suits us, we just have to make an appointment, as we would in the case of wanting to do it in a fixed ITV. Further, if the flow is higher than expected, ITV station will be available for more than one day.

ITV phones, also used by the DGT

Not only the average citizen has been able to see the advantages of mobile ITV. Since October last year, DGT has five mobile units with which to check the status of vehicles with nine or more seats (including the driver), buses, vans and trucks.

12,000 reviews provided annually, the aim is to reduce the accident risk between such vehicles, since the European Union estimates that 6 percent of collisions where these cars have been protagonists could have been avoided through correct maintenance. Further, from the point DGT that "in 2015, 9 percent of vans, 4 percent of trucks over 3,500 kg and 1 percent of the buses involved in accidents with victims on interurban roads had the ITV expired at the time of the accident ".

Among the instruments that can be found in these mobile ITV, the DGT uses special tools meters lights, play detector in the steering and suspension or gas analyzers, among others. Penalties for not drive the vehicle in good condition van from 200 euros to the immobilisation of the vehicle and transfer to a workshop.

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EU asks Spain explanations for not fining the Dieselgate

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Brussels seeks further information from Spain for not fining the company for the case of Volkswagen engines with souped software that served to distort emissions from their vehicles.EU asks Spain explanations for not fining the Dieselgate

The European Comission He has asked the Spanish government Comprehensive and detailed information clarify the reasons why it has not been sanctioned Volkswagen for him fraud souped engines in some of its vehicles. Recall that in December last year, Brussels He opened a dossier to Spain, Germany, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom for this reason and after evaluating the answers given these countries, it was decided to ask for further explanation. With this decision, the European Commission grants more time to Spain and the rest of affected to give explanations for his handling of the scandal of fraud in polluting emissions. Yes finally Brussels does not give good answers for of these countries, you can go ahead with the record that in last stay, could take Spain to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

In addition, the EU executive has asked Greece detailing the national system of sanctions set up in line with the requirements of EU legislation for the approval of such vehicles.

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Ensuring an electric car, how much it costs compared to conventional?

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The arrival of the electric car in Spain is occurring more slowly than in the rest of Europe form. Maybe the final price and to ensure these vehicles is the reason.Ensuring an electric car, how much it costs compared to conventional?

Although studies show that 69.9 percent of Spaniards are willing to pay more for a car if it is environmentally friendly, the fact that the sale of electric cars and of hybrid type plug only represents just over 1 percent of all sales of the automotive industry.

This is reflected in the 2,000 electric vehicles (also add plug-in hybrids) sold in 2015 in Spain that although 2016 has grown to 4,746 units, remains below the rest of Europe, with Germany, France, the Netherlands and Norway, among others, the head of sales of electric cars.

This Unlike sales It has a clear motive in the price of cars in this category (much higher than equivalent versions with combustion engines), who barely have the same aid every year when incentivize the purchase, what we know as the Movea plan. This in our country, compared to countries like Norway, where cars 'zero emissions' are exempt from VAT or Denmark, where you can sell excess electricity from your car during those hours in which kw is paid to its highest price .

To this must be added the cost of ensure electric vehicles which, according to, it can grow up to 28 percent compared to a petrol model. Throughout the life of the car, the difference is about 1,750 euros more. Yes, from the comparator encourage insurance comparison tools use these services because we can make this difference down to 'only' 10 percent (instead of 28 percent).

This extra cost can be understood as the Car Insurance They must address specific problems of this type of car, as the related battery, the still few charging points and the possibility of running out and having to autonomy be towed, something that can occur in a more normal way when they start using for the first time this type of car, with a range too limited to what we are used on cars with petrol or diesel powered engines.

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We tested the armored military vehicle

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Obviously, the interior lacks any luxury Lince.But from within you can control allvehicle operating options. Seating,belts, instrument panel ... all at handto face any attack.Iveco LMVIveco LMVIveco LMVIveco LMVDesigned for a crew of five occupants, only the driver's seat depth adjustment has. For security reasons the rest of the seats are fixed in order to be able to use solid anchors that do not jump under any circumstances. The center seat can be reclined to the operator of the turret can stand up and stored as quickly. All seats are equipped with seat belts five anchor points and quick release. The turret can mount two guns; MPA 12.7 mm and 5.56 mm AML.

Although as we said luxury does not fit in a tactical vehicle, it is important to keep occupants in the best physical conditions of combat. Lynx has air conditioning and heating by an auxiliary heater to provide air conditioning to the engine for a certain time. The extreme operating temperatures range between -32 degrees Celsius and 44 ° C.Naturally, also incorporates the Modern electronic combat system, that increase the safety of its occupants as inhibitors frequency, fire and explosion Spectronic system and others who for obvious reasons is clearly not should not be mentioned.- Moving

Renault Clio Grand Tour 2013, stylish wagon version

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Renault has advanced the main details of family Grand Tour or the new Clio Estate version. It will hit the market next March and will be offered with four engines between 75 and 90 CV. The volume of space in the trunk can vary between 443 and 1380 liters, depending on the use of the rear seats.Renault Clio Grand TourRenault Clio Grand TourRenault Clio Grand Tour

Gradually, the range of the new Renault Clio is being completed. In addition to the five-door versions and exciting new sport variant RS with new engine 1.6 Turbo 200 hp, now it is the turn to more versatile Clio and especially suitable for families, Clio Grand Tour (or Estate, depending on market).

Renault Clio Grand TourHe Renault Clio Grand Tour It will reach European showrooms next March. In the technical section, it highlights the incorporation of the new family of Energy engines, including the three-cylinder 0.9 Turbo petrol TCe 90 hp and 1.5 dCi Diesel 90 hp are included. Mechanical supply is completed by the 1.2 atmospheric petrol and 75 hp 1.5 dCi Diesel 75 hp. Of these, the most efficient according to official data released by the signing of the diamond is the Energy 1.5 dCi 90 hp, of which an average consumption of only declaring 3,2 l / 100 km and a level of 82 g CO2 / km. The type of gearbox is five-speed manual, but later also be possible to combine some of the mechanical with automatic dual-clutch six-speed EDC.

As usual in this type of versions familiar body, the new Clio Grand Tour will feature a versatile interior which seeks maximum comfort and space for occupants. The French brand has advanced some interesting facts, such as cargo space in the trunk. The volume available in the same with the rear seats of the unfolded 443 liters, space can increase up to 1380 liters if said row of seats is folded. Also, when this row is folded, Renault says the Clio Grand Tour It offers a maximum load length up 2,48 m.

Failing to realize the specifics of equipment Renault Clio Grand Tour depending on the market where it is sold, we can anticipate some elements and safety devices, comfort, multimedia and entertainment quite interesting. Among them, the intelligent keyless entry for all versions, the device slope start assist Hill Start, LED lights, bluetooth hands-free system for mobile phones and, in some versions, R-Link multimedia system with navigation and seven-inch touch screen.

Discover all the news from Geneva Motor Show 2013Renault Clio Grand Tour 2013, stylish wagon version

Renault Espace, all its secrets. Video

Although pioneer of the MPV, Renault Espace leaves in its fifth generation, the aesthetics of this segment to become more SUV. Inside, however it remains true to its original idea with versatility and roominess foolproof. You have their best arguments.Renault Espace, all its secretsRenault Espace, all its secretsRenault Espace, all its secretsRenault Espace, all its secrets

The fifth-generation Espace banishes the association of ideas with minivans, at least in its exterior aesthetics. More ground clearance, not full, and a rough, typical of SUV, the outer appearance are features of the former precursor minivan. Radical change in appearance the Espace experienced by arriving accompanied by the latest technological developments in the diamond mark.

Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player

These are all improvements over the previous generation, dating back to 2002. Lighter, It reduces 250 kg, thanks to the new architecture CMF, incorporating aluminum doors and hood, it improves aerodynamics and achieves a reduction in consumption of 20 percent thanks to new and efficient 1.6 diesel and gasoline.

But if the changes Espace segment is only in outward appearance, because soul retains its versatile and adaptable vehicle he was born with the first generation model of Renault. Star, One Touch, which allows the two rear rows folded seats at the touch of a button, hand both the trunk and through the R-Link in the browser screen. Available in versions 5 and 7 seats, offers an impeccable habitability, thanks to growth in length, only "catch" is the height, lowered, taller passengers may have a problem.

Although Renault supports and orders, will not be until spring when we see the first units on the street. It will depart from 30,950 euros, the Life dCi 130 hp version.

Skoda Karoq 2018: the “mini” and substitute Kodiaq Yeti

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New platform, technology, design ... and new name. The substitute Skoda Yeti could be called Karoq and arrive in late 2017 or early 2018. Seat base in Ateca will share.Skoda Karoq: so the replacement for the SUV will be called YetiSkoda Karoq: so the replacement for the SUV will be called YetiSkoda Karoq: so the replacement for the SUV will be called YetiSkoda Karoq: so the replacement for the SUV will be called Yeti

We've talked a lot the last few months of the new SUV from Skoda. The new Kodiaq, already on the market, has caused a sensation and the Czech brand and finalizing the moment for China, launch new spectacular Kodiaq Coupé. There is no doubt that this type of vehicle will take much of the role of the new range of Skoda. Yes, size, positioning and price, the standard bearer should be the Yeti compact. O Karoq... as we filter from Germany.

And is that the substitute already preparing for Skoda Yeti, and lately I have spoken, seems to be definitively confirmed that It will be called Karoq. It makes sense, according to its resemblance to the great Kodiaq and that in a recent presentation of Skoda were announced two new SUV that would complete the range to Kodiaq and Kodiaq Coupé: they were called Model K and Model Q.

What is certain is that the new Skoda Karoq will be a full stop of the Yeti, regardless of denomination. Nestled in the range below the Kodiaq, will debut in this new generation Volkswagen Group MQB platform conforming as Skoda's proposal for the new segment Ateca Seat. With it, obviously, will share basis and most of its components.

Aesthetically, yes, the new Skoda Karoq will be a scale Kodiaq... as can be seen in the latest illustrations by our artist Schulte. In a few days we will know new details of a model that would have to come the market in late 2017 or early 2018.

Skoda KaroqSkoda Karoq: measures and engines

Slightly longer than an actual Yeti which was located between an urban SUV and compact, the new Skoda Karoq the environment should measure 4.30 meters to leave also gap under a new Fabia SUV, As already announced Seat with Arona or Volkswagen Polo SUV with its future.

This hypothetical second generation of the Yeti should also gain breadth and trunk. It will offer the latest practical solutions "Simply Clever" presented by Skoda and cargo volume and possibly exceed the 500 liter capacity.

As to engines, the new Skoda Karoq present an offer as complete. In gasoline, new block 3 cylinder 1.0 TSI will start the range version 115 hp, while above should not miss the versions 1.4 TSI in two power levels: 125 and 150 hp, the latter with ACT cylinder shutdown system. In Diesel 1.6 TDI It should be the entry step with 115 hp, Meanwhile he 2.0 TDI 150 hp It would be above. No shortage of manual and automatic options DSG dual clutch transmission, nor majoritarian 4x2 versions but also possibility of having 4x4 variants. It is also likely to offer as an option in 2018 plug-in hybrid. Very soon, more information.

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Jeep Renegade Night Eagle II and Deserthawk: new editions SUV

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The Jeep Renegade range expands with new versions with more features. The Night Eagle II, with urban focus, and Deserthawk for Campero use are new editions of the SUV.New special editions Jeep Renegade Night Eagle II and DeserthawkNew special editions Jeep Renegade Night Eagle II and DeserthawkNew special editions Jeep Renegade Night Eagle II and DeserthawkNew special editions Jeep Renegade Night Eagle II and Deserthawk

Jeep has just introduced novelties in the range of its appeal Renegade SUV with two new special editions: Renegade Night Eagle II and Deserthawk, plus new versions 1.6 Multijet Diesel 120 hp, with 4x2 traction and change DDCT 6 speed; and 1.6 Multijet 95 hp, also 4x2 with 6-speed manual transmission.

He Jeep Renegade Special Edition Night Eagle II, in limited release, it is available in White Alpine, Black Coal, Granite Gray and Red Colorado, with 1.6 engine 120 hp 4x2 Mjet, with 6-speed manual transmission. And in version 2.0 Mjet 140 hp, 4x4 associated with a 6-speed manual transmission. Among its endowment of standard equipment include exclusive details gloss black, insertions slots front grille, upholstery premium fabric in black, aluminum wheels 18 inches, tinted rear windows, automatic climate bizona electrically folding mirrors, entry system and keyless start, 40/20/40 folding rear seat, auxiliary socket 230 V and radio VP2 5 "Uconnect LIVE Nav.

For its part, the Deserthawk the Jeep Renegade Edition available Color Alpine White, Black Solid, Anvil and Arena Mojave only associated with 2.0 Mjet engine of 170CV with automatic 9-Speed ​​Low traction 4x4 AD. Includes adhesive hood topographic map and "Star US Army" in the back, upholstery fabric and leather, 17-inch wheels in black, keyless start, electrically folding mirrors, auxiliary 230V and radio VP4 6 5 "Uconnect LIVE Nav.

To favor its capabilities Offroad, he Jeep Renegade Deserthawk System features Traction 4x4 Active Drive Low a first short and climb rate of 20: 1, 25 additional mm in height, tires 215 / 60R17 M + S, shields, towbar and wheel complete spare system descent control and hill start as well as the drive system with Selec-Terrain specifically Rock. As for the interior, highlights some specific finishing details and a very complete equipment.

Jeep Renegade 2017Price range

Jeep Renegade Night Eagle II 4x2 120 hp 1.6 Mjet: 27,250 euros

Jeep Renegade Night Eagle II 4x4 120 hp 2.0 Mjet Active Drive: 27,250 euros

Jeep Renegade 170 hp 2.0 Mjet AD Deserthawk 4x4 Auto Low: 36,000 euros

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IDS Nissan Concept: the electric car driving alone

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Nissan Concept is a prototype IDS hundred percent electric, which also serves as a testbed for improving autonomous driving technology.IDS Nissan Concept: driving alone and does not polluteIDS Nissan Concept: driving alone and does not polluteIDS Nissan Concept: driving alone and does not polluteIDS Nissan Concept: driving alone and does not pollute

Tokyo Motor Show 2015He IDS Nissan Concept It's one of the prototypes Highlights of the 2015 edition of the Tokyo Motor Show. With this concept, the Japanese company shows its latest advances in two areas: the propulsion hundred percent electric cars and the autonomous driving.

He IDS Nissan Concept It is the new exponent of the new technology Japanese firm called Nissan Intelligent Driving. In her, Nissan encompasses all technical solutions that have piloted their future cars. According to him CEO of Renault-Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, "technology Nissan Intelligent Driving enhances the capabilities of the driver to see, think and react and compensate for human errors that cause 90% of accidents. The result is that the time they spend driver and occupants in the car will be safer, cleaner, more efficient and more fun. "

The prototype Nissan car driving alone IDS Concept will change the concept of driving, and will try to imitate he driving style and the preferences User even when the driver select Piloted automatic or piloted Drive. If the driver wants to truly be part of the driving experience, you can select the mode Manual Drive, where it has totally control. As this happens, the whole network of sensors Y cameras they shall ensure security, because in case of any imminent danger assist the driver running the safest maneuver at that time.

IDS Nissan ConceptHe IDS Nissan Design Concept is another attraction points of this prototype. It is configured as a car Aspect sports Y compact 5-door body with a capacity in its inside for four people. By selecting the mode piloted Drive, space available inside increases as the steering wheel retracts into the center of the dashboard and a large flat screen. At that time, the Nissan Concept driving alone IDS and meets the voice commands Y gestures driver. Meanwhile, the four seats can turn slightly upon themselves to facilitate face-to-face conversation between people who are in the passenger compartment. On the other hand, to re-select mode Manual Drive, emerges from the steering wheel and instrument panel Head-Up Display information projected on the windshield directly opposite the most relevant driver information.

In the technical specifications of IDS Nissan Concept A number of other outstanding details such as your low height (alone 1,38 m) and its narrow tires (Measured 17.5 cm wide) placed at the ends of the body. Regarding this, it has been entirely manufactured in carbon fiber with the aim of offering high resistance and maximum lightness.

The electric power is what propels the IDS Nissan Concept. This energy is stored in a battery of great capacity next generation (up 60 kWh storage). According to preliminary estimates by the Japanese firm, if circumstances are the ideal driving cars equipped with this battery and characteristics similar to IDS Nissan Concept it could travel distances up 600 km. To charge the large battery, IDS Nissan Concept also it uses charging systems electric cars most revolutionary in this regard, since this process is wireless (Or induction).

Toyota RAV4 Adventure, an SUV for busy families

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The Toyota RAV4 Adventure features a special finish, aimed at thrill seekers often far from the asphalt. Here are all the details.Toyota RAV4 Adventure, with an image more camperaToyota RAV4 Adventure, with an image more camperaToyota RAV4 Adventure, with an image more camperaToyota RAV4 Adventure, with an image more campera

If you like the Toyota RAV4 but you were missing one more campera image, You should not lose sight of the latest news that this SUV has presented the Japanese brand in the Salon Chicago. Its about Toyota RAV4 Adventure, a gifted version of a level special finish aimed at those seeking greater contact with nature on weekends or look for a model that suits your sporting hobbies.

Toyota RAV4 Adventure: with protections and tires 18 ''

It is not going to compete at a raid, but the Toyota RAV4 Adventure is better prepared to move away from the asphalt thanks to a aesthetic package which they highlight the black alloy wheels 18 inches with a specific design and tires 235/55 and protections metallic color body for reinforcing the underbody, in the area of ​​the front or rear bumper and both sides. The black finish also it extends to the roof rails and the housings of the main headlights and fog.

The Toyota RAV4 Adventure also features a decorative band on the hood and wears a logo customization "Adventure" on the tailgate. It is available with front-wheel drive, a limited slip differential, or Four-wheel drive. In both versions is standard a special kit, with a more sophisticated radiator reinforcements in the cooling system and a specific motor oil and transmission. available Special function trailer, slope start assist control and descents.

Toyota RAV4 AdventureToyota RAV4 Adventure: Interior Customization

Toyota also implies something that increases the ground clearance of the body RAV4 Adventure, but without specifying how. Inside also incorporates specific garrisoned, Easy to clean a mouse designed for use in all weathers, decorated with the logo of this release, trims thresholds doors and an outlet of 120 volts in the cargo area.

The Toyota RAV4 Adventure should be for sale in September, although the markets that it will not detail, or say whether the greener version, the RAV4 Hybrid, will benefit from special finish Adventure.

2017 Volkswagen Beetle: new life for the Beetle

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The legendary Volkswagen Beetle is updated in the last generation, with slight aesthetic touches and especially with developments in its range of equipment.Volkswagen Beetle 2017, new lifeVolkswagen Beetle 2017, new lifeVolkswagen Beetle 2017, new lifeVolkswagen Beetle 2017, new life

The last Volkswagen Beetle, as we know it today, came to market in 2012. Now, four years later, known as 'Beetle' is updated in versions closed and Cabrio convertible. The changes are not large, only certain aesthetic touches bodywork and passenger compartment, developments in equipment and without any variation in the mechanical range.

Thus, the renewed Volkswagen Beetle presents new bumpers front and rear, darkened headlamps, new wheel designs (17 and 18 inches) and new vent on the hood in the sportier finish, known as the 'R-Line'. At inside, brighter panel instruments, new decorative elements and what is a classic in the Beetle, the new individualization options car. To all this is added new upholstery and aesthetic packages They totaling more colorful the passenger compartment.

Volkswagen Beetle 2017

As for equipment refers, the range of the updated 'Beetle' receives changes: 'Basic', 'Design' and 'R-line' will be the basic lines of the German car equipment. green 'Bottle Metallic' and white 'Silver Metallic': the VW Beetle 'Basic' and 'Design' two new body colors are included. The line includes various sportier bumpers, headrests and specific steering wheel, R-Line logos, ...

The Volkswagen Beetle has a pack optional sportier interior also called 'R-Line' and others three special finishes: 'Denim', with the body in a blue 'stonewashed Metallic' reminiscent color jeans and 17-inch wheels; 'Exclusive', most distinctive series, decorative moldings, aluminum details and leather 'Nappa' in the passenger compartment; Y 'ALLSTAR', an option we already knew, with a distinctive and comprehensive standard equipment (dual zone climate control, navigator, 17-inch wheels, ...).

Volkswagen Beetle 2017

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Volkswagen Beetle: 70 years of an icon of the road

New Nissan Patrol

One of the most legendary 4x4, Nissan Patrol, is renewed with a more modern and sleek design and a more spacious and luxurious interior. In the mechanical section, it is the incorporation of a new engine 5.6 V8 400 hp. At the moment, this new generation will not come to Spain.Nissan Patrol 2010, a genuine 4x4.Nissan Patrol 2010, a genuine 4x4.Nissan Patrol 2010, a genuine 4x4.Nissan Patrol 2010, a genuine 4x4.The seventh generation of one of the most iconic 4x4 has already cast rolling. We refer to new Nissan Patrol, whose official debut took place at Abu Dhabi Hall.At the moment, there are few official details. According to the first images, the Nissan Patrol 2010 keeps robust forms of which he has shown in past generations. The heads of Japan's claim that the biggest leap in this seventh generation we find it in the inside, with a carrier more luxurious and spacious.The materials employees in the Nissan Patrol They are high quality, namely a successful combination of the polished aluminum, he leather and various inserts wood. As for space for occupants -the cabin is configured to seven passengers-, from Nissan it ensures that the space available for the knees of the occupants of the second row of seats has grown 10 cm. With regard to the seats of the third row of seats, they also have more space (not specified how much). Meanwhile, behind the front headrests will be integrated two 7-inch screens with integrated DVD.

The seventh generation Nissan Patrol born, therefore, with a clear vocation occupants. Japanese firm responsible for ensuring that the owners of a Patrol used slightly less than 15 percent of your car in situations hundred percent all-rounder. Therefore, the new generation of this 4X4 It is designed to achieve greater occupant comfort and dynamic abilities to improve their road.The new Nissan Patrol incorporate a new petrol engine with direct injection V8 and 5.6 liters. a power of 400 hp and 550 Nm engine (56.1 mkg) torque is announced. This engine will be combined with a new automatic transmission with seven gears. For now, Nissan has not advanced further details on other engines available. The Japanese sources have confirmed that this seventh generation will not come, so far, the Spanish market.The suspensions new Nissan Patrol They are independent -before the four wheels rígidos- axes were used. To minimize as much as possible any body roll in areas with many curves, the new Patrol has the system Hydraulic Body Motion Control System (HBMC). The device traction to reducing wheel All Mode 4x4 Nissan will be one of the star systems of the new generation of this all-rounder.The suspensions new Nissan Patrol They are independent -before the four wheels rígidos- axes were used. To minimize as much as possible any body roll in areas with many curves, the new Patrol has the system Hydraulic Body Motion Control System (HBMC). The device traction to reducing wheel All Mode 4x4 Nissan will be one of the star systems of the new generation of this all-rounder.

The device All Mode 4x4 of the Nissan Patrol It offers up four different modes to suit the surface that we are circulating. These modes are the following designation: sand (to circulate in sand and dirt tracks of medium difficulty), on-road (paved areas), snow (roads and roads with snow) and rock (end zones 4x4).Other systems which offer the Nissan Patrol 2010 Are the Hill Start Assist (Hill start assistance) and Hill Descent Control (Hill descent assistance). The braking system has also been revised, particularly with disc brakes -358 mm- larger diameter for the front wheels. The warning device pressure loss in the tires and to six airbags also they form part of the standard equipment.Nissan has decided to renew the Patrol shortly after two of the kings of the category, the Toyota Land Cruiser and Mitsubishi Montero, received major changes in their range. In your opinion,What it is the best 4x4 market?

Peugeot 308 SW, familiar and very trunk

Just two months ago the new Peugeot 308 premiered at dealerships and now the brand announces the arrival of his family version SW, with a body that stretches from 4.25 meters to 4.58 meters and provides the model a trunk of 610 liters.Peugeot 308 SW 2014Peugeot 308 SW 2014Peugeot 308 SW 2014Peugeot 308 SW 2014

He Geneva Motor Show 2014 , from 4 to 16 March-host the presentation of familiar version of Peugeot 308, that this body wins the title SW. The model, which will reach European showrooms after its presentation in this celebrated Motor Show, has gained in size compared to the five-door Come in 4.25 to 4.58 meters long meters-. Its trunk gets so reach 610 liters, 140 liters more than the five-door version. In addition, this volume will be expanded significantly with the rear seats folded down, although no official data on the total capacity under these conditions.

Under the hood, Peugeot 308 SW mechanical mounts the new range will be also incorporated for saloon body, having two three-cylinder turbo engines gasoline 110 and 130 hp, and two engines diesel BlueHDI 1.6 and 2.0 120 and 150 hp, respectively and adapted to antipollution standards euro 6.

If we consider the offer on the market, we can find two clear rivals. On the one hand, Skoda Octavia Combi, It is offering the same load power trunk but wins in the French higher performance engine in the range of gasoline. On the other hand, we find the toughest rival Honda Civic Tourer. Japan, which goes on sale in February 2014- boasts a volume of trunk 624 liters, albeit with somewhat less powerful than the Peugeot 308 SW engines.

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