Test: Subaru Forester 2.0 TD AWD, the original less original

Test: Subaru Forester 2.0 TD AWD, the original less originalTest: Subaru Forester 2.0 TD AWD, the original less originalTest: Subaru Forester 2.0 TD AWD, the original less originalTest: Subaru Forester 2.0 TD AWD, the original less original

For their atypical engines from and lying opposite cylinders (As in Porsche 911), Inseparably associated four-wheel drive, technically Subaru They have been and are very cars exclusive and especially attractive for lovers mechanics. This technical basis, Subaru has built an excellent sporty image with its Impreza and other specialist SUV or crossover, with their Outback and Forester. Originality Forester It has also been determined by its atypical body, format family sedan with raised roof which it served to brand itself referred to him as an Sport Utility Van. In addition, those early Forester They are rolling down broken asphalt or tracks with softness, comfort and incredible nonchalance. In short, they were very exclusive cars.

Test: Subaru Forester 2.0 TD AWD, the original less originalSo while all Forester transmitted always be a different vehicle with personality or intrinsic advantages in this new generation I find no value added, or his increasingly impersonal body, or a Diesel mechanics, bóxer of course, who arrived in 2008, which is not worth me consume little. Dynamically, I also think that the Forester has chosen to fit the most widely used of these cars, the good asphalt, but without offering the ride quality of the SUV rivals (continuously I remember their contemporary, CR-V, CX-5 and Mitsubishi Outlander) and losing the extraordinary ability to travel comfortably bumpy asphalt or dirt tracks.

Now, I feel the Forester SUV retained more damping between rivals and seems unable to filter the undulations of asphalt at low speed. His touch seems to sports car, as "boot" body, but in return, as eager speed, do not find a Forester to be wowed by its dynamic, because neither intended. At least the Yokohama tires serial Geolander, follow very present and it is something that defines him, his clear understeer tendency, he asks Moderation in corner entry. They have always been like the Forester, but somehow your agreement to oversteer then he made up, and wheel enthusiasts could be even exhilarating. But Forester He is very disciplined: You not want to go fast cornering and all reactions are exemplarily neutral, not "disturb" least its driver. With this new approach, has lost what for me was a huge plus: comfort tread on all types of asphalt and gravel roads and overall smoothness. Now even seems a comparatively rough model, compared to "I berlinizado" touch and tread the next generation SUV.

One of a Kind

Test: Subaru Forester 2.0 TD AWD, the original less originalIn this "rudeness" also comes into play mechanics. With the honorific title of being the only boxer diesel engine in the world and happily "dieselización" previous Forester, everything was rejoicing, but today everything remains the same. Noting that remains a extraordinary reference consumption, may serve to maintain its validity as such, also for its very good response in general, plethoric from 1500 rpm in any gear, but I give more importance to their no evolution in the overall refinement. I do not know if it is attributable to the engine itself or work soundproofing. Or both. But this powerful and economical boxer if left not hear much (in the start-up yes), the quality of noise and refinement of rotation is far of what has been achieved by highly sophisticated 2.2 Honda CR-V and CX-5. The gearbox also adds refinement to the whole. Even correct and accurate insertions, marking requires you sometimes guided 3rd and 5th to avoid mistakes.

As I said, you can not blame the 2.0 TD nothing seen their consumption in this Forester 1,607 kilos Y traction permanent AWD, not to deny that I missed a device Stop-Start, today present in novelty. Releases a hydraulic supports oil level sensor and but I wonder also plans evolution Subaru It has scheduled for this engine, when its sales in Europe (testimonial for a global manufacturer) should slow the depreciation of its development and evolution.

At its other equipment no lack of common standards and some other gadget, such as electrical tailgate. According versions can have series heated seats, electronic key or opening screen reverse. Where does not reach It is the latest security systems starting widespread in the segment, as lane assistant, directional headlights, pre-crash systems or alarms blind spots.