Video-summary #EnRodaje final test with the Toyota Auris Hybrid

He challenge It was interesting: testing for a month the Toyota Auris Hybrid. The objective: collect information and experiences to know what it means and what brings hybrid technology in everyday driving.

In writing and other magazines Iberian Motorpress there are drivers of all kinds. Many have tried closely Toyota Auris Hybrid and they have told their personal experience. Testers of this long-term test have been the most colorful: athletes (a triathlete, a fan of snowboarding and even a climber), parents, parents of twins, owners of other hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius ... There have been many personal stories lived at the controls of Auris Hybrid.

The circumstances of our #EnRodaje test They have collected the most extreme situations, from the heavy traffic in a congested city like Madrid to the requirement of a circuit speed (in this case, where squeeze thoroughly test all cars, the INTA circuit).

As you have seen in the video, Toyota Auris Hybrid He has left their mark.