experience Toyota

Respect for the environment, technological advances ... these are the keys with which comes the Toyota experience several of our cities. A space to learn first hand the brand, both its ecological commitment, as its technology, its product range and its history.experience ToyotaHe road show from Toyota, better known as experience Toyota, celebrates its third edition. This traveling event will be in Many cities the Spanish geography -Murcia, Alicante, Cordoba, Granada, Alcalá de Henares, Colmenar Viejo, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Santander and Bilbao- and, as in previous years, focuses on the theme environment, in addition to the Toyota history and his technological developments.The tent is divided into four zones -History brand, environment, technological innovation and product- but given priority to ecological commitment. Brand experts show attendees tips for friendly driving environment, in addition to ad hoc technology as a simulator that teaches us to be 'green' driving and save up to 30 percent fuel. Also, it shows technological developments in environmental matters, highlighting the set of efficient mechanical -known as Toyota Optimal Drive-, and the Hybrid Synergy Drive or hybrid technology pioneered by the Toyota Prius. Finally, Toyota shows other work ecological commitment, their reforestation.Another of the objectives of Toyota's Experience bring the brand to the consumer: Focusing on the range of models that combines Japanese brand. Attendees may set your own vehicle thanks to latest generation touchscreens, having Access to all information of them even download mode, thanks to Bluetooth systems with which you are equipped. For its part, the whole brand history It is narrated by a video WallSince its birth in the late nineteenth century, when the manufacturer was engaged in the textile industry, to our -models days, competition and a long et cetera. Toyota Universe now closer to you.

- Murcia (Plaza de la Cruz Roja): May 29 to June 6.
- Alicante (Port): May 29 to June 6.
- Córdoba (Paseo de Cordoba): from 19 to 27 June.
- Granada (Paseo del Violon, parking Geysepark): from 19 to 27 June.
- Alcalá de Henares (O'Donnell Park): 10 to 18 July.
- Colmenar Viejo (parking Hipermercado Alcampo): 10 to 18 July.
- Santiago de Compostela (Campus Universaidad de Compostela): from 28 August to 5 September.
- A Coruña (next to the Riazor Stadium): from 28 August to 5 September.
- Santander (Sardinero Stadium parking): from 18 to 26 September.
- Bilbao: from 18 to 26 September.