Opel Adam Cup, new weapon to rally

Opel Adam CupOpel Adam CupOpel Adam CupOpel Adam Cup

The category 'ADAC Rally Cup' in the German-brand competition 'Opel Rally Cup' it is a reality. The car chosen for her is the Opel Adam Cup, which he was already presented in Geneva with his gala rally. The car complies with the rules of the R2 specifications of the FIA, so you can also participate in any European competition for this type of car.

The Opel Adam Cup is powered by a gasoline engine ECOTEC 1.6 16V developing 188 hp and it has a maximum torque of 19.38 mkg. It is mated to a sequential gearbox five speeds.

This version 'racing' also has several elements 'sport', as his handbrake 'fly-off', racing brakes Brembo firm, Sparco racing seats, security system Hans -belts several points anclaje- and LCD indicator gear.

Young talented in the world of rallying have the opportunity to test their skills in the 'ADAC Rally Masters', which has 40 Opel Adam Cup competitions between Germany and France. By 25,000 euros you can purchase the vehicle in its sport setting, can run on any R2 Series in Europe.