What if I passed a vehicle on the right on the highway?

The other day I got tired of waiting for the driver who was ahead of me on the freeway he pleased to depart the left lane and let me pass. I wanted to overtake and finally had to do it right. What if I passed a vehicle on the right?

How many times driving on the highway tried to overtake on the left lane. But the car in front of us has taken his attachment to that lane and do not loose 'or shots'. When you ask why this mania for driving on the left, when there are one or two more lanes to the right, you answer it's because they feel safer. They may feel better, but create insecurity to other road users. The left lane is for overtaking. So, you'd be breaking the law, because it is not allowed to overtake on the right, except in cases of heavy traffic with occupancy lanes for other vehicles. In this case no overtaking would be considered. This action is called overrun.