Formula 1: Vincente Aguilera interviewed, soul GP Spain

Vincenç Aguilera, the Director of Circuit de Catalunya in photosVincenç Aguilera, the Director of Circuit de Catalunya in photosVincenç Aguilera, the Director of Circuit de Catalunya in photosVincenç Aguilera, the Director of Circuit de Catalunya in photos

Vincente Aguilera Born in Barcelona in 1948. It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile men's national motorsports. It has managed to be on the crest of the wave forever, either at the industrial level as in sports. skilled negotiator with CEOs, "sharks" of sport as Bernie Ecclestone and politicians, chaired today Circuit de Catalunya with great success.

Vincente Aguilera He has maintained the Catalan infrastructure afloat convincing the rulers of all political signs of the importance for the local economy infrastructure over which he presides.

In recent weeks the mayor of Barcelona has made public its intention to slow economic support provided to the circuit, and thanks to which it can be held on G.P. of EspañA reporting hundreds of millions of euros to the Catalan public finances. manage the Circuit It is very complex, and although this type of infrastructure itself seem a burden, reality shows that are a major driving force in the economy of its surroundings.

The audience that goes to Circuit de Catalunya It is 70% foreigner who spends several days in the area taking advantage of the race to visit Barcelona, the environment and even beach areas, which after many returning from vacation. The claim that the circuit means for all this public is critical and now Viçens He has already begun working with new managers F1 to give continuity to the Spanish race at least ten years.

Aerie, who had already had personal contacts with Sean Breatches, commercial director and Ross Brawn, I still had not personally known to the head, Chase Carey, convinced that he was in Barcelona for the presentation of the Spanish race.

"Now things are different with Liberty. It was important that Tortoiseshell I was giving support to our career, so I could meet him. Now things are handled differently in F1. It has created an infrastructure with technical department brawn, and other commercial, with Sean Bratches, Y Tortoiseshell It exerts maximum is responsible and it seems to work very well. I'm trying to lay the groundwork for the race follow the Circuit for at least ten years. Now from what I've seen F1 is managed as a large company two billion bill, and I have found very good tune and provision Tortoiseshell"Says Vincente Aguilera.

Vincenç AguileraTurning to other issues, How did your career begin?

"I am fond of motor sport and the car in general since childhood and my madness was studying engineering cars. At 16 years montjuich I control the curve of the Rosaleda. The flag was yellow and red stripes sliding floor. It was a touring car race. There I began. After the 21 years I ran my first rally in Osona, and we did a 124, shared with today is my brother, because that car was his father. We shared the steering wheel, making a timed and another. We won the class of 1200, we were excited very much ... I was in full engineering studies. Then I tried to do some other rallies in the area, a hill climb ... but my economic situation was so very poor, who could not buy tires and saw that a pilot could not progress due to lack of money. My last race was the rise in costs in Sant Feliu de Codinas 1430 series with Group 1 and won all 1430".

The love of F1 comes to him from young ...

"At 18, I took a friend of mine one 850 coupe and went to Brands Hatch to watch Formula 1. Since then going through the circuits for races, rallies ... and I became scrutineer, until I founded the school scrutineers together with Casimiro Matellas the RACC, and I examined first, as Martí Sallent, I was much older than me. At that time I worked a lot with the RACC, I was playing around, studying, doing races, the commissaires .."

But he did not live sport?

"No, I started my professional life in the year 72 as an engineer in Motor Ibérica, chassis engineer vans and light trucks, which is today Nissan. I spent two years there".

Have you been circuit designer?

"Before my time in Nissan I drew circuit Calafat for Carmelo Ezpeleta, but I just layout design".

When the idyll begins with Seat?

"In 1974 I was called to carry Seat "service sports cars". I took the team competition until 80, which was the year of the great crisis, and it was there selling Fiat and forced me to close the racing department. I was offered then go to the Martorell technical center and said no. I went to sales and was director of Aragon, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. After a time, he called me 82 Juan Jose Diaz Ruiz to begin exporting Seat Europe with its own brand. I went to open dealerships, to get approvals from cars, and we started with Fura and Ronda. I was there two years, foreign markets grew and began selling cars in France, England, Germany, Belgium, Italy ... At the end of 84 launches on Ibiza Porsche System with many problems, and the president told me that on September 1 me out the technical center. I went to the part of prototypes and experimentation with a team of 120 people, and within a year became 240. I was climbing positions and made me engineering manager. Volkswagen He bought most Seat in December 85 and the Germans they began to arrive. In 93 there was a brutal crisis, and all Spanish officers went to the street. To me save me and the Germans had a rising career and became a director of the technical center. I left with 1200 people as a center capable of developing any car in the VW group for any factory in the world, We place a Seat as a brand".

He has always known how to anticipate the future

"In 85, two days before buy VW shares Seat, We gave the company high Seat Sport and it was included with the other companies that acquired the Germans. In 86 we begin to operate as Seat Sport, I joined a Gabi Cortés it was the RACC and he began to carry Seat Sport in my office. I had the feeling of being silly when you close the racing department in 80 and felt great satisfaction when I recovered. He entered the crisis of 93 and was told that budget "zero"But I do not closed. We rally with Cordoba WRC because with the Ibiza She had less than four meters. In late 2000 I left Seat because the objectives of Pitchereader They were very different from mine. I had the feeling my 26 years in Seat up the Himalayas and when he reached the top, one came and told me "we go to the Andes". And I left".

Where had come as a pilot I have been?

"Was not bad, even longer most I have run three times "24 hours Montmeló". One year I met Pérez Sala and in qualifying we were two Seat Leon and I was identical to one tenth of it. Luis came to me: "If I win, I suicide".

How did the Circuit de Catalunya?

"By a call President Mas in January 2011 he told me: "Aguilera, you want to be president of the circuit"And I said: "I can not say no, but if you say yes, it's because I'm sure I'll do more races". I've been here six years. I am chairman in which I have representatives of the Circuit, the RACC and the Generalitat".

Vincenç AguileraWas it harder to deal with Ecclestone or his bosses, politicians?

"They are two completely different types of games. With Bernie It was a relationship four eyes, difficult, but simpler in the end, with three or four variables. The circuit is very complex. We CUP parties as they want us to close the circuit. The social and political situation is what it is and therefore more complex to manage all this, because there are many people behind different colors, ideas, skills ... During these years could have just been chairman, but not I am of these people. I have assumed this responsibility and I come almost every day, because I like and believe in it, and dedicate enough time to the circuit".

How do you choose the Director of Circuit?

"The signing of Joan Fontseré It was at the level of the board. With Felip Puig We seek alternative names and thought Joan might be. We present the council and approved. It is not the case Servia, since it was decided a week before I was president. We are here, the two new without have warned us to either".

Motorbikes or cars, which is more complicated?

"A little harder the F1, is more volume, generally everything is bigger, it creates more problems than MotoGP. The organization composing circuit 50 and many people, but when a Grand Prix move comes three to four thousand. Time is short, but very intense".

Who is easier, Carmelo or Bernie?

"Each is like and have their profile. I have understood with Bernie and Carmelo, but the tactics and strategy is completely different because they are very different characters. Must see very well what weighs one another, impact, negotiations ... With Bernie spent three years discussing the contract of the circuit, now it is in force until the end of 2019".

From the standpoint of economic impact is it better the F1 or MotoGP for the area?

"F1 has more impact, much more impact. Globally there is a study of Audiovisual Council of Catalonia when news worldwide knowledge Catalonia, No. 1 is the policy and two by Formula 1. And it's not well with MotoGP. Financially also we played in two different leagues. In terms of direct economic impact on the territory, it is twice the MotoGP F1".

Your future?

"Unpredictable. I'm here today. A given day will call me and tell me: "Hey, you're no longer president circuit", and nothing happens. This is an absolutely voluntary operation, charging zero euros. I'm doing it and one day I will call x and tell me there is a new president. A logical process".

And the family?

"I have three daughters and that has been so long was not with them has led them to professions that have nothing to do with mine. I, biochemistry, pharmaceutical and veterinary. My wife says many times that was the white widow, went to funerals, the communions and weddings always alone. I have always combined normal work and careers, and that's a long time away. But I have the excuse that before I got married and my wife warned him".

He also had a time when he worked for media.

"Yes, I was with TV3 doing all the world of Formula 1 and I did it because I wanted to, there was no need. One day he called me to ask me Sebastiá Roca help because the audience was falling. I went, and I was hitting relaying what would happen in the strategy of the pilots, the enchanted people made comments. I was three or four years, since 2006. Then came Francesc Latorre with whom I met one year. At the end I left because I had a lot of work".

The evolution of the F1 how do you see?

"There is a key turning point and passing is when you see an F1 car and not get excited, he does not say anything. Ves a motorcycle, both training and running and see difficulty is more extreme. The races are boring and predictable, have gone to a hyper rationality. Today the level of taste to F1 is lower, because the car and racing are bland. This I asked Bernie several times change, told me I was right, but I have not changed. Big mistake FIA ​​and FOM manage a much more expensive and less attractive product. I rate this inefficiency. To do a more attractive model, there are few young people who like F1. Now you put a young man of 17 years in F1 and after three days he is doing time, but in MotoGP no, it takes more than a year. Something goes wrong in this game. I dare say there are too many engineers making decisions when we have to see that it is a spectator sport and then there are regulations and engineers. The step we take this year with tires wider and more downforce it had not, but had dropped the load, gained power and have made cars more difficult to drive and manage both athletically and technically. What impresses is accelerating and it seems that speeds plus an F1 GP2".

Pilots, what is the most caught his attention?

"I went to Finland to a rally of Oteador to pilot a Seat Ibiza, and I noticed Harri Rovanpera. I had great feelings with him because I came from a culture of Mediterranean rallies, different from the Nordic speed cornering Nordic is extraordinary, especially in fast corners. I always liked going to the end of the timed to see how they get the pilots, and when he came Harri, it seemed as if an hour ago we saw you and me to do this interview, instead came another who was also a candidate, and was red, hot. At the end I sat with him and made the contract for Seat. Then with him I made kilometers and I can say it is one of the few drivers who put me through fear, especially when you're in fifth and see past the pines, gets sixth and still see pines, and then gives him a blow wheel. This I do not know sixth, then in third. Age which struck me most is Walter Rorhl. I went to a test with Fiat to Portugal in the late 70s, was the 131 Rohl, testing tires, transmissions ... I went up to him and I was explaining how he was going his Montesa while we were doing a stretch, side, past ditches, holes ... I was excited. Then I came up with Sandro Munari and an abyss. Rorhl, Nordic German philosophy, nothing to do with the Italian. Then I signed for a rally to Gronholm and equal in snow with Cordoba was spectacular. All very bright, with a basic education pilot since he was 10 or 12 years. Think that they should leave the kids run 16. On F1, I was a lover Jim Clark, my reference, but it did not last long. But I have not been very myths. Schumi She had the engineering, and caused the development of the car, always asking for more. here Fernando you take it as a reference. But I've never fallen in love with a pilot, or even motorcycles but racing".

How do you see the future of the lower echelons of motorsport?

"Liberty has moved tab, think MotoGP. In the background we have made a rare mix in motorsports, with F1, GP2, GP3, World Series on the other hand, Formula 3, Formula 2 you try to do, the Formula 4 ... a disorder. Every country does what he can, but there is enough bikes in general order. Liberty It reframes it, and said that might change things, I do not know what will the war or where it will come. There can be a category in which you have to burn more than a million and a half to do something such as the F2".