Renault and Honda seem to be clear: Alonso solution?

Renault and Honda seem to be clear: Alonso solution?

The long-awaited meeting finally took place yesterday after the long grade. Until Flavio Briatore He dropped to analyze first hand the future of Fernando Alonso. "We must wait to see what happens with the engine and the team," admitted to the media.

The head of Honda Motorsports, Masahi Yamamoto, finally he arrived at Monza from Japan, and nothing else do it met Chase Carey, which is the new Ecclestone and Ross Brawn, both of Liberty, all with Jean Todt the president of the FIA. And they all had a common goal: Honda will not lose under any circumstances.

All are offered to help and try to convince Sling to step to Toro Rosso They not supposed to lose them money, because they will invest the same, athletically they can have more time and less pressure to grow and make a real racing engine, and have the team on the horizon "mother" from Red Bull when you want to jump title in 2019 or 2020.

This is the situation in question and may soon have a result. Yamamoto then he went to see Hasegawa, the head of Honda in F1, and it was a good time until it ended Zak Brown, McLaren boss. They ended around 9 pm.

Renault has given its OK to motorize McLaren and Toro Rosso drop, since you can only give motors three teams-his own team, Red Bull and Toro Rosso-, but not at any price. They are aware that Toro Rosso It leaves very benefited because it saves 12 million euros to pay for your engine, plus flooding the Indonesian money Sean Galael next season, and because they make you a favor, ask for something in return.

The request is: either financial compensation or Carlos Sainz, which it is crazy for music since last season that Renault started the courtship of Madrid. further Renault team gains nothing change Toro Rosso to McLaren, as it charged the same to be another client of your engine, but assumes the risk, as with Red Bull, Yo be passed on track by not one, if not two teams with the same engine.

Sling see all rowing in the same direction and is aware that if the new owners suggest you this change can be good for them in the future to take the rough with the smooth, because basically, they have not lived up to the requirements.

McLaren denied yesterday that Toro Rosso He has put as a stop 18 hours from Sunday afternoon to reach an agreement between all parties, but if not this evening at any time next week should be an announcement, with the chassis ready by 2018 in the absence deciding which engine fit, vital decision to finish the car in the final sprint.

Yesterday Fernando Alonso, while maintaining that precarious balance between what you want and what you can say in public, continued to press his in an interview on the official website of the World """I have to make this decision. but also my team, McLaren. We have all the ingredients to be a great team, we just need to be more competitive, so I hope we find competitive package for next year. That would make it much easier to make the decision. Believing is one thing, but I need to see real results. "