Scania G320 Hybrid, a hybrid truck tested

Scania G320 Hybrid, our test photosScania G320 Hybrid, our test photosScania G320 Hybrid, our test photosScania G320 Hybrid, our test photos

The usual obstacles to the urban transit as a matter of weight Y dimensions add the restrictions by environmental issues. One answer to the need for sustainable transport is this hybrid truck by the name of Scania G320 Hybrid.

He Scania G320 Hybrid It is a truck heavy distribution settings 6x2 with single wheels on the last axle, although it also offers Scania 4x2 and 6x2 formats in with twin wheel fixed on the third axis. In this case the last tires rotate in opposite to the front wheel steering direction, which gives a great maneuverability when moving in narrow vials or roundabouts, since this solution technique helps trim the plotted in a meaningful way.

Apparently, Scania G320 Hybrid is a rigid like any other truck, but under his cargo box hides a hybrid powertrain at low speeds allowed to flow propelled by a electric motor. The kinematic chain comprises a conventional mechanical cylinder nine five liter develops 320 hp and can also operate with biodiesel. The range euro 6 get it by adopting the system of exhaust gas recirculation EGR.

The hybrid propulsion system, which allows fuel savings up to 18 percent, complete with an electric motor of 178 hp sandwiched between the diesel mechanics and Opticruise gearbox. The entire system is managed by the so-called Hybrid Power Unit (HPU), which is a box located on the left side of the frame.

Scania G320 HybridScania G320 Hybrid: all in a drawer

In it are grouped compactly the Li-ion batteries of 5 kWh, the inverter transforms the direct current into alternating accumulators and converter performs the functions of alternator and transforms the current 650 to 24 volts to power the electric motor.

Given the high operating temperatures the whole has a refrigerant circuit that, as with oil gearbox, available for cooling a electric fan heatsink.

We get at the wheel of the Hybrid G320 and although apparently the board does not differ from the usual in this model, the fact is that in this version the information offered is totally different, and some buttons to launch the system.

At center box us two strips appear with scales that show, the first of them, the amount of battery disposal, while the top spending tells us we are doing. In this same picture we can see the percentage of energy we are recovering in time to slow down.

Unlike what happens when we drive a truck with a diesel engine in Scania G320 Hybrid is no problem stepping on Brake, On the contrary, since we will thereby contributing to the Battery recharge energy.

The system helps the driver maintains a ongoing assessment of the attitude of the driver, punctuating a scale of stars anticipation driving, the possible sudden braking or in which efficiency is shown in advance to recover energy.

Actually driver initially needs a "reprogramming "mental, since it must use different driving patterns to normal in order to achieve maximum utilization of the ecological possibilities of this truck.

Throttle management has to be done very gently, which will be operational only the electric motor, because if we try to start a mandatory system quickly "pull" Diesel tank to ensure acceleration.

Scania G320 HybridWe activate the ignition key and at first the heat engine it starts. Then we press the button on the console to the right side of the board to activate the hybrid system, because without it the truck will operate in a conventional manner at all times.

Scania G320 Hybrid: Two modes in one

This "bipolarity" allows vehicles to move in Diesel from bases in the suburbs to the central area of ​​the city, preserving battery power and increasing it when the layout permits, for later use at the required time.

In this central panel are two more buttons. One is the triggering Silent mode and for which the vehicle is driven only with the electric motor not exceeding 45 km / h and other is Quick Regenerative braking, what It increases the resilience of the energy generated by the brake.

We chose the Economy mode of the three offered by the change opticruise and the program chooses the 5th gear to get moving with weighing 17 tons in total this test unit, although given its 6x2 configuration the MMA is 26 tons.

We pressed gently throttle and we get moving in absolute silence, while marches jump consecutively and we will increase our speed. Unlike a conventional truck at the time we lift off the throttle to reduce or maintain speed, we must begin to step on the brake to recover the energy generated by the electric motor acting as a generator.

He truck keeps the push and slide much ease, while on the board screen we will see as the percentage of stream recovered. No problem of overheating the brakes to operate the pedal, because at first is regeneration produced by the electric motor which exerts drag and if we go beyond that point an indication board tells us that we are also working with the Brake. At this point the gearbox also proceeds to reduce one or more gears to enhance the holding effect.

Scania G320 HybridMoreover circulating the expressways electric mode deactivates the past 45 km / h, moment from which their behavior and performance is similar to any diesel truck. When we enter urban road we activate Silent mode and the heat engine is stopped only impelling electrical.

It is at this time when we put all the care in the world, since the noise emission is so low-below the 71 decibels- it is quite possible that pedestrians not notice our presence.

Besides its hybrid drive, especially interesting in today's highly polluted cities, this truck we liked especially a Opticruise change developments that manages to win with very little throttle speed without generating a high energy expenditure or require the extra supply of the diesel engine.

Scania G320 Hybrid: Conclusion

No doubt seems a interesting proposal, as we maintain their properties in terms of performance and autonomy we are facing a truck with sufficient capacity and can enter restricted traffic areas for environmental issues. In addition you can also operate at night thanks to its low noise emissions.

Scania G320 Hybrid. Data sheet



Inline five-cylinder with four valves per cylinder


Euro 6 by EGR system


9,290 cc

Diesel power

320 hp at 1,900 rpm

par Diesel

160 Nm between 1,050 and 1,300 rpm

Electric power

174 hP

Electrical couple

100.5 Nm




12 + 2

Group relationship

2.92: 1


front axle

Parabolic leaf springs with shock absorbers and stabilizer bar.

Rear axle

air suspension with stabilizer bar


front axle

Ventilated discs

Rear axle

Ventilated discs

engine brake

Effect electric motor

Secondary brake




12,700 kg


26,000 kg

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