Z-Truck Iveco, this is the truck of the future

Photo Truck future, Z-Truck IvecoPhoto Truck future, Z-Truck IvecoPhoto Truck future, Z-Truck IvecoPhoto Truck future, Z-Truck Iveco

He Z-Truck Iveco is a "Concept truck" autonomous and sustainable for transport long distance, powered by Biogas-biomethane liquefied (LNG) and a autonomy from 2,200 kilometers. qualified "Zero Impact" It incorporated in its development twenty different patents, one improved aerodynamics, a system what reuses he waste heat that is lost through the exhaust and a set of devices and technologies automatic driving They are contributing to reduce accidents and completely change the role of conductor.

The position of driving futuristic here becomes a workplace free from conventional constraints, forming part of a space which can reconfigured according to the needs. He LNG engine develops 460 hp and supplemented with automatic transmission Sixteen relations with "Powershift" in the higher gears. The tires are from low resistance rolling.

The deposits They are squares, with a only bocana recharge, constructed in aluminum and equipping an innovative multilayer insulation what protects of the thermal radiation and prevents the expansion of the LNG temperature rise. his novel geometry It allows capacity total of 1200 liters with a autonomy from 2,200 kilometers.

Z-Truck Iveco, this is the truck of the futureThe cabin Z-Truck You can reconfigure easily and for this the rear wall It is can travel backward 500 mm. Meanwhile the HMI interface ensures that the driver available overview and all information necessary to carry out its task. all these news They are projecting in real time through a intelligent windshield.

He seat, the system steering wheel (Aircraft type), the pedals and the center console make up a unity itself suspended Independent cabin. On the other hand the system air conditioner creates a "Climate bubble" enveloping the entire drive platform, so that the driver can enjoy temperature conditions without airflows.