What is the best footwear to drive?

Driving shoesDriving shoesDriving shoesDriving shoes

With the heat of summer, plays take seasonal footwear. You have to keep your boots and put in the front row summer shoes, namely, sandals, ballerinas, flip flops, espadrilles, and others. This time of year allows us to look chilly feet and go to work, walk or wherever we go. But watch out, when you touch climb behind the wheel, even for a short drive, it is advisable to use a suitable footwear. We tell you the pros and cons of shoes season.

Flip flops

They are not recommended to drive. Usually, these types of footwear not subject either foot, the sole is pretty loose. That could be a problem if we circulate especially in city and jam, since the clutch again and again is too much movement of feet and flip-flop can be released more easily. If the sows are your weakness, you get yourself a plus fit in the toe, heel. For example, a Minorcan.


Could be the perfect to drive, provided they are for your size and you can not leave shoes. You take your foot subject and can move freely and assured that "do not miss". The only "but" these shoes is that if you're just spoiling of you drive very often. The back of the dancer wears and he ends up looking like an accordion.


Against you can think of, if they have a little heel, the better. Foot movement will be more natural and will cost less depressing the pedals. Without going over. The important thing, as in almost all types of footwear, is to go foot footwear subject and not too heavy. Not advisable to match the lace around the ankle. It could rid the loop and hook up with the pedals causing an accident.

Flips flops

Also if they have two or three centimeters of heel, the better. And if they are sandals that hold the entire foot, too. If they are high-heeled could happen to two things: first, that both the pedals befor breaking heels. And the second, which eventually will do a hole mat by wear and you hook the heel on it.

We were with ...

Less feminine but more comfortable and safe to drive are the sneakers. Now you have very simple and quick to put on and remove. If you drive every day, a good idea would be Always leave the car a couple of these "sports" calzártelas before to get behind the wheel. safety first.