Five tablets to entertain the kids in the car

Tablets ideal for traveling with kids in the carTablets ideal for traveling with kids in the carTablets ideal for traveling with kids in the carTablets ideal for traveling with kids in the car

Tablets are many on the market, but that are specific to children, not so much. However, many of today's tablets, with good Parental control, They can also be used by smaller on long car trips. Before 4 years, it's best to choose a tablet-toy, such as Vtech, which only incorporate games. The Imaginarium -Paquito Mini- is ideal for older children, allowing download applications. From 9 to 10 years, it is best to opt for tablets like Lenovo or Gigaset, which are not specific to children, and allow them watch movies in the car.

Vtech Storio 3S

It is available in two colors and contains 19 applications as an art studio for drawing and coloring, a library of interactive stories, games with motion sensor, an MP3 music player, a camera and video, clock, stopwatch, microphone, calendar ... Also, new presents an application wifi -Kiddi Connect- so the little ones can communicate with their parents smartphones and other tablets Storio. It is aimed at children aged between 3 and 9 years.

Price: 89,99 euros

Lenovo Yoga 2

To enjoy movies on board and on the couch in your home thanks to its 8-inch screen and a stereo speakers front surround sound. It is the choice for the most demanding, something that is also reflected in the price. incorporates Windows 8.1 and its battery lasts up to 15 hours. Thanks to its cylindrical battery and backplate, you can use the device in book form, wedge, stand or table, depending on what you are going to give. Integra also rear chamber 8 MP.

Price: 249 euros

Gigaset QV830

It is not a specific tablet for children but is ideal for them and also for beginners because it is very simple to use, has a compact size 8 inches and a good price. The operating system uses Android 4.2.2., known as Jelly Bean and uses a Wi high speed, Ideal for all apps downloaded from Google Play that we want for children. It has a screen specially scratch resistant and front and rear cameras that allow photos and videos with HD quality.

Price: 99 euros

Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Designed for smaller house, with numerous accounts educational applications and incorporates parental control tools and time manager to limit its use. Its applications in the form of sticker, are larger and more colorful to attract the attention of kids in the house. It is designed with cartoon characters, fun music and you you can have fun changing the character of the interface. Among its most popular applications find Disney Channel Replay, Pocoyo TV or Learn English with Zoe.

Price: 99 euros

Paquito Mini

Star is the tablet stores Imaginarium. It has an 8-inch screen and is designed for young audiences design, starting with the monkey drawn on the center button. You have several options for parental control and a host of applications for children, highlighting the agenda for school or rewards for parents put the child goals, as they met, they give awards. also integrates a rear camera and a front one HDMI connection to connect to TV or bluetooth.

Price: 170 euros

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