How to buy the cheapest car: all the tricks

How to buy the cheapest car: all the tricks

The time is gold. When buying the car, this maxim holds more than fifty percent of the cases: certain periods of the year are more favorable for the seller offers you a vehicle at a better price or, at least, more equipment, which ultimately also it means savings.

Key dates to buy a cheap car

The end of the month, quarter, semester and year-end are the best times to buy a new car. In the first case, you'll benefit from you additional discounts for certain units having the dealership, which must meet minimum sales imposed by the manufacturer.

At the end of any of the four quarters or two semesters, as above is repeated, except that selling pressure is greater: an extra client at the last moment can reach the quota, so are frequent offers in recent days and even hours.

By the end of the year, again you have the same scenario, only Dealer pressure by "placing" a car is even greater: Do not hesitate and let yourself be loved.

Other ways to save on buying

Sometimes arrive at the price you want to pay for a car is impossible, for many discounts that you apply. Dealers have a profit margin very content about the value of the vehicle, about 10 percent. So, however much you want to scratch at the end accounts may not get out.

One way to achieve the price you want to stay with one of the cars they already have at the dealership, either because they are enrolled models -what does not mean you have more than one hundred miles-be In Stock -many dealers begin to incur significant financial costs when the car is stopped 60 days- or exposure models. In all cases, the car is what it is: engine, equipment, color, finished ... you can not choose. If you're not very punctilious, go ahead!

In late summer or early autumn arrive many models are renewed slightly for example, change the headlights or stop engine and market a determined-dealers must get rid of those obsolete: is the perfect time to bid lower.

Not lose sight the 'restyling': the change in a particular model is greater and the need for dealer "disappear" the old is compelling, while brand often obliged to make settlements with very good rates.

And if you buy a pre-owned car?

This option may not enter the first in your plans, but If you want to save for real and you care little brand, cars with few kilometers and months are a great opportunity to economize.

Before laze by the pool, well define what you want to model as well as the maximum age of the car and use that has been given; Note that not all brands are devalued equally, so that sometimes the price difference between a new and a used vehicle is barely noticeable.

Our advice is that the car you choose not exceed one year from their enrollment and 30,000 kilometers Tours: in this way, You'll have the manufacturer's warranty, established in two years.

Three key tips to save

Before going to the dealer, make a virtual drive configuration you want on the website of the manufacturer: so you get an idea of ​​the price and cost of optional equipment.

Buy off-season allows access to a greater discount; for example, a convertible in winter.

Less popular models or certain bodies have better prices and more likely to benefit from discounts.