Ssangyong XAVL, so the new seven-seater SUV

Ssangyong XAVL. the best pictures of an interesting SUVSsangyong XAVL. the best pictures of an interesting SUVSsangyong XAVL. the best pictures of an interesting SUVSsangyong XAVL. the best pictures of an interesting SUV

Although presented as a concept car at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, it is difficult to avoid what Ssangyong easily than such cars pass, with few variations, production. And that hope will happen with the baroque Ssangyong XAVL, with a design (Robust Aesthetics) Korando inspired by the 90s, depending on the brand.

With its 4.63 m long occupy a place above the Ssangyong XVL (4.40 m, de facto, a version "long" Ssangyong Tivoli) providing additionally availability three rows of seats with a total of seven seats. As a concept, each of them occupies a Independent bench in XAVL, an idea that probably would not reach the car production at cost. These seats are foldable and slidable in order to provide maximum flexibility for transporting passengers or cargo.

Ssangyong XAVLSsangyong XAVL, engines and equipment

Its proximity to the production car is such that even Ssangyong anticipates that engines could have the XAVL, both supercharged. On the one hand, an unprecedented 1.5 petrol 163 hp; on the other, the familiar 1.6-liter diesel, but with 135 hp. In both cases, combined with front and boxes six-speed manual transmission, but the Diesel may also have an automatic with the same number of relationships. Both engines count with Stop / Start system and, respectively, with an average consumption of 6.5 and 4.6 l / 100 km. With automatic transmission, the Diesel would be 5.7 l / 100 km, the equivalent of 150 g / km CO2.

Between the Ssangyong electronic aids XAVL would be the collision warning or collision, with automatic braking; which selects the type of illumination according to the traffic, the maintenance system in the rail vehicle detection within the blind or set of cross traffic alert. Also a semi-automatic parking system.

Contributions would be striking the airbag that extends over the hood is struck or appearing between the two occupants of the front seats, separating them.

A infotainment system based on a screen of 10.3 "allow Internet access to all passengers also allow browser control, air conditioning, telephone ...