The Opel GT Concept shown a own future interior

Opel GT Concept 2017, futuristic interiorOpel GT Concept 2017, futuristic interiorOpel GT Concept 2017, futuristic interiorOpel GT Concept 2017, futuristic interior

He Opel GT Concept could lead to a return to market a model sports court who was born in 1968 after the presentation of his concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show 1965. It featured a 1.9-liter engine offering a power of 90 hp, enough at the time for a car that weighs 940 kg.

Then step would be given to the arrival in 2007 of a modern Opel GT and presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2006. In this case, the two-seater sports offered higher performance, up to 260 hp specifically. In addition, your body convertible with fabric roof broke with the closed coupe line first Opel GT.

Inside the future for the Opel GT 2017

Again, using the Geneva Motor Show 2016, Opel GT Concept It gives way to what could be the third interpretation of the sporty, rear-wheel drive car and a very particular design, no door handles and no buttons in the cockpit.

The solution is to make use of a touch system for virtually all functions Opel GT, with the Voice Control as an alternative option. Mirrors disappear and give way to a camera located behind the front wheel arches, reflecting what happens in the back of the car located in a left and right of the driver screens. He steering wheel design with three radios is next to the name, the only thing it shares with the first Opel GT left the factory back in 1968.

Opel also speak of integration man-machine (HMI), a system artificial intelligence able to adapt to the driver and not vice versa, as usual. Thanks to this, Opel GT Concept It is able to detect music, temperature or path desired by the user, based on a memory that works by customs that could be stored or preset distance before reaching the car.

If he Opel GT Concept understood, how to drive, the user wants to use a sporty drive, automatically displayed on the central screen data such as G forces or the longitudinal acceleration.

Moreover, since Opel talking about the possibility of configure the system to talk to the driver and say phrases like: "Be careful with that motorcycle coming from behind."

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