911 R, 991 units pleasure

911 R, the lightest911 R, the lightest911 R, the lightest911 R, the lightest

The new 911 R He was born in Geneva in 2016 to satisfy the senses. Not a supercar more, it is a version limited to 991 units that has been done to celebrate many things as well as sad farewell others. A Porsche loves to special and limited versions based on the 911 for several reasons. The first is that it manages to maintain the exclusivity of its products, the second because it follows its own tradition and the third because it always makes a limited series has it sold sometimes even before putting it on sale, and this will be the case Porsche 911 R. Born to mark the 1967 version 911 R, a lightened version of the 911 that was made to homologate competition and brought many victories to Porsche. 911 R is reborn as parting of the aspirated engines in the 911 Carrera, already all supercharged and enhance the spirit of traditional light versions that we love the purists of the brand.

911 R

Despite the red bands you see in the images, which can also be green, 911 R is a "discreet" car, at least more than 911 versions GT3 or GT3 RS. Uses the 991.1 GT3 body, ie the current 911 but without the restyling. With the shares the bumper and adds a specific diffuser R, They are denoting what we will find inside. He carries a small front spliter, which protects Porsche offering the option of the system 30 mm raises the nose to blow button for entry ramps or complicated sites. Lacks the huge rear wing and instead you opt for the traditional Carrera, swing but with a grid design itself. The front hood and the wheel arches are carbon, while the roof is magnesium and the rear side windows and rear window are plastic. It uses the entire propulsion system GT3 RS and all arms suspension and GT3 cushions. The exhaust is titanium and brakes has opted for PCCB ceramic discs.

Uses the engine 4.0 atmospheric 991 GT3 RS 500 hp but with the difference that this time can only bring the manual. his 6-speed box is instead of 7 featuring Carrera as a matter of max torque admitted. This change has many chances of reaching offered in the GT3 RS, albeit in a small limited edition; technically possible, it is only a matter of global emissions of the 911 range, which have now fallen by turbocharged engines. It takes system that helps reductions with automatic heel tip, which can be disconnected. It is powered with mechanical limited slip differential, bearings and bushings and, therefore, its rear wheels system guidelines. Its gear ratio is closed and carries a final development in sixth which allows a maximum speed of 323 km / h, 310 km / h announces the GT3 RS with the same engine, difference also partly due to the aerodynamic brake rear spoiler. Weighs 1,370 kg, 50 unless a RS, thus also lowers the center of gravity. Accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds and 0 to 200 km / h in 11.6 seconds, with an official average consumption of 13.3 l / 100 km. Its drag coefficient is 0.32.

911 R

The interior features carbon baquets upholstery reminiscent of the model 60. The steering wheel is specific to this release and is 360 mm in diameter. The rest of the interior trim is formed of aluminum, carbon and skin. Retrieves type door handles tape and no rear seats. Radio and climate control are optional in search of the minimum weight. Its price in Spain is 217,000 euros, although as is the sale of second hand we are convinced that it will increase considerably.

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