Volvo V40 2016: interesting changes before the new generation

Volvo V40 2016, major renovationVolvo V40 2016, major renovationVolvo V40 2016, major renovationVolvo V40 2016, major renovation

The rumor mill pointed to Volvo would present this year a new generation of its model compact V40, but what we see in the Geneva Motor Show will be a last upgrade from design, engines Y equipment to strengthen the market positioning of the current V40 and its version crossover, the V40 Cross Country.

The new lighthouses forwards are the hallmark of Volvo V40 2016, that following the line style new Volvo, draw with daylight from leds a line representing hammer Thor, the god of thunder in Norse mythology.

Nowadays, volvo It has applied every effort to renovate his spectrum high, first with the SUV XC90 and from there, under the same modular platform SPA new conception, new saloon S90 and then the familial variant V90. He V90 It will be the big news volvo at Geneva Motor Show and to a lesser extent, it has already been presented to the press with dynamic test including the sedan variant S90.

with its spectrum high ambitiously renovated, volvo He then undertake the renewal from his model compact, he V40. Could be 2018 when it came to the market and on a new platform. For the current V40, volvo He took the platform Ford Focus contemporary, at a time which was owned Volvo brand jacket. Now in the hands of group Chinese Gely, volvo seems to go through an economically excellent condition (its more than 500,000 units sold in 2015 is a record for Swedish brand) And in this sense, volvo dispose of own resources for him full development of a new model by their standards.

Volvo On Call Volvo V40 in 2016

The intelligent application call Volvo On Call, allowing remote access and control over a wide range of functions in the car receives a substantial update also becomes part of the renewed Volvo V40 2016.

In this last evolution of Volvo On Call Service already have portable connectivity (Apple Watch / Android Wear) associated with the new system Microsoft Band 2, which allows control and voice commands for certain functions smartphones based on the Windows 10 operating system.

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