Official: so is the Honda Civic Type R 2017

The new Honda Civic Type R 2017 in picturesThe new Honda Civic Type R 2017 in picturesThe new Honda Civic Type R 2017 in picturesThe new Honda Civic Type R 2017 in pictures

The Type R version of the new Honda Civic it's official, after appearing at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. Within four months, and in July, will reach dealers of the brand.

This time, and contrary to what is happening in previous generations, the new Honda Civic Type R 2017 is available virtually from start marketing the new Civic.

He 2017 Honda Civic Type R It offers a very spectacular image, even more than the previous model and could almost pass for a race car approved for road rolling. It has done a painstaking work in the wind tunnel and has thus with multiple aerodynamic devices. It is not a simple "aesthetic makeup" and each element has a specific function for excellent drag coefficient and both a high lift at high speed.

He new monocoque chassis of the 2017 Honda Civic Type R also offers many advantages from the point of view of dynamics, and the proof is that It is a 52 percent stiffer than before, while the wheelbase It allows more comfort and improve their behavior, what is also achieved thanks to the new multilink suspension rear replacing the previous torsional axis. As in the previous generation model, the dampers They are piloted, but in this case there are three operating modes that can be selected depending on the driving program; therefore also it varies the setting of the address, throttle response and operation of the driving aids.

2017 Honda Civic Type RHonda Civic Type R 2017: engine

He motor of the 2017 Honda Civic Type R remains the 2 liter turbocharged, but thanks to slight changes in the electronic management, They earn 10 hp more power to reach 320 total CV, while the pair maximum is maintained in 40.78 mkg. It also retains the six-speed manual transmission with mechanical limited slip differential, but it has improved the operation of the selector; also has a system that acts as point-heel when reducing and operated either driving modes chosen.

Honda Civic Type R above also powerful equipment remains Brembo brakes, although in this case we have chosen a different and special tires Continental SportContact-about 6, specifically developed for this mounted model- 20-inch wheels instead of 19 ", and measuring 245/30 R20.

Although there is still much more official data, there is already speculation that the performance of the new Honda Civic Type R are basically the same as the previous model: It takes 5.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, reaching a top speed of about 270 km / h. What we do It has improved substantially They are the dynamic qualities thanks to a chassis that offers and promises a much higher curve behavior. Soon we will check.

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