Citroën 4X4 SpaceTourer: SUV van to go to the field

Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 best photosCitroën SpaceTourer 4X4 best photosCitroën SpaceTourer 4X4 best photosCitroën SpaceTourer 4X4 best photos

Citroen will unveil the next 7 at Geneva Motor Show its new model SpaceTourer 4X4. A model for the moment It's just a prototype, with the maker Gallic reaffirms their offensive the market models SUV for use family.

He Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 It is an interpretation design department based on the version the same model with front-wheel drive to which applies a new style and reinforces equipment practical, all to set up a casual model, oriented to adventure and tours OffRoad, in what has been called Lifestyke.

For that has a system four-wheel drive 4X4 developed by the firm Automobiles Dangel, already equips with this device other models brand, and together with the modifications and reinforcements made in the suspension elevated body 60 mm according to the serial version.

Citroën 4x4 SpaceTourerThe personalization Citroën aesthetics SpaceTourer 4X4 reinforces with the addition of protections in the part lead Y later, while you install bars slide on the roof and added serigraphs They are highlighting their condition 4X4.

Inside 4X4 is the SpaceTourer based on the concept Citröen Advanced Comfort and can accommodate up nine passengers, what access both sides through doors slidable opening from free hands.

The provision technology also stands at a very high level with elements are managed through the screen Touch 7 " or by recognition voice as the system Connect Nav navigation.

Has as well camera viewing trasera, recognition speed limits, change involuntary lane, from surveillance blind spot, with other elements from security as active, alert brakes risk collision or speed regulator.