The 10 most reliable cars of 2016, according to Consumer Reports

The most reliable cars of 2016The most reliable cars of 2016The most reliable cars of 2016The most reliable cars of 2016

The annual survey Consumer Reports returns to show us what the most reliable cars of 2016. To reach these conclusions, tests are done to models on the market and carry out numerous surveys users of these cars, taking into account up to 17 areas from which conclusions can be drawn about the problems or not you can give a particular car.

We present the list of the most reliable cars of 2016 in North America:

1. Toyota Prius

The new generation of Toyota Prius has come up with improvements in its consumption hybrid powertrain, as well as building a new platform, a longer body, wider and lower than before and a quieter and enjoyable driving. All this has made the first on the list of most reliable cars 2016 is placed.

2. Lexus CT 200h

It is not surprising that the Lexus CT 200h between glued to the Toyota Prius, since both share the same hybrid technology. Recall that Lexus is the luxury brand owned by Toyota. A comfort while driving and fairly low levels of noise, consumption quite content and quality finish that fits expected in the segment are added. We could say that is one level above (as for finishes and equipment is concerned) with respect to its twin, the Toyota Auris Hybrid.

3. Infiniti Q70

He Infiniti Q70 Stomp in its segment thanks to its ease of handling, a very right direction and good insulation of the compartment, which is presented with a perceived quality and generous space. Mechanical features among its options and V6 powerful V8 engines.

4. Audi Q3

Audi Q3

Available with front or all-wheel drive, has been able to behave as a rival examples of other small SUV like BMW X1 and the Mercedes-Benz GLA, even to touch closely the quality and behavior of his older brother Audi Q5.

5. GX

The same parent as the Toyota 4Runner, It turns out to be one of the few all terrain Guarding traditional essence of this segment. A powerful V8 gasoline engine and optimal qualities for towing loads characterize this car. It has a third row of seats that not everything is comfortable in other models, but can be folded to have a larger trunk. The interior features luxury finishes and well worked.

6. Lexus GS

Again the Toyota luxury brand returns to the list, with Lexus GS, a car that competes effectively against other German saloons and which has powerful mechanical variants, with an option for rear or all-wheel drive and power up the sporty GS F version with eight-cylinder engine in 'V'.

7. Mercedes-Benz GLC

Natural substitute Mercedes-Benz GLK, still has a cabin with luxury finishes and growing slightly in space for passengers in the back row. The Mercedes-Benz GLC has several optional driver assistance devices and safety, as well as a sports version called GL43 AMG and extras that can turn into a car every day, in a sports and even a car to leave the asphalt on time.

8. Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze

He Chevrolet Cruze 2016 It not is known for having powerful engines, although by a very smooth behavior that contributes to the comfort during movement. In the rear it is quite spacious and infotainment system connects mobile devices with OS Android or Manzana.

9. Audi Q7

The luxury SUV large is one of the most popular in its segment. East Audi Q7 It has all the advanced technology of the Volkswagen Group both mechanically and finishes and equipment. Comfortable, powerful and at the level of the best in its class vehicle.

10. Toyota 4Runner

Something underneath her brother group Lexus GX, we find the Toyota 4Runner, a hard vehicle, the SUV before and with important capabilities'off-road'. I worked somewhat less than the Lexus model, the 4Runner comes somewhat abrupt in their behavior and also has an optional third row of seats, but that, like Lexus, not too comfortable.

* Source: Consumer Reports