My car always in the shop, can I change it for another?

My car always in the shop, can I change it for another?

If you are not satisfied, your money back. Well, no. On the issue of automobile purchase this unique sentence does not apply. Imagine you buy a car and the next week you detect its first judgment and you have to take it to the shop. I'll arrange and have 15 days to repair it again. I'm sure you think, first, 'Go Lucky me,' and second, 'please let me change the other, this not already trust'. For the moment, you'd stay with the desire.

At first we will give a new car because according to the legal guarantee must be given opportunity for the manufacturer to repair the vehicle, because the return is not automatic. If you give it, but finally after several comings and goings to the shop the car is likely doldrums then have a chance. Although we are warned that it is not easy.

Also keep in mind the issue of taxes that are implicit in the purchase of the car. The manufacturer if he would return the vehicle, but not the share of taxes. The law does not allow compensation of those taxes paid for the car, so even if we change the car taxes again we will have to pay. The user must take back the VAT and registration tax.

A lot of opportunities

How many chances should be given to the manufacturer until it is deemed that I should give themselves a new car? Should we reach 24? For it is not stipulated by law, so we have a problem here. Mario Arnaldo, president of European Automobile Associates reason are three chances, but almost always have to make a claim. We must act against the seller, the dealer. These will deviate from the manufacturer, but you have to claim from the seller. Usually they win cases whenever you accredit an expert report stating that the vehicle was not satisfied. That is to say, Amicable usually no money back or change car.

Will I get replacement car?

You must know that the legal guarantee is a full guarantee so that this process should cause the least possible disruption to the user. This means that although not required by law to provide a replacement vehicle or courtesy can sometimes be desirable to avoid situations where referimosa reclamaciones.Nos repair time exceeds normal or reasonable time in which case we would enter what the rules of protection of consumidoresdenomina "major drawbacks" for elconsumidor.

It could establish reasonable repair time within 20 working days, not counting the time it takes the arrival of spare parts duly accredited. After this period, and always assessing the circumstances, you might consider the inconvenience beyond what can reasonably be expected. Given these drawbacks, which are difficult to evaluate, the seller or shop may run the risk that the customer will claim the price reduction or termination of the contract. It would also be possible to claim compensation for damages,

Is the warranty period is suspended while the vehicle is repaired?

Yes, repair suspends the calculation of deadlines warranty. When the officer is making workshop repair calculating the period is interruptedclaim during the duration of the said repair. The suspension period will start from the vehicle available to the seller and will conclude with the delivery vehicle already repaired. Thus, if the vehicle had 2-year warranty and during this time is in the shop 20 days, the warranty period ends at 2 years and 20 days from delivery.