Brands most reliable cars in Europe, according to the OCU

Brands most reliable cars in Europe, according to the OCU

Again, the Japanese car brands copar return to the top of studies reliability. The Organization Consumers and Users (OCU) of Spain in collaboration with its European partners Belgium, Italy, France and Portugal They have compiled the views of some More than 30,000 European drivers. According to the responses of motorists on the Old Continent, Honda, Lexus Y Toyota are the three brands of cars most reliable time.

At ranking of the 10 most reliable car brands in Europe right now, the only three brands of European cars among manufacturers with fewer problems in their cars are BMW, Audi and Dacia. Other places of Top Ten, in addition to the aforementioned Honda, Lexus and Toyota, They include four Asian manufacturers. On the opposite side, the car makes less reliable the study of the OCU and its European partners are Alfa Romeo, Dodge and SsangYong.

In the interesting reliability study prepared by the OCU and its European partners have received more than 70,000 valuations of all types of drivers. This report also collected the most common faults that have occurred in the cars during the last 12 months (those caused by accidents are excluded).

Ranking of the 10 most reliable cars brands in Europe

1. Honda: 93 (reliability index)

2. Lexus: 92

3. Toyota: 92

4. BMW: 90

5. Mazda: 90

6. Mitsubishi: 89

7. Kia: 89

8. Subaru: 89

9. Audi: 89

10. Dacia: 89

Brands most reliable cars: more frequent breakdowns

According to the study by the OCU and its European partners, one in three drivers admit to having to take the car to the shop for a breakdown.

The Frequent breakdowns or problems cars at European level have occurred for several reasons: 21 percent for issues related to the electrical system (lights, fuses, etc.), 11 percent related issues brakes, 10 percent by the engine electronics, 8 percent by problems of steering, suspension and tires, 8 percent by faults in the feed system of the engine (carburetor, fuel pump, turbocharger, etc.), 7 percent to specific parts of the motor (belt distribution boards ...), 6 per cent by problems heating and air conditioning, 5 percent by problems related to engine cooling and 5 percent related by the clutch and gearbox.

The most reliable cars

He 2008 Honda Jazz 1.2 is the most reliable car at European level of more than 433 cars included in the reliability study of the OCU and its partners on the continent. The compact car segment C has fewer problems in Europe has been the Ford Focus 1.6 petrol engine; between saloons, the Seat Exeo 2.0 TDI, he Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight; among MPVs, Scénic 1.6 dCi Renault and Toyota Verso 2.0 D4-D, while the fashion segment, the SUV, the most reliable was the Volvo XC60 2.0 Diesel.

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