The most reliable small cars urban

The most reliable small cars urbanThe most reliable small cars urbanThe most reliable small cars urbanThe most reliable small cars urban

Renault Twingo. Score 17.5 / 20

Renault Twingo

Even threatened by ambitious competitors, the Twingo confirms domain of the category. Continues to provide exceptional level of reliability. Nonconformity of the valve cotters which could result in an engine failure in 1.2 16V, It is affecting some units, Fixed and assembly lines Douvrin plant in France, and Curitiba, in Brazil, have also improved their process. However, it is not uncommon to have to go back to the shop because of problems radio. The patter observed in certain diesel engine units have been eradicated reprogramming of the engine ECU. Defects oil radiators have been replaced under warranty and the anchoring system of the front seats has required an adjustment in the workshop, as well as timonería certain gearboxes.

quality 5/5

While the various elements of the cabin small diamond Brand assemblies enjoy enough care, however, its quality, very Basic, leaves to be desired. Furthermore, particularly sensitive to reveal scratches. As for the blocking system front seats, He has needed a correction in the workshop ...

Our opinion

The Twingo exceptional reliability unfortunately will not be enough to hold off competitors. Sometimes better built than the Renault, They are about to propose an equivalent level of reliability.

VW Up !. Score: 16.5 / 20

VW Up!

Since its launch in early 2012, the Up!, same as him Seat Mii and the Skoda Citigo, It has revealed an excellent level of reliability. Although this is no impediment to having benefited from some rectifications aftermarket. Some noisy compressors air conditioning They have been replaced. Some GPS portable reprogramming needed in the workshop. But no major defect has been recorded.

quality 5/5

Rare in this segment, enrases of the pieces do not deserve any criticism, while the interior is revealed as the best finish all small, with materials quality, well adjusted.

Our opinion

VW It gives the blow to trim level, worthy of higher categories. But only once you have eradicated their problems of youth, the Up! You can take the lead in the category.

Fiat 500. Score: 16/20

Fiat 500

Extremely reliable, the Fiat 500 continues, however, still subject to some rectifications, leves in all cases. In late spring, a series of models equipped with the 1.4 16v They were called to review by a manufacturing defect of the pistons. In some TwinAir twin-cylinder, turbos and ignition coils had to be replaced. Furthermore, in certain Mjt 1.3, the setscrew master brake and an element of the steering cylinder must be changed.

Quality. 3/5

He 500 benefits from a real manufacturing care. Unleashing stylistic refinement it is accompanied by materials and adjustments are from good bill. However, some cabrio convertible tops have given failures.


This "starlette" I could have revealed whimsical reliability, but nothing further. Various grinding operations play only very minor faults and affect very few models.

Ford Ka. Score: 16/20

Ford Ka

except some lighthouses that lit unexpectedly, certain rear brake drums noisy and some cases of recalcitrant changes, the small Ford He has shown no more than minor faults. It has been known, however, some updated fixations dishes rear brake pin and front seat belt, and changes in the gimbal steering column.

Quality. 3/5

If the passenger compartment Ka enjoys a less chic aesthetic than the 500, finishing quality is up. Outside, a few important criticisms. You obtain a good assembly.

Our opinion

The result of collaboration between Ford Y Fiat, Ka is produced in Tichy (Poland) in the same factory as the 500 and Panda, who bequeathed fiabilizados components. Manufacturing seriousness Ka is indisputable.

Hyundai i10. Score: 15.5 / 20

Hyundai i10

While the overall reliability is good, some elements of Hyundai i10 It says goodbye now have shown some weaknesses. So the 1.2, certain automatics have had to be reprogrammed to remedy the engine rattle. Some mechanical boxes are locked rear up, needing change sincro. Also the problems with electric power steering, by overheating hydraulic bomb.

Quality. 3/5

Launched in 2008, he i10 He was subjected to restyling 2010, thus benefiting therefore a more elegant presentation, making it rank among the best utility finishes.

Our opinion

inadvertent i10 It offers only important advantages: 5 doors, 5 seats, 5 year warranty, a serious construction and high reliability.

Peugeot 107. Score: 14.5 / 20

Peugeot 107

We can say that, generally speaking, the 107, like their clones, C1 and the Aygo They offer a good level of reliability, but has itself undergone some rectifications. Recently a number of models gasoline equipped with robotized box He has undergone a correction in order to alleviate the throttle malfunction. On the other hand, certain Diesel have recently been called in order to make a modification of the crankshaft.

Quality. 2/5

He cabin accuses the weight of years: plastic, hard, and scratched ring hollow. Assemblies are correct. Always so basic, commanders accuse a certain longevity.

Our opinion

Launched in 2005, and updated 2012, the dean of our selection, produced in the Czech Republic, sets a good level of reliability and manufacturing quality backward against its rivals but very honorable.