The reliability of the 10 best sellers

The reliability of the 10 best sellers

reliability: the new Citroën C4 enjoys generally good reliability. While some units have found some bugs. So the 2.0 HDi 163 were detected fuel leakage due to friction of the oil return pipe on the fuel filter holder. Parking brakes must be reprogrammed in order to enable its automatic connection when the engine is turned off. Startups have also been replaced in the 2.0 HDi.

Quality: alignments and enrases of body elements are correct. The seat fabrics and carpets are correct, but different assemblies interior parts deserve a little more care.

Our opinion: the new C4 is still closer to the first category of compact than the previous model. Manufacturing quality has no reproach. And reliability has progressed considerably over its predecessor.

The Qashqai has had many defects of youth, minor, which brought him back to the shop. First, a defect of positioning of a safety pin at the level of the bearings of the front suspension, responsible for noise in the front. Furthermore, a failure sealing gasket fuel level indicator is detected. The management computer automatic closing doors must be sometimes reprogrammed. On some models you must install a pinion bearing of the steering rack. Currently the Qashqai is reliable, which does not prevent it having made a call to review in order to remedy loss of steering assistance. Its cause malfunction of the electric motor by overheating. Finally brake hoses should also be replaced.

Quality: the Qashqai displays a very honorable quality. Inside, soft materials lining plastics certainly hard, but provided on the top of the dashboard, a knurled surface aesthetic effect. Let us note that in certain units, the smooth deployment of the airbag may be affected by poor design of its support. The latter should be replaced.

Our opinion: a seductive SUV, equipped with a quality finish and an unquestionable reliability, performance worthy of the best saloons road and a competitive price-equipment ratio.

The confidence level 207 is currently correct, although some failures have been detected. Cases of loss management assistance because of a computer malfunction. In certain Peugeot 207 VTi 1.4 and 1.6, the exhaust catalyst must be replaced. In THP gasoline case there are cases ignition witnesses and abnormal rise in engine temperature purge cooling circuit and load new software in the computer engine being necessary. Finally, the malfunctioning of the EGR valve is common in certain Diesel 1.6 HDI 207 90 hp to 110 hp. In 2011, some 1.4 HDI and 1.6 HDi have been called to review design flaws crankshaft and crankcase oil. In any case these actions have affected a few units.

Quality: the application of paints, adjustment of body parts, texture and fixing the various boards do not raise any criticism. Inside, the 207 one aspect to note, certain models equipped with power windows are called to review to benefit from change of a mechanism element.

Our opinion: to retire to accommodate the 208, which begins to be sold shortly, the latter 207, which is manufactured in Villaverde, Madrid, it offers a good level of reliability and quality of finish that has nothing to envy the competition.

reliability: the image of the latest products from Renault, the new Mégane offers a good level of reliability. But lately they have been called to review 40,000 models a problem in the steering assistance. In certain Diesel 1.5 dCi 105 hp intervention in the fuel return tube must be replaced in order to eliminate irregularities of motor rotation, in certain dCi has been necessary. In addition, some undiades Megane must go through a workshop by the power harness starter and alternator as they could deteriorate due to friction in the wheelhouse of change. In others, the skate brake pedal must be replaced. Finally certain dCi 130hp produced in the second half of 2008 is necessary to reprogram the injection computer to optimize the operation of the valve EGR gas recirculation.

Quality: like the current Laguna, the new Mégane exudes seriousness, solidity and sobriety almost perfect ergonomics. Inside, the finish shown very careful and resembles that of a Golf, but everything is not perfect. The dashboard in two-tone colors and is decorated with a soft coating, with high uniformity and precise enrases.

Our opinion: The Megane is one of the best in its segment: it is seductive, is well finished and enjoy exemplary reliability. It has a good after sales service and maintenance costs are very competitive.

reliability: the tail of the best, its reliability is correct but has carried out several calls to review. A related power windows, engine replacement being necessary, others with a failure of engine management software for adjusting the power seats. A small number of columns of nonconforming address have been changed under warranty. In some models ,. BSI (Mainframe multiplexing system) unit has known reprogramming measures. On the other hand, PSA has recalled 308 produced between March and April 2009 to proceed with the replacement of the brake pump. minor problems clogging of the particulate filter and failures with the EGR valve.

Quality: perceived quality elegant presentation impressive and noble materials: the 308 mark up. The finish quality has greatly improved the 307 while presence found sensitive to scratches and uncoated screws hard plastics. In some models, very few, we have encountered problems with the panoramic roof

Our opinion: the current compact Peugeot can give thanks to faults corrected electronics 307 in the beginning: Peugeot compact looks with dignity despite some minor flaws still persist.

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