The most reliable compact the moment

The most reliable compact the momentThe most reliable compact the momentThe most reliable compact the momentThe most reliable compact the moment

Toyota Prius. 18/20

The opinion on the reliability of this third generation Prius is unanimous among its owners. Technical interventions are scarce, although Toyota has had to perform some actions. So, until July 2012 to solve patters address and until August 2012 to solve the noise front axle bearings. his hybrid engine will lack power, suffering jamming of the EGR valve in models produced until summer 2012.

Quality: 2 out of 5 stars

In the course of generations, Toyota It used in modernizing the presentation, but the perceived quality of the whole is always hampered by thin plastic, very resistant to daily use.

Our opinion

There is not much discussion, the Prius is exemplary reliability, so much so that is the best companion of taxi drivers. In addition, repetitive security problems are very rare.

Honda Civic, the second most reliable compactHonda Civic. 17.5 on 20

Very There are few complaints from owners about the impact of the Civic. A note, however, that a recall was carried out in November 2012 to replace the clutch switch. Other than that, the multifunction display can show "playful" (intermittent loss of information ...) and screen system navigation, freezing (reprogramming).

Quality: 3 out of 5 stars

Always singular, the instruments panel Honda Civic has received an improved treatment, but plastics are susceptible to scratches and uneven quality. Assemblies are of an average bill.

Our opinion

While not get the best finish our classification, the Civic is one of the most robust. Their engines, well known, are reliable. As for the new 1.6 i-DTEC diesel, it has not yet shown failures.

Volkswagen GolfVolkswagen Golf: 16.5 out of 20

The battle to keep Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3 is the same, They are seeking to optimize the new MQB platform. In 2013, Volksagen launched some Update operations in the workshop -turbo gasoline of 1.2 TSI, leaking diesel oil. On the other hand, the engineers made other Factory modifications to correct some electronic "bugs" (Stability control, DSG7 box, multimedia system, engine failures, and climate control). Some failures of more importance, that of parking brake (switchboard ESP), air conditioning (Leaktightness failure) or in diesel, power loss (Unit of the fuel pump).

Quality: 4 out of 5 stars

Generations pass, but the adjectives to evoke the interior is unchanged: austere in its presentation, excellent ergonomics design consensus. But the perceived ultracuidada, quality is clouded, including the emergence of hard plastics. Apart from the Audi A3, the Golf remains the benchmark in this segment.

Our opinion

Car of the Year 2013 best-seller in Europe, Golf seduces again and again for its image and flawless finish. Regarding reliability, the first problems show that it is not perfect. We keep it under observation.

Audi A3Audi A3. 16 out of 20

In general, the new technical basis, the MQB, is not synonymous with reliability but evolves into a clear improvement. The manufacturer is working between racks to make changes in the assembly line and make corrections in the workshops. Last year It has been made maintenance action to reprogram ECUs (MMI, windows, engine ...). Most technical notes issued relate to electronic errors that require software update. Under the hood, some 1.6 and 2.0 TDI showed power loss, until March 2013 -Pump of fuel-, and common problems of clogging of the particulate filter. Also they have been reported in a small number of units in air conditioning failures, until June 2013, and the multimedia system.

Quality: 5 out of 5 stars

While some premium brands are not as strict in their junior models, Audi, flaunting its know-how in the assemblies. The obsession of this builder, set the items of a millimeter.

Our opinion

Unlike the second-generation A3, do not suffers important design flaws. Of known engines, so the only questions that relate to the technical basis MQB inaugurated by Audi.

DS4 most reliable compactDS4. 16 out of 20

sharing your technical basis with C4, it is quite logical that the DS4 shows the same defects as it. Like that, the lack of power 1.6THP 200 due to a failure of the solenoid valve turbo. As also it noted in C4, speeds are engaged in the manual gearbox six-speed, until August 2012, and the same in the BMP6 (update) until January 2013.

Quality: 4 out of 5 stars

the cabin reveals a careful performance. Attention to the bad timing of the rear doors can spoil the painting of the uprights.

Our opinion

In addition to its presentation and finishing details more attractive in the C4, East DS4 can boast a very satisfactory level of reliability. a view shared by the owners.

Mercedes Class AMercedes Class A. 16 out of 20

Marketed since September 2012, the new class A You have to deal with the problems inherent in launching a new platform. The first customers are beginning to express some criticism drift front axle, until May 2013, update power steering, or shaft vibration between 100 and 130 km / h. He Source 1.5 dCi Renault has not given problems, are diesel house (220 180 CDI and CDI) which concerns concentrated, loss of refrigerant, belt noise to January 2013. The reading notes reveal internal failures the only dual clutch transmission 7G-DCT requiring replacement of the unit.

Quality. 4 of 5 stars

He Class A passenger compartment aims high, but still does not match that of its competitor, the Audi A3. Especially by the sounds of door panels, speakers, central pillars until the end of May 2013. Also vibration of the dashboard.

Our opinion

The minivan in another life, Class A, is today a compact sedan with seductive aspect. Mercedes has hit the target, but the finish is not the best in the category. Regarding reliability, does not escape failures youth.

Citroën C4Citroën C4. 15.5 to 20

Technically similar to its predecessor, the Citroën C4 second generation shows a business card much more rewarding in this area. The pass valves 16-8, 1.6 HDi escaped defects. A note however anomalies in the electronics, the jamming of the particulate filter, FAP, until November 2012, and poor fixation of the injectors, noise source until January 2012. In diesel, the 2.0 HDi gives good results. By contrast, the 1.6 VTi and THP shows oil leak in the chain tensioner, until August 2011, and the water pump until October 2012. In the models produced until November 2012, some engines boot record problems (box BPgA). Relative to the chassis, the front bearing right is noisy, until July 2012, and the steering wheel vibrates until February 2013. Other errors affect radio and GPS, until 2012.

Quality. 4 out of 5

For its compact, Citroën went all out the window, the materials used are those who wear inside C5. It is true that the C4 does not equal Audi A3, but the presentation elicits a robust impression. In addition to crunches inside, we note that the tailgate is closed wrong and noisy (until spring 2011).

Our opinion

While the first models put aside reliability (disadvantages covered by warranty) Citroën quickly made adjustments to the assembly line. Consequence: the incidence rate declined sharply from 2012.

Renault MeganeRenault Megane. 15.5 to 20

The third generation Mégane leaves a much better impression than the previous, penalized by a number of serious damage. However, the technical differences are minimal, but not at the level of the engines. Renault concentrated especially in fiabilizar compact and particularly its diesel, 1.5 dCi irreproachable Energy in its version (Euro5 standards). But "zero fault" does not exist, the first Mégane showed some weaknesses, which were the subject of special technical operations on the network. It is the case the airbag control unit, on models 2009, difficulties boot, even breakage 1.5 dCi in 2009 and 2010 (injection pump) or the ventilation system. After April 2013, the risk of linting of the timing belt is corrected.

Quality. 3 out of 5

Like the Laguna and Scénic, presentation exudes seriousness and good quality materials. However, the sound insulation is insufficient, and assemblies are not stringent enough. Models produced until March 2012, leather covering the steering wheel shifter wears prematurely, but Renault is involved in replacement.

Our opinion

While customers are given the flaws of the old model, this Mégane gives them satisfaction. This is more true for the latest versions. Enough to justify, in part, the brand slogan touting manufacturing quality.

Ford Focus reliabilityFord Focus. 15 to 20

The third-generation Focus only shows small problems. Nothing to do, however, with the serious faults of its predecessor, the 1.6 TDCi rediscovered Diesel. Version 8 this engine valves released in the latest compact Ford eradicated these defects. are scattered electronic bugs and problems using the clutch and pedal stuck to the floor ...

Quality. 3 out of 5 stars

The Ford's latest productions offer a perceived quality in progress. If Ford saw its dashboard of a foamed coating on the heart, the quality of the assemblies is to clarify the picture.

Our opinion

Despite the concerns of the first units, it is clear that East Focus third generation born under better auspices than previous. Good news, diesel pose no further problems.

Opel AstraOpel Astra. 15 to 20

If everything is not perfect, the fourth generation Astra has a more reassuring balance than its predecessor. Any problems concerning electronic divergences, adjusted reschedulings, particularly in the context of actions in the workshop (a score since 2009). There remains a recurrent problem of the injectors, particle filter and EGR valve, that poisons the life of the owners of diesel versions.

Quality. 3 out of 5

Besides una body most rewarding, inside the Astra leads to more joy. On the reverse side of the coin, the quality of materials and assemblies returns in this generation.

Our opinion

Prized for its dynamic style, Astra is now recommended in terms of reliability, that was not the case with the old model. On the contrary, due to cost savings, the finish is shown in reverse.

Peugeot 308 SWPeugeot 308 SW. 14.5 on 20

Although taking the base 307, (it's still too early to evaluate the new model), There have been several problems 308 SW has been sold a few months ago. In the 1.6 HDI, the turbo, the flywheel, the -fuga- injectors and timing belt oxidation-. The 2.0 HDi of 136 are concentrated in the clutch skidding, until May 2010. While the 1.4 petrol and 1.6 VTI, problems with the catalyst and spark plugs until February 2010. 1.6 THP: Fault injection pump, until August 2009, offset distribution, until September 2010, leaking water pump, until October 2012.

Quality. 3 out of 5 stars

If the jump is undeniable compared to the 307, there are still improvable issues. The critics They focused on the approximation of the assemblies, either sheet or interior elements. The owners also complain of poor performance at the time of wheel leather steering bark, models produced until February 2010.

Our opinion

Sold a few months ago, the 308 SW leaves a sour impression. In any case, the best versions are those after 2010, when the 1.6 HDi appears more reliable.

Alfa Romeo GiuliettaAlfa Romeo Giulietta. 14 to 20

The love story between Giulietta and the first buyers was not reciprocal but It has improved significantly. Brand new base group gave rise, in some units, fault, such as electronic bugs (Stop & Start, GPS, engine control ...), air conditioning, tank cover fuel ... blocked. While after 2012, reliability has been improved.

Quality. 3 out of 5 stars

Attractive at first glance, to detail presents for improvement as assemblies and sounds of seats and dashboard.

Our opinion

While clearly it plays to engage the passionate side, a little disappointed in manufacturing quality. He had a good start at launch, although since 2012 he has left behind its reliability problems.

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