Citroen DS5, the most reliable midsize sedan

Citroen DS5, the most reliable midsize sedan

Citroen DS 5

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Mild initial failures were quickly corrected DSS Citroën in the assembly. The main concern the witness on Control panel. Diesels are primarily responsible, until March 2013, for the 2.0 HDi, and last September, the 1.6 HDi. Also point out malfunction of the particle filter (FAP) in 2.0 Diesel, until last November. The noises generated by the rolling trains they arise from the cups of shock absorbers, front and back spindles, until June 2012, while necesitron vibrations behind the replacement of triangles, until December 2012. Comment, anecdotally, the reversing camera until November 2012, and reversing radar until February 2013.


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Except for a few details, the DS5 assume the maximum score. Inside, Citroen has released the checkbook. And the perceived quality attests. Criticism resides in assemblages, generating noise in the passenger compartment, something that the movement of the suspension does not help anything.

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Benefited from improvements made techniques at base 3008, the D55 It has a very good track record, despite some initial problems quickly eradicated in models 2011 and 2012. The advances also affect the quality of the finish.