Most reliable used cars segment

The most reliable used cars handThe most reliable used cars handThe most reliable used cars handThe most reliable used cars hand

It has already come to light with Dekra report models used cars or second most reliable hand of each segment. This study was conducted in Germany but, so cars winners, could be considered valid at European level.

These results are reflected after inspecting a total of 474 models of the various brands of cars, provided they have had at least 1,000 units of each car model for testing and required test and all of them are in their early life. German brands, Japanese and French are placed in top positions of the ranking.

Most reliable used cars with 150,000 kilometers of life

Audi A6

In this category, which we consider as absolute, we find the Audi A6 first with a score of 94.4, followed by the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (93) and Audi Q5 (89).

Then we will discuss the most reliable cars segments in their first years of life:

more reliable city car used

The current generation Toyota Yaris, third, It hits the market in 2011 and a few months later, began to be offered with hybrid propulsion system. The reliability of its engines and high-efficiency versions offered proclaim him as the winner of the small car segment or urban.

most reliable compact used car

He Honda Civic already has its ninth generation, born in 2012, and soon give way to a tenth step, as we could and show their prototype Honda Civic Hatchback Prototype at Geneva Motor Show 2016. The balance power / consumption of mechanical and security offered help Japanese brand that is placed in the best position in its category.

Used car midsize sedan more reliable

Launched in 2010, Volvo V60 / S60 is placed as the first cars in its class to second-hand best support over the years. Both the sedan and the sedan body have countless items of equipment and versions that make this a good used car purchase option.

Most reliable car luxury saloon

Mercedes-Benz CLS

He Mercedes-Benz CLS bodied four-door coupe design winner of this category-fought proclaims. It is considered as a purchase of second-hand very interesting by offering standard equipment since the arrival of its second generation in 2012 and the powerful mechanical available as the gasoline engine V8 of the Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG S.

more reliable sports / cabrio used car

He Mercedes-Benz SLK (2011), two-seater convertible body, stands as the best option in this difficult segment. Sportiness and aesthetics (coupé or cabrio) and equipment options and security features allow occupies a prized first position.

Used car most reliable SUV

At Class Mercedes ML, now replaced by Mercedes-Benz GLE, we found the todocamino No. used. Comfort, performance, ample room and driver assistance options make this third generation -extinta market first hand the most recommended as a used SUV is concerned.

Used car more reliable minivan

He Mercedes-Benz B-Class is, according to Dekra, the minivan used best preserved over the years and therefore is a good option to buy secondhand. Specifically, the third generation to market in 2011.

Van used more reliable

Opel Combo

The third generation of the van Opel Combo It was launched in 2011 and since then has conquered families and entrepreneurs for their capacity, ease of access thanks to its sliding rear doors and their behavior over time and support. Dekra It places it as the best van secondhand.

most reliable used commercial vehicle

The incredible size Renault Master both practicality and vehicle to transport both cargo and people (up to 17 occupants, including the driver) make it an interesting option in the market. Its third generation (2010) has several options in length and load capacity and has been chosen as the best commercial auto secondhand

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