4×4 SUVs and more reliable

4x4 SUVs and more reliable4x4 SUVs and more reliable4x4 SUVs and more reliable4x4 SUVs and more reliable

Audi Q3

Audi Q3

Reliability. 18 to 20

More than two years of marketing allow us accurate Q3 robustness of an idea. And there little to complain, except some aspects, such as chirp accelerator pedal, he malfunction of the electric front windows (Water infiltration) in the models produced up to the summer of 2013 or warning light power steering, which must be reprogrammed to autumn 2013.

Quality. 4 out of 5.

On board, the level of perceived quality is good, but Audi had to make concessions to save. Hard plastics are more important, but its appearance does not mean a loss of value, but quite the opposite.

Our opinion

BMW X1 competitor, the Audi Q3 is manufactured in Martorell that you place the bar in terms of quality of workmanship and reliability, at least so far.

Hyundai ix35

Hyundai ix35. 17.5 on 20

It is true that the Hyundai ix35 made friends in its first year of marketing, although it is true that the builder has worked hard to solve the problems. either via reprogramming (Engine, power steering, GPS) or replacing parts affected, among other rods of the stabilizer bar and rear shock absorbers, clutch pedal locks the doors and dashboard.

Quality. 3 out of 5

Much more modern than its predecessor in the presentation, the Hyundai ix35 It does not compete with the cream of production European. Plastics, and soundproofing assemblies are acceptable without further.

Our opinion

It is true that 5-year warranty is not foolproof, but Hyundai strength is in having corrected quickly, in 2010 and 2011, production failures. After then, the race of the ix35 sits in serenity.

Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage. 17.5 on 20

Technically cloned Hyunday ix Sportage and 35 are manufactured in the same production plant of Slovak Kia. In his debut, the Sportage small series suffered from the same defects as the Hyundai (dual-mass flywheel in the 2.0 CRDi, clutch master cylinder, coupler 4x4 manual gearbox). But Kia has also implemented the necessary corrections to your network.

Quality. 3sobre 5

With a modern dashboard design, the overall impression of the Kia Sportage is tempered by details like varnish fragile tires and plastics. The sunroof is noisy.

Our opinion

After what Kia eradicate the technical problems in debut of his career Sportage shows a quiet life. In any case better ensure the maintenance workshop to benefit from corrections.

Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi ASX. 17 of 20

Though little known, the diesel 1.8 DI-D ASX shown at its best. A only complaint: the diagnostic warning light (Learning injectors) and blockage of the particulate filter. Buffers are the source of noise: the replacement of the bellows in the front and rear stops on models produced until September 2012, when the front axle (wheel bearings) creaks low speed.

Quality 3 out of 5

The ASX is a Japanese product hundred percent. Therefore, the interior materials benefit from treatment without blushing. Still though, the sounds of seats dashboard and center console are somewhat annoying.

Our opinion

Like their French and C4 Aircross 4008 clones, the Mitsubishi ASX has, after three years of career, a reassuring record for reliability. Only problem, the interior quality.

Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke. 16.5 to 20

Both technical notes and the opinion of the owners of Juke are unanimous: the small SUV Japanese It shows very few weaknesses. Some of them have suffered some corrections in the workshop. Such is the case of accelerated wear of the timing belt versions 1.5 dCi produced until April 2011. The locks can be locked (until July 2011).

Quality. 2 out of 5

Here showered with criticism, low quality materials in their manufacture and fragile going through a Careless soundproofing. Until June 2011, the painting of the front bumper deteriorates.

Our opinion

In the wake of the Qashqai, Juke has successfully fashion small SUV. If appointment gives him reliability, build quality is betrayed by a concern for the gross savings.

Range Rover Evoque

Rand Rover Evoque. 16 out of 20

TO Except for the power loss (Turbo connector) and leakage in the crankshaft seal, This 2.2 diesel Land Rover Evoque seems serene. A call is in progress in the fuel return pipe. But failures are rather for electronic order (tailgate, touch screen, brakes ...). Since October 2013, the network "reprograms the module body electronics (BCM) to prevent battery discharge.

Quality. 4 out of 5

Evoke does not disappoint on board, with a modern treatment of refined materials. The door seals must replace it to eliminate the creaks and wind noise.

Our opinion

The Evoque has been well conceived from the beginning, for good reason: sexy costume under his British hosts the technical base of proven Freelander II. On the other, the situation is worthy of the Range Rover family.


BMW X3. 15.5 to 20

Except for a handful of calls to review, the BMW X3 shows excellent reliability. Some problems They can, however, occur in the course of time and kilometers. Thus, loss of steering assistance needs replacing electric motor. More serious, the diesel 2.0 d (mounted on the 18d and 20d versions) knows a weakness at the level of the distribution chain.

Quality. 4 out of 5

Lost the opportunity with the old X3, BMW has revised its model to the second generation. Especially with regard to materials, quality approaches increasingly Audi.

Our opinion

A leader among premium SUV, the BMW X3 is finally in tune with the level demanded by BMW. The distribution problem in 2.0d must be taken into account in the second hand market.

Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60. 15.5 to 20

Volvo does not escape the usual failures youth. Thus, the XC60 is credited with half a dozen calls to correct campaigns. The 2008 and 2009 have focused on various electronic failures. The weak point of the five-cylinder diesel remains particulate filter obstructed, reprogrammed in 2009 models.

Quality 4 out of 5

Volvo stand comparison with German brands that are often referred. He elegant style dashboard combined with careful quality and well assembled materials.

Our opinion

Refined and well built, the XC60 now offers complete satisfaction, according to its users. It has been released, during the facelift of a year and a half, four unpublished cylinders which keep under observation.

Renault Koleos

Renault Koleos. 15.5 to 20

The owners give good grade this SUV from Renault. Nevertheless, repeats the particulate filter colmatamiento 2.0 dCi FAP in the cracking of control valves tire pressure (models until May 2010) and engine failure of the power windows front left. To point out the risk of use of the connecting rods (depending on the type of use) the 2.0 dCi, which requires reprogramming.

Quality. 3 out of 5

The Koleos makes a Samsung copy more than correct, but combined with a "I can do better". The Soundproofing is maintained, but lack certain materials standing for this level of range.

Our opinion

Despite the facelift in 2011, this model derived from the M5 Samsungo did not find the same success in Europe than in South Korea, where it occurs. It's a shame, because it has a good level of reliability.


BMW X1. 15 to 20

An electronic part under control, few problems at the level of the rolling trains, the X1 could have achieved a clear round. However, it has two recurring problems in the diesel 2.0d. The first is the clutch, which tends to vibrate; the second related to the distribution scratching requiring replacement of chains, gears and guides.

Quality. 3 out of 5

At first glance, we are aboard a BMW. However, this impression is quickly tempered by passable quality hard plastics that dress much of the interior.

Our opinion

At this price, one improvable surprising finish. But the concern comes primarily from 2.0d, for which BMW ago "deaf ears". Should break out of warranty, it better be a very loyal customer.

Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti. 15 to 20

Developed on a proven basis, the Skoda Yeti You must confess some problems, mild all. power outages (Wired) until mid-2011, failure of the air conditioning compressor until October 2011 or electronic bugs (steering, air conditioning, ABS ...) until 2013. The 2.0 TDI power loss (EGR valve or turbo pressure capsule) and warning light FAP (update).

Quality. 3 out of 5

From robust appearance, Central console seats, the dashboard and showing gaps assemblies, resulting in crunches. Until May 2011, the sunroof could have leaks or crack. After the problem was solved.

Our opinion

Contrary to legend, the Yeti is a friendly SUV much more reliable than its cousin, Volkswagen Tiguan. On the contrary, the build quality of the interior is not as tight.

Dacia Duster

Dacia Duster. 15 to 20

The Duster is much more reliable than models three or four times more expensive. But it also presents some bugs subsequently corrected in the workshop. This is the case conduit sensor feed pressure, models produced until August 2010, or lock the gearbox, until June 2010. Users complain about the fuel gauge inaccuracy, until February 2011 (change in the indicator on the instrument panel). Since April 2013, the repairer network replaces the timing belt, that threatens to unravel until February 2011. Please note also a weakness of the clutch, and a malfunction in the 1.5 dCi -reprogramación.

Quality. 2 out of 5

With this price You can not expect miracles: Both assemblies and the materials are improved quality. So, numerous small faults are displayed, annoying, reported by owners of Duster. Insufficient soundproofing, windshields at risk of cracking, little resistant paint, plastics and vibration exposed furniture.

Our opinion

With its unbeatable price and warranty of three years is a success, to the point that buyers turn a blind eye to their performance and accommodate finishing.

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 3008. 14.5 out of 20

Made on the technical basis of the known 308 shows some problems. Apart from the Front axle noises and "jokes" electric parking brake, they found some problems linked to the transmission: Bad performances BMP6 box clutch wear on the case involving five-speed models until May 2010, and the second speed jump, until May 2013. The 1.6 HDi distribution oxidation and loosen the injectors. The 2.0 HDi FAP gets dirty and distribution is noisy until March 2010. The VTi and THP petrol: water pump until October 2012, temperature probe until November 2013 ...

Quality. 4 out of 5

To compete with German manufacturers, Peugeot has released its range of materials favoring. In great progress, but nevertheless shows manufacturing approaches. Quote squeaks retractable screen until November 2013, the creaking doors and windows and wear leather on the steering wheel until April 2011.

Our opinion

Undoubtedly, 3008 marked a new era in Peugeot in terms of perceived quality, and you can look from you to you to Volkswagen. While reliability is now under control, should be monitored prior to 2011 models.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan. 14 to 20

There are several problems found in the Tiguan. On the one hand, the illumination of several witnesses that needs reprogramming switchboards. The DSG (with oil leakage and repetitive failures) is also in the spotlight, and the electric parking brake and air-conditioning compressor, at least until 2009. the 2.0TDI concentrates most of the criticism for his power loss related fault injectors and the turbo, while the consumption of coolant is related to the water pump, radiator or gas recycling the head gasket.

Quality. 5 out of 5

Although the dashboard is identical to the Golf Plus, the Tiguan It shows an elegant presentation. Soft materials inside the hard plastic surround beautiful appearance, all accompanied by a careful quality construction. This does not exclude some noises furniture, particularly at the level of the doors or the panoramic roof level.

Our opinion

As well it built as is the Tiguan exhibits a lackluster balance of reliability, which highlights all Volkswagen gaps. In order to prevent major failures, should preferably choose refurbished models from September 2011.

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