Avalanche Mercedes: models that will arrive in 2014 and 2015

The new Mercedes for 2014 and 2015The new Mercedes for 2014 and 2015The new Mercedes for 2014 and 2015The new Mercedes for 2014 and 2015

Mercedes C63 AMGMercedes C63 AMG. autumn 2014. As more imminent launch this fall awaiting the arrival of the sportiest version of the Mercedes Class C, first with sedan body and soon the familiar version. It is the incorporation of a supercharged V8 about 4 liters propellant and no less than 480 hp. Its front is sprinkled with a new design & at the bottom, using the carbon fiber and aluminum to further enhance the air intakes of the lower front.

Mercedes CLSMercedes CLS. Fall 2014. 2012 model update, with subtle changes, with a redesigned front which highlights the new grille, front and rear bumpers.

Mercedes Class BMercedes Class B. Principles 2015. Although it is a facelift, will undergo major changes, especially in equipment and mechanical. 4Matic all-wheel drive options in the range.

Mercedes MLCMercedes MLC. principles 2015. completely new model for Mercedes. The MLC will be settled on the basis of the Mercedes M-Class Its unique roof fall coupe reminds us that of its nearest rival, the BMW X6, which introduces second generation. It will have completely independent rear seats, divided by a center console. Asphalt will vocation, but also be prepared to move away from the road terrain.

Mercedes CLCMercedes CLC. 2015. They created trend with the Mercedes CLS, a decade ago, and it is clear that competition has seen something special in this format. Audi was not only closer who has followed in his footsteps, but who also took the lead with a Mercedes Sportback body on the A5. Now move Mercedes tab, patient to develop the new generation C-Class on which to build another spectacular 4-door coupe with all the best technological bet that already offers the saloon.

Mercedes AMG GTMercedes AMG GT. 2015. It could equip a V8 biturbo engine with powers between 400 and 600 hp, depending on the version and as a good successor to the SLS AMG will take this rear-wheel drive to do, if anything, more exciting dynamic behavior. One of the goals of this upcoming AMG GT is to be a product price more content than its predecessor, though not removed to remain a most exclusive car. And notes. Early reports indicate that will be around 100,000 euros.

GLA Mercedes CoupéMercedes GLA Coupé. 2015. Mercedes has already completed the offer SUV covering all segments, from GLA to M. Now we need to give the "touch CLS", ie, transform a coupe format following a more or less similar to that of BMW with its "X" policy. The new Mercedes GLA will remain unusually low, but you will not lose functionality thanks to a slightly larger body.

Class Mercedes CabrioClass Mercedes Cabrio. final 2015. still a little over a year, but the Mercedes A-Class Cabrio have already given the green light. It will be on the 3-door body, not the CLA, to leave more scope to the next Class C Convertible. Respects proportions and retaining line behind two occasional seats. For the roof it has opted for a tarp able to fold in record time.

Mercedes C Class CabrioMercedes C Class Cabrio. final 2015. We could see it live at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015 will come to compete directly with the Audi A5 Cabrio and BMW 4 Series Convertible. Soft top and two-door body. Few changes aesthetically speaking about the closed version. Propellant, it is possible to mount the same that equips its sedan sibling, including the twin-turbo 4.0 V8 480 hp AMG model. For the European market will also have diesel variants.

Mercedes Class EMercedes E-Class Finals 2015. Among the classes C and S and collecting them very much. Small saloon takes the modular structure adapted to the requirements of Class E. Its new BRAKES CLEARANCE and the benefits of this architecture in rigidity and lightness will allow higher levels of dynamism, while the Class E bet for refinement and dignified supreme comfort of all Class S which will be fed to also go up another couple of steps on passive and active safety.