Volvo XC40: first video, images and data of the new SUV

Volvo XC40: first images of the new SUVVolvo XC40: first images of the new SUVVolvo XC40: first images of the new SUVVolvo XC40: first images of the new SUV

He Volvo XC40 is built on the compact modular platform (CMA) so flexible that give considerable freedom to designers and engineers It is prepared only for receiving hybrid propulsion systems or electrical plug, but also with combustion engines, three-cylinder four, the 1.5 Turbo gasoline. This platform includes some of the technologies included in the Series 90 Y 60, which they are based on the SPA, the largest.

He Volvo XC40 It will be a rapidly growing segment and clearly focused on the urban journeys, promising to meet some safety standards similar to those of Volvo XC60 recently launched, as well as numerous driving aids, including a driving system semiautonomous. The Pilot Assist, below 130 km / h, keeping the safety distance with the preceding vehicle while takes over accelerator, brakes and steering

Volvo XC40 technologyAmong the systems that have the Volvo XC40 new are the cross traffic alert with automatic braking (Cross Traffic Alert) or perimeter cameras with 360-degree view, particularly useful in urban maneuvers. City Safety also designed to prevent or mitigate the effect of collisions at low speed, automatically applying the brakes if available risk not only of other vehicles, but also run over pedestrians or cyclists.

In addition, the Volvo XC40 is intended to be a car statement hundred percent and will incorporate a system of information and entertainment like that of his older brothers, the Sensus, Connect with a vertical orientation touchscreen and voice control. In addition to allowing use services in the nine features navigation maps 3D -You can export routes from the same mobile- phone, 3D modem with point wi-fi access SIM card in the modem Volvo On Call, web radio, Bluetooth with streaming function ...

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