laser radar on the guardrail, this one you will fine

laser radar on the guardrail, this one you will fine

DGT and local and regional police will soon feature a new tool for pursue erring drivers for speeding. It's about a very light and compact laser radar technology (LIDAR), It weighs just 1.5 "kilos" called TruCam, released by the usual radars provider DGT (Manufacturer including undetectable radar invisible Multaradar C). Totally laptop, with Gun Shaped, It is valid for use anywhere on the road Tripod, fixed support motorcycle or inside the vehicle. But the new cinemometers always have to be used on a fixed support when using laser technology, as has been approved by Metrology, I should not have the agent in the hand when used, as to distort measurement.

Initially intended for use by local and municipal police, in cities, the new laser radar also It can be installed on a support on a guardrail, as shown in the image. Does not require the permanent presence of the agent or cables (can be recharged in the network or in the car) it works in manual or automatic, since you can program mode. Offenses are stored in an encrypted format in the internal device memory 8 GB. The new laser radar battery provides up to 15 hours of operation, they will be less depending on the "activity" you have. In any case, they can not leave it there for several days, then, should recharge your batteries regularly. Waterproof, dustproof, and at temperatures between -10 and 60, has, according to the manufacturer of option for measurements with adverse weather such as rain, snow, fog or smoke. Also it works at night because it has an optional flash night use.

But what is his margin of error and scope? The new laser radar has an error in the speed measurement, according to the manufacturer states in its specifications, +/- 2 kilometers per hour and distance of +/- 15 cm. He maximum range of measurements can overcome kilometer, about 1,200 meters, but the camera It reaches much less distance, though It depends on the optical lens and does not exceed 100 meters, so the car has to be relatively close to the measuring apparatus. Obviously the photos have more quality, less quantity will fit on the hard disk.

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