Beyourcar: manages fines and damage to your car from your mobile

Beyourcar: manages fines and damage to your car from your mobile

'Beyourcar' is a tool that allows you to connect your smartphone to the car and complete management of this: Alerts about damage to your car, search for gas stations, workshops, fine management, location of your car even expert service contact you if any specific questions arise.

It is a Spanish initiative which it operates through a free app for mobile (Or through the website of 'Beyourcar') and a OBDII device, that connect together by Bluetooth. If your car is 2001 or later, you will have the corresponding jack to install the OBDII, as if it were a scart.

With this device, the driver can know the moment state of the mechanics of your car (If any fault and gravity), its performance (Speed, speed and average fuel consumption, compared to the approved also by the brand) and various additional services we discussed below.

What services 'Beyourcar'?

- Diagnosis: the driver can make a diagnosis when the status of your car as well as receive alerts about the different breakdowns suffering. The difference between some 1,600 system faults and alerts you with three different warnings: beep if a minor fault, two beeps for medium faults and three beeps if a serious fault. It also gives you tips to solve the problem and even gives you the option to tell you (and guide) to the nearest workshop.

- Panel Driving: speed, rpm, engine temperature, ... are some parameters that can indicate the car in real time, as if it were the display.

- ATP services (technical and expert advice): It is a 'service' for the user: you can call upon to resolve questions, check invoices, check your rights as a driver ... and also be able to contact an expert opinion in a workshop (if you want to evaluate your car to sell it, for example).

- Maintenance: This section includes a list of workshops and information about each repair history car (the user must manually enter them to appear reflected) and different alerts that can trigger you to alert you when you have to change, for example, oil in your car, wheels, etc. In addition it tells you how much money you've spent the last month and last year on repairs.

- Where Parked: a feature very useful for finding your vehicle when you left parked. If the driver does not remember where you left off, you can locate it at the time with the application.

- Interested: the user receives in the app related to your vehicle, as well as the corresponding alert on the status of the car, upcoming reviews, news etc.

- Consumption: the driver can see the average consumption of your car and compare it with the actual vehicle data announced by the manufacturer. You can also find the nearest gas stations and their current prices, and keep a count refueling you made.

- fines: the app shows you traffic tickets you have received and gives you the possibility to challenge (and pay the cost of this process) at the time; in the future, 'Beyourcar' could include the option of paying the cost of the fine at the time.

- Documentation: You can climb to the application the most important documents in your vehicle: insurance policy, technical data, etc. You can do this by taking pictures of the same documents, for example.


Prices and options

The application of 'Beyourcar' is totally free. This service does not include the OBDII device, and this will have 1 GB of space and the ability to connect only one car. With the premium service (24,99 euros without OBDII), can be connected to three vehicles and has a memory to 5GB. Finally, third option 'sponsored' It is free (OBDII), up to two vehicles and up to 3 GB of space. He price OBDII device It is 18 euros to connect devices and Android 45 euros for iPhone and Android. The only costs, regardless of the device are the procedures for the use of fines and the use of ATP services.

In short, it is a tool as a 'book' of your vehicle and it requires a recurrent use by the user. If you want to take full advantage, it must update sections as refueling bills, breakdowns, etc. 'Beyourcar' and future plans to incorporate other functions as the 'e-Call' or emergency call in accidents, instant payment of fines, a service request cranes, budgets closed by the workshops or the entire contract of insurance and car rental.